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ACTA Taskforce

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ACTA taskforce
Aim Fight against ACTA
Contact Joachim
MyPirates ACTA task force

The taskforce was created to take action against the 'Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement' (ACTA) that is planned to go into effect in 2010 due to it's nature (DMCA lookalike) and secret nature due to lack of transparency as we describe in our ACTA statement.

Results and/or references of the ACTA task force are collected on this page. Join the discussions and/or submit your ideas on the MyPirates ACTA task force page.


International campaigns



During the 9th round of negotiations there will be the adACTADay with campaigns all over the world.

These Pirate Parties plan to participate in the adACTA-Day:

National campaigns

Press releases from national Pirate Parties

Other ACTA campaigns

We share goals with FSF, EFF, FFII, ERDI, EuroISPA, IP Justice and La Quadrature Du Net etc., please read more on there ACTA campaign pages:

Background material

We have a section reflects background material of ACTA: ACTA Background

For arguments against ACTA please see our ACTA Arguments section.



Join the discussions and/or submit your ideas on the MyPirates ACTA task force page.


Discuss ACTA issues with us on #ppi-acta (


The last meeting was on Sunday the 13th of December 2009 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC, see the ACTA Taskforce Agenda for details.