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Become an Individual Member of PPI

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Up to now only Political Parties and organisations can become members of Pirate Parties International. Essentially that has not changed but now there is the opportunity for individuals to become PPI individual members and show their support for the international Pirate movement. Anyone can become an individual member and we extend an especially warm welcome to those who support Pirate principles but have no party in their country.

Individual members do not have the rights of full or associate members they can attend PPI General Assemblies. We hope that individual members will engage in the work of the organisation and engage with each other and PPI to generate new initiatives that will further the movement world wide. Go to our membership page for details on how to join.

List of Supporting Members

Number Name Party
1 Gregory Engels PPDE
2 Bastian PPDE
3 Thomas Gaul PPDE
4 Andrew Reitemeyer PPNZ
5 Moises Carrasco Forcada PPES
6 Coby Acinti PPSE?
7 Patrick Mächler PPCH
8 Paula van der Bijl PPNL
9 Patrick Mächler PPCH
10 Leonardo Vidal Cordero PPUS?
11 Michael John Sinclair PPDE
12 Patrick Schiffer PPDE
13 Rasmus Outzen PPDK
14 Owen Doyle IE
15 Daniel Schwalm PPNZ
16 Yassine Razine DZ
17 Roland Brogdon