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Pirate Party of Ukraine

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Information on the party
Logo PPU.png
Name (abreviation): Піратська партія України (ППУ)
Country: Ukraine
Status: active
Founded: 10.01.2011
Registered: 27.09.2011 (as NGO)
Foundingplace: -
Slogan: -
Chairman: Sergey Yarygin
Vice-President: -
Treasurer : -
Secretary General: -
Political Secretary: -
International Coordinator: Oleksii Ignachuk
Members:  ?? (28.01.2011)
Percentage of women: ~?% Percent (??.??.????)
Campaign finance: 0€ (2011)
Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
phone: -
eMail: pirates@pp-ua.org

Піратська партія України (official abbrevation: ППУ) is the Pirate party of Ukraine.


27.09.2011 - registered as NGO «Українське піратське співтовариство» (en. "Ukrainian pirate comminuty")





  • Promoting usage of FLOSS and content under public licenses.
  • Reform of copyright law (ban of DRM technologies, reduce copyright and patent terms of use)
  • Promoting usage of open educational resources.
  • Creating system for legislative feedback from citizens.
  • Register political party and take part in legislation.

Draft: http://piratepad.net/MbxId0izU2



Board consists of 5 persons:

  • Sergey Yarygin
  • Larisa Yarygina
  • Dmitry Hopta
  • Oleksii Ignachuk
  • Sergey Moshkutelo


  • Mailinglist: media@pp-ua.org

Additional contacts

Chairman: Sergey Yarygin
eMail: ysv@pp-ua.org
phone: +380672437595

Publications, tech support: Oleksii Ignachuk
eMail: legioner@pp-ua.org
phone: +380972825540
skype: oleksii.ignachuk
Facebook: oleksii.ignachuk

Media, PR: Mitya Hopta
eMail: capt@pp-ua.org
phone: +380677212228
skype: mitya.hopta
Facebook: mitya.hopta