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Events in 2011

December 10 Czech Republic Prague, Czechia PirateCon
December 9 Czech Republic Prague, Czechia Vyosení
December 3 Flag of Brazil.svg São Paulo, Brazil March for Decriminalization of Piracy
December 3–4 Flag of Germany.svg Offenbach, Germany Pirate Party Germany General Assembly
October 16 Flag of France.svg Paris, France Pirate Party France General Assembly
September 10–11 Flag of Russia.svg Moscow, Russia Pirate Party Russia General Assembly
August 27 Flag of Switzerland.svg Uettligen, Switzerland Pirate Party Switzerland General Assembly
July 23 Czech Republic Vlčtejn, Czechia Vyosení
July 9 Austria Innsbruck, Austria Pirate Party Austria General Assembly
June 24–26 Czech Republic Křižanov, Czechia Pirate Party Czechia General Assembly
March 12–13 Flag of Germany.svg Friedrichshafen, Germany PPI Conference 2011
January 28–31 Czech Republic Ústí nad Labem, Czechia