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Fireextinguishers is an idea that was born during Vienna meeting idea is to have demonstrating forces in most capital cities of countries where PP was founded for one reason - when in one of the countries there will be some actions on what PP should react - the reaction should be visible in all the countries.


If Police will enter student houses in Poland and break the law because of that, or when politics want to change copyright law for more restrictive - then demonstrations against that would be visible in all capital cities in front of Polish embassy - and in Poland main BIG demonstration should be organised.


  • To get attention of world and pan-European media.
  • To show that we are international movement and we care about what happens in every country.

How to do that:

Reaction should be fast - like 72h maximum. So we need good organisation, like sms messages to all the ppl that want to be ready for that kind of demonstration and have news about that events. Also good international coordination is needed - so we need to select ppl responsible for communication (main Fireextinguisher in every country).


  • 24h to decide that we need such a demonstration (decision should be made on international level because of proposal of country where bad thing had happened)
  • 48h to prepare it in every country