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GA-2014 Call for Hosts

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This is the list of requirements for an offer to host the next PPI General Assembly

The Pirate Parties International calls for offers of hosting the annual conference.

  • The deadline for sending in the offers is June 12th, 2013.
  • The conference should take place in Spring 2014.

Completed offers as well as additional questions can be sent to the PPI board <board @> and will be published on this page.


15.05.2013 - publishing the call for offers
12.06.2013 - deadline for applications (+4 weeks)
19.06.2013 - mumble conference(Public) with all offers./public offer opening. (+1 week)
26.06.2013 - board selects those who meet the criteria (+1 week)
24.07.2013 - members involvement on the GA offers - start (+1 day)
07.08.2013 - members involvement on the GA offers - end (+15 days)
08.08:2013 - announce winners. (+1 day)


This is required from the offers. You can always add more information to your offer!



  • Conference will take place on a week-end.
  • It will last for 2 days (Saturday/Sunday).
  • The first day (or most of it) will be reserved for an open space conference.
  • Social events planned on Friday or Saturday evening (to be paid by participants or sponsored)
  • Preferable to have access to the Venue on Friday or earlier for setup of the conference

Mandatory requirements:

  • Dates
  • Offering Party
  • Information on the venue
  • Infromation on Social events planned
  • List of dates the conference can take place

Offering Pirate Party


  • Your party does not need to be a member of the PPI.
  • Countries from every continent can deposit an offer.
  • Regional or local parties can deposit an offer.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Name of the Pirate Party planning the conference
  • The offering party is required to sign a contract. (If your Party is not a legal entity who can sign contracts, you need to find someone who can sign on your behalf)



  • Accessibility:
    • Easily accessible via public transportation
    • International airport and train station nearby (International guests have to be able to reach the location of the conference without too much trouble. We don't necessarily require an international airport right next to the venue, but the nearest airport should at least be connected to an international hub, such that international guests don't have to change planes too often.)
    • Address must be found by GPS/Navi
    • Parking nearby
  • Venue:
    • Size: place for 150-200 people
    • Chairs for all people
    • Tables for the majority of the people
    • Access possible for disabled persons
    • Sound system: at least 3-5 Microphones, Speakers, Mixer, Sound-Operator. Microphones must be able to be used by the audience. One or two table microphones for the chair of the meeting would be appreciated.
    • Video: beamer/screen necessary, must be big enough to read from the last rows of the venue
    • Facilities
    • Separate rooms for conference production (at least 10 sqm), press center (at least 15 sqm), rooms for open space conference workshops (4 to 9, or possibility to divide the main room into small groups)
    • Electricity: must handle beamer, light, and the use of laptops of the majority of the guests. Plugs available for a majority of the seats.
    • Internet access for all guests. Must be reliable and fast enough for streaming. (Better a dedicated uplink for streaming with at least 2Mbps)
    • Streaming: audio streaming of the entire "official" part of the conference is a must, video streaming highly suggested.
    • Catering is not a must. However information on local restaurants/malls is a minimum.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Accessibility:
    • Address of the venue
    • Distance (km) and time of the closes train station and airport
  • Venue:
    • Size of the venue (people, m^2)
    • Number of chairs and tables
    • Access for disabled persons?
    • Details on the sound equipment
    • Details on the video equipment
    • Facilities?
    • Details on the electricity setup
    • Details on the Internet setup
    • Details on the streaming setup


  • Accessibility:
    • Possibility to put up signs on public places with directions around the venue
  • side rooms for open space conference workshops
  • Venue:
    • Pictures of the venue
    • Stage in venue
    • Wardrobe
    • 1-2 extra rooms (e.g. for press, organization team)
    • Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters)
    • A lot of plugs
    • Video streaming possible (big bonus), including beamer content
    • Catering
    • Many journalists present



  • One local project leader, easily reachable by phone/e-mail/jabber/SIP.
  • Team of at least 10 people dedicated to plan the conference
  • Team of at least 20-25 people over the week-end at the location

Mandatory requirements:

  • Contact data of the project leader
  • Size of the planning team
  • Size of the team at the location (including spoken languages)


  • The more people the better.



  • No limit (Offers should include any form of funding that can be provided: support by the authorities, third parties, regional funding etc. At the end we will decide on an offer also based on how realistic it is that we can get the budget, so the more funding possibilities you offer the better the chance are for your offer to be successful.)

Mandatory requirements:

  • Approx. costs of the conference (total and summary detail)
  • Funding possibilities (e.g. local/regional/national funding by the authorities or private organizations)


  • Additional funding concept (like possible sponsors, public funds that can be used, etc.)



  • Hotels/hostels nearby
  • Possibility of staying overnight at the venue

Mandatory requirements:

  • Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue
  • Approx. costs for accommodation


  • Transport hotel/hostel to venue
  • Approx. living costs in the city of the venue


You can use this template to sent in your offer. You can add to or modify the template if you have additional details about your offer.


 Date of the conference: (can be a list of alternatives)


 Your name: (Pirate Party)


 Address of the venue: 
 Distance and time to the closest train station and airport: 

 Size of the venue (people, m^2): 
 Number of chairs and tables available: 
 Access for disabled persons: Yes/No
 Details on the sound equipment: 
 Details on the video equipment: 
 Details on the electricity setup: 
 Details on the Internet setup: 
 Details on the streaming setup: 

 Wardrobe: Yes/No
 1-2 extra rooms: Yes/No
 Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters): Yes/No


 Contact data of the project leader: (name), (e-mail address), (telephone number), (JabberID), (SIP address)
 Size of the planning team:
 Size of the team at the location:


 Approx. costs of the conference: (total and summary detail)
 Funding possibilities: 

 Additional funding concepts: 


 Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue: 
 Approx. costs for accommodation for 2-3 days: 

 Approx. living costs in the city of the venue for the time of the conference: 

Submitted Offers for Hosts



It will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.
Istanbul is in both asia and europe, and we think it is a perfect place for an international GA.
There are 2 airports in Istanbul, one in each side (continent). Istanbul is a hub for many international flights.
Turkey's education system teaches English starting from primary school, which makes it so easy to go around the city for an English speaking person.

Google or send us an email for more information about Istanbul.


We are still making certain of the date, but we are planning may.


  • Pirate Party of Turkey ( and it's official NGO organisation, Free Information Organization of Turkey
    • Co-chairmen of PP-TR:
      • Yasin Aydin -
      • Serhat Koc -
      • Sevket Uyanik -
      • Samican Tandogdu -


We are working on exact place, but we will make sure that it provides:
- In a hotel in the city center
- 100+person
- Access for disabled persons
- A good sound, video and electric infrastructure
- Fast broadband internet connection
- Wireless connection supporting many users at once
- Extra rooms for conferences
- Decoration possibility
- Catering


Project leader (can be changed in the future): Yasin Aydin

  • Mail :
  • Phone : +90-545-6555588
  • Skype :

Size of the planning team:

  • 10 (will be more with time)
  • 20+ expecting


  • Cost of conference: Still working on it.
  • We will most likely recieve support from open source and linux organizations, IT organizations, universities and free press of Turkey.


  • Nearby hotels:
    • Istanbul has over 800 hotels and most of them are located in the central areas of Istanbul.
    • All of our possible hotel recommendations are in central areas of Istanbul.
    • Nearby hotel lowest prices start from 100 TL (40 euros)


  • Nearby hotels: Istanbul has 818 hotels
    • Most of them are located in

Result of the Members Vote

Dear Members!
First of all I like to say thank you for participating in either presenting the venues and the work behind it and for your votes.
10 member parties gave their votes.
Here are the results:
1 votes – Warszawa (Warsaw), Rzeczpospolita Polska (Republic of Poland)
7 votes – Paris, République française (French Republic)
2 votes – İstanbul (Istanbul), Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Republic of Turkey)
0 votes – none of the above
So I am happy to announce we will meet in Paris for the General Assembly in 2014.
All the necessary details will follow in due time.
Kind regards
Thomas Gaul



Possible dates for the conference:

  • April 5th & 6th
  • April 12th & 13th
  • April 19th & 20th


Name of the Pirate Party:

  • Parti Pirate / Pirate Party of France

PLACE Address of the venue :

  • École Jacques-Decours, rue des Rosiers, 92 000 Nanterre

  • Distance and time to the closest train station and airport:

15 minutes walk (1.1km) to subway/train/tram station La Défense.
La Défense is at 50 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, 1h from Orly airport, 2h from Beauvais airport (Ryanair).
La Défense is at less than half an hour from Paris main train and bus stations (Gare du Nord, etc.)

  • Capacity of the venue :
    • Main room :
      • Capacity (max) : 300 persons.
      • Seats available : 150.
      • Tables available : 50.
    • Additional room :
      • Capacity : 20 persons.
    • Facilities :
      • Kitchen (catering possible).
      • Dressing-room.
      • Lodges.
      • Scene.
    • Equipment :
      • Access for disabled persons.
      • Sound equipment : multiple microphones available on demand.
      • Video equipment : projector + white screen.
      • Electricity setup : Large power capacity, power plants all around the room, power strips available on demand.
    • Internet & streaming
      • Streaming of the conference courtesy of Pirate Streaming (thanks to Wolfgang Preiss).
      • Internet access provided for the conference : 10mbit/s down and 4mbit/s upstream.
      • Second Internet access available with same bandwidth, dedicated to the streaming.

CATERING Multiple opportunities are possible around the venue location. The venue is near La Defense mall Les 4\\ Temps :15 themed restaurants & 12 bars, open on Sunday.

The venue is equipped with a kitchen. Catering on-site can be prepared and provided for an affordable price. SOCIAL EVENT Since the event shall take place in Paris, there are many places a social event can take place at. We already have some ideas and we have a person in the planning team who will be in charge of the social events. TEAM

  • Coordinator  :

Maxime Rouquet

    • Mail :
    • Phone : +33 6 13 09 37 95
    • Jabber :
  • Planning team :

Gabrielle Weisenberger : Venue location
Mathilde Cameirao : Restaurant reservation
Nathalie Demarest : Additional social events
Romain Rivière : Financial transparency
Benoit Sourd-Blévin : Technical control
Mistral Oz : Coordination with PP-FR leadership level
Stéphanie Geisler : Couch surfing
Anouk Neeteson : Reception of participants / ecology & waste disposal
Paul Berettoni : Reception of participants

  • Team at the location :

30 people (10 from planning team and around 20 volunteers from Île-de-France region counting ~300 pirates).


  • Approx. costs of the conference :

— Venue : free.
— Pirate Streaming (transport of satellite equipment for streaming & Internet access) : 600€.
— Decorations, printing, etc. : 70€.
— Card Holder : 30 €.
— Voting material : 40 €.</br> — Paperboard, toilet paper & other disposable material : 100€.
=> Total costs : 840€.

  • Optional :

— Catering can be arranged for 5-10€ per participant per meal if desired.
— Personalized T-shirts can be prepared for 15€ each (with benefits for PPI).
— Badges : 70 €.

  • Additional funding concepts :

Political parties in France cannot get any help that another political party would not be given too. But we have access to free venue renting (already included in the price).


  • Pirate Party of France is a well established Pirate Party. We have hundreds of members to date of contribution, and the support of 2 to 3% of the voters when we have the money to make a real campaign. We have experience of party conferences with more than a hundred attendees.
  • We will have the European Parliament elections, plus local and national French elections in 2014. Hosting this international pirate conference would be a sign that the pirate movement is rising in Europe and a good opportunity for PP-FR to show that pirates of the second most populated country of European Union are running for the elections together with the others.
  • Holding the conference in Paris will allow most Pirate Parties to attend the conference.
  • Paris is the most visited city in the world and French wines and food are the finest in the world.
  • Pirate Party of France has worked a lot on financial transparency. We are telling our members how much is spent and what for. (We do not publish the identity of our members or donors, but we only accept money from individual citizens, and no more than 7.500€ a year.) We will be fully transparent about the money we manage, and we dedicate a full post of the planning team to this subject. However, the payments being in €uro, the PPI should be able to handle everything directly by itself.
  • Pirate Party of France agrees to sign financial engagements with the PPI, and will never spend any money without prior control and approval from the PPI board. Any money collected for the GA and not spent that way will be returned to the PPI within a maximum delay given by the PPI Board.


  • Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue : hundreds.
  • Approx. costs for accommodation for 2-3 days : prices in Paris are expensive, but a wide range of offers is available.
    • Tens of French pirates will offer couch-surfing for free.
    • Hostels can be found for less than 5€/person a night, but most of them will be between 10 and 20€.
    • Hotels can be found starting around 15€ with very basic quality, prices rise pretty fast.
  • Approx. living costs in the city of the venue for the time of the conference :
    • Food :
      • Fast food : 5-10€.
      • Restaurants & pubs : 10-20€.
    • Transports :
      • Subway (Métro), bus & tram tickets :
        • Inside Paris (Any subway station is considered in zone 1, even if outside Paris.)
          • 1.70€ each,
          • 12.70€ for 10,
          • 6.40€ unlimited for 1 day (zone 1-2).
      • Regional train (RER) tickets :
        • Paris <-> Roissy : 9.25€.
        • Paris <-> La Défense RER : 2.60€ (in subway 1.70€).
      • Bus tickets for airports :
        • Roissy (Charles De Gaulle) :
          • 10€ ticket to Paris Opéra station (60 minutes) by Roissybus.
          • 5.70€ ticket to Paris Charles de Gaulle station (50 to 60 minutes).
        • Orly :
          • 7€ ticket to Paris Denfert-Rochereau station (20-30 minutes) by Orlybus.
          • 3.95€ in RER + 2.50€ in Bus (25+10 minutes).
          • 1,90€ ticket to Paris Porte de Choisy (50 minutes).
      • Unlimited ticket (Paris + suburb + airports) :
        • 1 day : 22.20€.
        • 2 days : 33.70€.
        • 3 days : 47.25€.
        • 5 days : 57.75€.


LOCATION: Poland Capitol city - Warsaw.
Almost center of Europe - 2 international airports, easily connetced to both Americas and Asia
Great and cheap flights, trains and buses to all European countries (for 20 EUR you can buy ticket to any European airport if you book it early enough - 3-4 months)</br>


  • depens on financing we get (fees + financing from local authorites, ngo, etc.), we talking with some confrence center close to the city center (even at our National Stadium - there is a place for 600 people conference with all facilitates - but the costs would be 3000-4000 EUR)
  • for that moment is a place we plan (about 1000 - 1500 EUR)
    • 15 minutes from the city centre (25 from the airport)
    • accessible for disabled
    • all necessary multimedia (sound-system, projectors, etc.)
    • 300 people + 2 separate rooms (90, 30-40 people for press, etc.)
    • place for catering (we have our friend company that offer full catering for 20-25 EUR a day - with beverages, sweets, appetizers, lunch, dinner, sushi and whatever we want)
    • good electric, wifi and lan possibilities (many users simultaneously)
    • 10MBs\10MBs connection (+ possible another 20Mbs symmetric connection on demand)
    • 5 EUR is a public transport ticket - Friday-Sunday (3 days full pass for metro, buses, trains, trams - also to both airports)

DATE: Any weekend of April 2014 is possible, some March and May also.

OFFERING PIRATE PARTY: In the name of Polish Pirate Party,
Radek Pietron, Tomasz Słowiński, Blazej Kaczorowski, Szymon Kubisiak

TEAM: Project leader:

  • Radek Pietron
    • 5-8 other people core team
    • 30 during confrence


  • Cost of conference: only the venue and catering but we still working on financing possibilities (sponsors, local government, ngo's, authorities) so minimum 1500EUR for organizing + catering (25-50eur) - catering is not obligatory, during registration we will ask people if they want and then decide


  • Nearby hotels : 40+ (within 20 minutes distance) - avg cost from 5EUR a day (we cooperate with company that will provide fitting accommodation to everyone, without any fee, just for hotel/hostel best price - so you can get full weekend for less than 20 EUR)
  • We will offer couch surfing that is popular in Poland


  • living costs:
  • it would be great to meet you all here in Warsaw and make something big just before elections in Poland (this even can help us with elections)
  • we will have a small test at the end of July with PP-EU status conference - We will send invitation before this Friday
  • we still negotiating place and financing possibilities but this will be finished if we'll be chosen, but there are great plans for that

We'll send you also a PDF with the full offer till the end of this week after finishing some negotiations.