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Summary of mailing lists hosted by the PPI

PPI specific lists

PP Leaders - This is the international PP-Leaders list. It is supposed to be a closed list, with only official representatives from Pirate Parties and PPI (such as board members and appointed international coordinators) allowed. Please notify the list administrators should your no longer fulfill the requirements for the list membership and point out a successor.

PP Leaders Discussion

PPI GA Org - General Assembly Organisation Team

PP Ops

PPI Tech Announce

PPI Tech Team - PPI internal Techteam list

PPI Social Team

PPI Press Team - PPI internal Pressteam list

PPI Editorial Office - A list for native speaking english editors. This is the list of volunteers that can do editorial tasks. Please subscribe if you are english native speaker and have some time to help from time to time...

TTF - PPI Translation Task Force. Aims of the PPI Translation Task Force (TTF):

  • Ongoing translation of Pirate-related news and Pirate press releases into English to create a "Pirate timeline" where everybody can check out what's going on in the international Pirate movement
  • Translation of information material on global Pirate projects and topics (like ACTA, INDECT, internet filtering) into as many languages as possible to help spread the information and support the national Pirate Parties in promoting these topics
  • On-demand localization of print materials (like flyers, leaflets and posters) to assist national Pirate Parties in their electoral campaigns

Pirate Times Team - This list is an INTERNAL mail list intended only for people working actively with the production of Pirate Times. Only sign up here if you are willing to help us work on creating Pirate Times by writing or proof-reading international pirate news.

Pirate Times Public - A pirate newsletter with global news. This is a newsletter summarizing past posts from Pirate Times. By signing up you will receive regular summaries of our articles to your mail.

Other lists run by PPI

Pirate Parties et al.

Chile Pirata - Lista de los Piratas de Chile.

Francophone - Liste mail pour pirates francophones. Sur cette liste mail les pirates francophones peuvent rester en contact en vue d'intensifier leur coopération.

PP Israel - Pirate Party of Israel.

PP Maroc - Parti Pirate Maroc.

Wahlkoordination NL PP-NL election help coordination list.

Organizations et al.

PP-EU - EU Election coordination group.

PP-EU.Coordinators - List for international coordinators of the Pirate Parties of the EU. Purpose of this mailing list is to coordinate further steps of the Pirate Parties of the EU in order to fulfill the Prague Declaration.

PP-EU.Statutes - PP-EU Statutes development. This mailing list is only for work-related discussions on future statutes for PPEU.

PP-EU.Programme - PP-EU Programme development. This mailing list is only for work-related discussions on writing a common EU programme for all Pirate Parties in member states of the European Union for the EU elections in 2014.

PP-EU.Design - The goal of the list is to prepare the overall look of the PP-EU.

PP-EU.Euroliquid - Euroliquid project group.

United against ACTA - International activities and organization.

Tech et al.

PPI-FLOSS - Public list for free software projects in the pirate movement. Public list for discussing free libre open source software projects developed and/or heavily used in the pirate movement. Anyone is invited to join.

LQFB - Liquid feedback technology port. We are a team of software developers and we want to support the usage of liquid feedback in the pirate party.

PSOC - Pirate Summer of Code. This list is for the participants in the "Pirate Summer of Code" project.

Lists NOT run by PPI

Disclaimer: The PPI has NO authority whatsoever over these lists and is not responsible for them or how they are run.

pp-international.general - run by rick at, richie at