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Meeting 2012-06-21

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Agenda for todays meeting 21/06/12 19.00 (GMT +1)

People present: Gefion Daniel Josef

Agenda (add topics here if you have any) Trello instead of task-pad? We'll try it for the moment. Certainly better than a pad Follow-up on tasks from previous meeting -> Work-flow description for task pad at bottom (short description at top?) Gefion to look at wording for introdiction on wiki page Archiving team-meetings. Always keep protocol in Archive them in wiki subpage Any other business Define what we DO NOT want with articles e.g. too much self-promotion (task Daniel) Launch of Crowdsourcing for name Start: Friday 22nd, 19PM GMT+1 Gefion will push it on twitter and in PPDE, Josef on PPI, PPEU and other international mailing lists and PPSE. Review next week how it went and if we have a name we can agree on Next meeting? Tuesday, 26th, 19PM GMT+1 International -> Pirate Parties International -> ppintnews