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Meeting 2012-06-26

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Meeting: Tuesday, 26th, 19PM GMT+1 International -> Pirate Parties International -> ppintnews

Attendees: Justus Römeth (Squig) Gefion Josef Chairing: Protocol:

Last meeting:

Topics Introduction of new team members We've got three new teammembers Justus will be able to contribute more in abut 1.5 months when his thesis is done Quick intro of project -> answering of questions Name discussion Each of us picks five names for the shortlist We then see how many names we've got (expecting that we will pick the same names anyway) and then make a doodle Names should be memorable unique available on twitter etc. We will allow two days (until Thursday) for us to pick our favourite names. Then we will set up two doodles: one internal for the team, one external for the audience. The final decision will be made next week on the team meeting

Name shortlist: Daniel

Josef Pirate Watch (keeping track of everything but slightly negative with surveillance connotations) Pirate Times (Signifying changing times and pirates emerging as a political power, clear reference and play on 'New York Times') Pirates in a Nutshell (gathering together pirates and signifies getting a good overview over them)

Justus Message in a Bottle (has a pirate team, signifies that we are just building new channels of comunications) Pirates in a Nutshell (Shows that it is about short infos, nice pictures with a little boat built out of a nutshell) Lighthouse & Signals (Maritime theme, helping to navigate) Polar Star (Helping to navigate, basic, stoic, not influencuable (=independent)) The Likedeeler (Since we are based around Sweden and Germany for the time being a nice northern/baltic sea name, but on second thought not good with our global idea) Gefion Fog Horn (gives orientation in the fog - when you don't know where you're going) On Seven Seas (nice and global!) Pirate Times (Strong name, although might be a bit overdone) Logbook (Maritime and written - I like that it bonds both our specifications) Offshore (Sounds good and might be easy for branding) Martina The Spy Glass (Because we will make other people see things which they wouldn't be able to see otherwise and which might be far away.And I really liked the Phillip Pullman book series! ;-)) Beacon of Light (A newsletter to illuminate pirates about pirates all over the world, help them navigate even in international waters.) Siren's Call (To seduce every pirate to unite, get together. And as we mostly have male members...) Arrrr! Newzzzz! (Just very funny and easy to remember, connected with pirates and news) Journal of International Piracy (Sounds like a parody of a scientific journal, but would be exactly what it says it is, even if people might be misled somehow...) Patrick Message in a Bottle (sounds international, kind of adventurous)