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Meeting 2012-11-12

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This meeting: Monday the 12th at 20.00 (Berlin time) = 19.00 (London) = 13.00 (Mexico) = 14.00 (Detroit)


Andrew (kiwi)

Anouk (mrNatural)

Matic Urbanija

Patrick (pakki)






Meeting Started at 20:10

Matic and John cannot take part in Mumble due to audio problems and will write in Pad


1) Introduction of team members (quick 2min intro - who are you? why here?)

Matic and John is new to the meetings so a round of introductions was made

John from Seattle, call me pegs, is happy to help getting new members on a grand scale Stay tuned to Seattle shortly and wish me luck. World Traveller. Drove to Kathmandu and back from London in the sixties with scads of other seekers. Keep travelling after that, Mexico, Middle East (drove from London to Beirut in the winter) S. america (lived in Colombia for 4 years. returned to get masters in public admin. mba for gov, ngo, npo's. These minutes I am involved with B Team one example of the work is see the video on island economies, the opening of the video shows family property in Aruba

Matic Urbanija from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Involved with Pirate Party since 2009. Sinologist by profession and PhD student.

2) Pirate Times status (quick report by Josef) + answering of questions

We are experiencing difficulty in getting new members

3) Open tasks + last meeting:

Last meeting on wiki?

Last meeting abandoned due to lack of attendees

Articles (progress?)

A lot of articles in progress and 2 in proofreading

Daniel has been away for a few days

Do we need another admin? discuss later in meeting

Disqus installed Commenting system - liked

4) Publishing schedule and how to spread articles out

News needs to be published as soon as possible but as we are not reaching the rate of one article per day -should they be spread out?

3 types of article

urgent - ASAP
news - within 3 days
flexi - can be published any time.

Urgent articles should be noted as such otherwise it is fairly obvious (JOC)

5) style guide conference for "guest articles"

Wait unitl Gefion has time as she has experience needed

6) proofreading process

need to reshape the proofreading process

trello & WP are different

Proofreading can disturb formating also clicking on preview (Patrick)

Change Trello column to In WP from Proof reading (JOC)

(Daniel) - need more Native Speakers - ask translators from PPI for help (Patrick)

Automatic text analyser (JOC)

7) Other questions/topics for meeting (Patrick) - has the idea to podcast every article - but we have a lack of human resources - PPDE have a plugin and we can use their software free of charge

(JOC) a weekly summary would be possible and could be shared between 2-3 people and some technical editing - UK and AU have podcasts - contact them for advice.

English Language at the start other languages can be thought about later

Patrick will report back 2-3 weeks PPDE says we can use their soft ware for free

(Count Pegs in to help with physical duties, I am a quick learner...)

8) Next meeting?

22nd November at 20.00 (Berlin time) = 19.00 (London) = 13.00 (Mexico) = 14.00 (Detroit)

Meeting ended at 20:40