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Meeting 2013-01-22

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-Next meeting: Tuesday the 22nd at 20.00 (Berlin time) = 19.00 (London) = 13.00 (Mexico) = 14.00 (Detroit)









Pat (joined late at 21h)

Chairing: Gefion

Protocol: pakki, Domi (assistance)


Agenda 1) Introduction of team members (quick 2min intro - who are you? why here?)

  • we have potentially new members (all talked to during the Workshop in Hanover):
    • Fabian Plaza
    • Janita Top
    • Claudia Marginian
  • We have some new members signed up:
    • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer
    • Marc Shepard
    • Ed Geraghty

2) Pirate Times status (quick report by Josef) + answering of questions Current issues: readers acquisation, podcast, translation of articles

3) Open tasks + follow-up on last meeting

Last meeting on wiki? Had no attendees.

Articles (progress?) Regular service, no specials.

4) URGENT article routines need to be fixed. URGENT = losing a lot of relevance not being published right away. Clearly marked as URGENT when article is done Domi + Joseph inspect the e-mail reminding plug-in in WordPress to add a mark into subject line (collaboration e-mails) Notify editorial leaders (Daniel or Andrew) directly OR if not found any other admin has the ability to approve article and publish (Josef, Gefion, Domi)

Meeting Fri, 25.01. 18:30 UTC (Andrew edit 25.01.2013) - As Gefion and Daniel had it in their diaries for next week the meeting is posponed to Friday 01.02.2013 Only 1 proof-reading needed if the 2nd one can't be found directly

5) PPI GA 2013
   * add new volunteers from the mailing list for an article (AR)
   * is there somebody planning to flight there?

6) Organising pictures / "Image Bank"

new plugin for media tags

Daniel wished a new plugin to organise uploaded pictures. Now people can add tags to images. User permissions need to be updated, so tagging can be done by every author. (--> Joseph) "Image Bank" is a picture repository. Gefion suggest to co-use the repository of Flaschenpost and wants to talk to the tech guy. good names and tags for every picture.

license Adding license line to the image description is needed. Featured Images should show their description automatically under the article- Template alteration is needed.

7) Guides new: new starter guide

new: cooperation guide

All guides now in WP - review required (Joseph)

8) updating old articles with new info (Justus)

On recent articles, where altering events happening on the subject, an update should be processed and published. A new section Update would be added to the article.

Vote: When a recent article would be updated? a) We only update articles to correct things that were factually wrong

Andrew, Josef, Gefion, Daniel, Ed, Pat

b) we only update very recent articles with new facts (+corrections)

Justus, Domi

Result: Articles are updated, if there are things to be corrected. New events on the same topic would need to be covered in a new article.

9) Guest-articles? Invitation? separate page

   Only part I'm missing is more details on what type of areas we cover which can be found in our general purpose:

Topics we write about

Pirate Topics (Global PP related news)

Pirate Party News (Election Results, changes in Pirate Parties + EU parliament)

Interviews (Party Introductions, Pirate Introductions)

Tips & tricks (Organizational tips)

Target group Our target group are pirates and people interested in pirate politics around the globe. We want to reach people interested in international politics and on how these develop. Also we want to be a source of information for pirate parties without their own newsletter.

10) Article series -in progress

11) Podcasts

Brad (Flaschenpost), Ed and many others are interested to take part. Joseph was trying to recruit some people for this. Brainstorming pad:

12) Other questions/topics for meeting Piratecon

Mumble English salon Andrew to write article

Blog software wishes?

Recommendations as in Flaschenpost? "WP Simple Recommend Widget" Not found at first sight by Domi, Gefion talks to FP webmaster.

PPIL- election.

Domi sketched out an idea of the screencast. Next step is a storyboard.

Pirate of the year, opinions? shouldn't be "pirate" but Internet activist (everyone being equal) would need a lot of detailed work moving forward in the spirit of the pirate movement form of decision making? idea worth thrilling into; open a pad young pirates international, Julia Reder is alreay on that probably only offer support to YPI > Pat will contact Julia

13) Next meeting? 2nd February 2013