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Meeting 2013-03-12

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Chairing: Andrew

Protocol: Patrick

Agenda 1) Introduction of team members (quick 2min intro - who are you? why here?) we all know each other very well :)

no new members

2) Pirate Times status (quick report by Josef) + answering of questions

no activities to report, except low activities

3) Open tasks + follow-up on last meeting

Last meeting on wiki?

Articles (progress?)

Only Josef and Andrew are contributing at the moment

4) Antigua article -> objectivity vs propaganda /josef Issue has not been worked out until now

Loic is currently developing this issue, Josef will ask him about it and check it

5) P-review /josef drop the review of PT articles add a pad

Crowd source items?

gather it in our own Pirate Parties copy and put it into the pad

6) team tokens? / Gefion

discussed in past - budget from flattr - Flags prices needed Justus looking into it

7) recurring article concept topics

Josef to make prelimenary list and assign people

interview with a pirate party every week - Gefion will add it to her list - andrew will send out some test questions to some parties. Josef will start pushing people to do some

8) IT/design recruitment

We need more active authors & guest authors

We need more translators, native proofreading is doing well

Domi needs a Co-Admin to help him out - Patrick is possibly a candidate

9) Other questions/topics for meeting

Loomio is to be tried by the Pirate Times group (Andrew sends invitation, if interested) Andrew is currently working on a project to check the different pirate party policies on different issues and how to combine them (if interested, just ask him!)

invites sent

meeting ended 21:55 UT

10) Next meeting? 22-3-2013