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Meeting 2013-06-02

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Meeting 2 June 2013


Andrew Wolfgang Josef Stathis pakki (20:40)

Chairing: Josef

Protocol: Andrew

Agenda (add your own points below)

1) Introduction of team members (quick 2min intro - who are you? why here?). New sign-ups?

Wolfgang is a new member so introductions were made

Wolfgang is from Pirate-Streaming is founder and technical expert and will be taking over admin but will not be writing English and German speaker

2) Pirate Times status (quick report by Josef) + answering of questions

Lot of new artiecle 29 published in last month. However only 7 Active members - Gefion working on new members - New admin means more time for dev

3) Open tasks + follow-up on last meeting Daniel away for 6 months after august and andrew will be moving - need new co editor

should be from inside team

Newsletter, technical problems -Gefion has it as an open issue - reinstall plugin ?? some haccks made - Domi will be asked Gefion was looking into it. Wolfgang has looked at it should now be working

Pirate-pad new admin will possibly set up etherpad lite if it is suficient to our needs - we need to have privacy, collaboration and an archive on our server

pirate pad installed - options still being set up

4) Translation of PT


Build system from scratch?

wpml purchase

Not that hard to do ourselves but purchased will have 24/7 support

Andrew would like Wolfgang to concentrate on other things. Wait for testing and a report from Wolfgang b4 purchase do it very well



A few interested people exist but need more

Routines It would be good to get trello into the workflow no proof reading on translated articles

Finding people try using social media

5) Swiss summer meeting and Austrian GA

PPAT GA at Sankt Pölten

6) Other questions/topics for meeting

Stathis has an editorial and an opinion piece. Interview article on PPI board based on the age range by decade.

Interview with Rick - his book

Reminder to Rick Falkvinge for guest blogpost (pakki)

7) Next meeting Wed 12 June 2013

Meeting Closed at 21:00 opened for informal talks