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Meeting 2013-10-02

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Team-meeting 02-10-14  19.00 (London) = 13.00 (Mexico) = 14.00 (Detroit) = 20.00 Duesseldorf/Lyon = 9:00 PM (21:00) Greece In Mumble: Room: International-> Pirate Parties International-> Pirate Times

Meeting Oct 2nd


  • Andrew
  • Lisa
  • Stathis
  • Josef (second half of meeting)


  • Josef (working)
  • Eva (working)
  • Simos Dalkiriadis (sorry something comes up)

Chairing:   Protocol:

Agenda (add your own points below)

1) Introduction of team members (quick 2min intro - who are you? why here?) Simos Dalkiriadis (alias Kompeiladas) - simple member of PPGR, admin @ Press Team of PPGR, (new) member of (new) Greek section of PT, programmer, (admin of PPGR FB page , admin of ΠειÏ�ατικό Παπαγαλάκι/Pirate Little Parrot site). Mainly I have the duty of communication of PPGR with the Mass Media and Social Media and Internet Media. Ussually I am online ~12 hours a day and doing posts on our FB, articles on ΠειÏ�ατικό Παπαγαλάκι (translations of selected articles from around the world that are "pirate" related) and participating in our forum and other online activities of our party. Also I manage the content in our wiki   Married, father of 2 sons (12 & 18 years old) and very young (only 46) :) my FB page is so you, NSA and Facebook can learn a lot from there about me.

2) Pirate Times status (quick report from people present on what they have done lately) Andrew: Editing, writing and proof reading. Set up of account Lisa: read through most of documentation on WP blog. Compiled a list of questions so far. Aqcuired an emailaddress (ty Josef!). Next: reading through rest of WP documentation, then wiki. Researched PPLU president article, interviewed Sven Clement, aqcuired translation of PPLU pressrelease.

3) Open tasks + follow-up on last meeting -Bi-weekly newsletters (last week Pedro is sending out) -> then Andrew/josef if none else can be found. Lisa can also help here - a new plugin Andrew has forgotten to send the last one

-Greek translations (ready to launch, few minor things left)

-Facebook group for internal discussions -> how is it working. Promote better to team-members. Still running as a pilot or something, it works well so far, but too many communication channels puts us at risk of accidentally excluding people. Maybe Eva can conduct a poll on people's preferences?

4) Documentation?

  • A lot of questions have arisen as a result of reading through the current documentation. Answering them will take some time and may not be suitable for the teammeeting due to time constraints. Would like to set up a seperate meeting for that with one or more 'veterans'. [Lisa] - Let's arrange an admin meeting for it. We can discuss a good date later. Lisa will set up a doodle for planning it.
  • Lisa will start changing things such as names of inactive teammembers (ie Gefion)
  • List teammembers vs roles etc.

5) Upcoming/past events that need articles

6) Other questions Google docs/calendar not secure - find an alternative for team data Lisa will look into it A secure site for passwords - encrypted password management database? Talk to Björn about it, he's mentioned it before. Meeting between Eva, Lisa and Gefion? Lisa will try to set that up. One subject could be the 'go-to-persons', also different communication channels. Josef will send Lisa and Eva information they need     -process for new members joining up     -list of infrastructure that PT has     -list of plugins for WP and what we use them for

7) Next meeting 12-10-14 (Sun) or we move it to 13-10-14 (Mon)?