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Below is a list of the Pirate Parties that have officially joined Pirate Party International. To have your party included, please [contact whoever] with the as much of the information listed as possible. Please include at least one verifiable e-mail address of a PPI Contact (unless otherwise specified, all names and addresses will be kept confidential). A description of what each field should contain is on the discussion page.

List of Member Parties
Party Name Abbrev. Country Status Senior Figure(s) PPI Contact Members Website Other links Preferred Language Other Languages EU
32px Partio Pirato PPRr Ruritania Forming Administrator (Rudolf Rassendyll) International Co-ordinator 2.998 x 108 www.partiopirato.rr Forum, Wiki Esperanto English, Français x
32px Pirate Party UTP Utopia Registered Co-Presidents National Executive Commitee 5+13i (12.11.1990) N/A Forum Utopian Deutsch
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Pirate Party UK PPUK United Kingdom Registered Party Leader (Andrew Robinson)  ? 500 (28.09.2009) Forum, Wiki, IRC, Press Office English x