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Minutes: Pirate Times Admin 2012-12-14

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Friday, Dec 14th, 7PM UTC

Where are we overall?

NewsLetter is sent out 10th and 24th of each month

Need more people to write articles, do proof reading, graphics and support the news team

WP member role change + proof-reading routine change

members need a wordpress account, as "unpublished_member". Once they really contribute, move them up to "team member". This way we can differentiate active and inactive members.


Will be worked on after Christmas

Need to contact press officers and get them to mail press releases to us. Gefion and Josef to provide contact details. Andrew will write draft email on Sunday.

We need to define the processes.

Andrew will start to sort the incoming emails and email to the mailing list what is relevant.

style-guide meeting for guest post requirements/expectations

External style guide needs to be writtem

Flaschenpost styleguide is translated already, need to look through this with the team

Discuss on January 5th - Andrew will email to list: Link to styleguide and invitation to join discussion

Motivating the team - mentors

Ideally group people with the same native language All core team members will act as mentors

Gefion to write to ML and ask for volunteer mentors, then assign them by language

Plans for 2013 - what are we aiming for? Stabilize and grow the team


We need someone to own the area again need someone to do graphics and banners etc and someone to work on the website - this may be Domi once he is back

Translate Pirate Times to other languages on our blog

Three trying this to French already Planning on Spanish as well, maybe Portuguese

Increase awareness for Pirate Times

Collaboration with other news portals (Flaschenpost, Czech portal)

Translate both ways - English articles to publish on Pirate Times, and translated local articles on the news portals

Gefion to set up with Flaschenpost, Daniel with Czechs


Once the team is stabilized One person on the team is already interested

We need one leader of a podcast team around which others can cristallize, ideally an English native speaker

Make weekly summaries (if we find the commitment) and interviews

Aim for 1000 readers per day and 500 newsletter subscribers; 2500 FB and Twitter followers

Be quoted by more newspapers (Josef)

Gefion to write article on plans for 2013

Coreteam communication channel

Monthly meeting every 15th of each month

Skype Channel