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Outreach and Campaigns

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Outreach and Campaigns People:

- kaczor (Błażej Kaczorowski from Poland) mail: , jabber:

2007 Christmas

  • infrastructure:
    • organize ATTACK GROUPS (observation group + contact newspapers)
    • organize FIREEXTINGUISHERS (emergency response group) with fun ideas, interesting artsy demonstrations and so on (Florian Bischof he is the guy with experience in that). wedge 24.12.2007
    • sms alert all activists
    • wiki + mailing list for "Outreach & Campaigns"
  • persons from every country:
    • responsible for press release + translation
    • responsible for public activities wedge a website / technology
    • every party needs someone to call for public actions
    • observation groups at the parliament / staying informed to ie tell us about killergamelaws before its too late
    • ATTACK GROUPS to write letters to the editor (not in the name of the party) to call for inclusion of $topic in the public discourse
  • find if organizing pirate party festivals possible/feasible?
  • find how to to spark international reaction on important topics beside FIREEXTINGUISHERS and ATTACK GROUPS

2008 summer

  • flayers and posters for public events - stuff to print for your friends
  • status: "we have persons responsible for public relations and an infrastructure for public fire extinguishing, attacks - now do something!"
  • possible pirate festivals
  • persuade newspapers (not under the pirate logo) to write about our topics
  • prepare and run media training in every country
  • Write prescription for ever country of how to start something like LEIPZIG pirate shop -> CD/DVDs cheaper than $shop -> everyone in the Netherlands orders there (dutch pirate party posting to usenet etc)

2008 Christmas

  • Prepare media (especially internet) paneuropean election campaign.

2009 elections


  • infrastructure:
    • list of pirate parties + main contact person (leader)
  • part of something big
    • international, not just one country
    • task forces in each european cities
    • the parallels to the green movement
  • show that we are a pan-european movement
    • press release always links to other countries
    • fire extinguisher