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PP-Catalunya Statutes

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Here you find the English translation of the important parts of the statutes of the Pirate Party of Catalonia.

Article 2. Objectives

The "Pirates de Catalunya" is a political party whose territorial area performance is bounded to the region of Catalunya. The "Pirates de Catalunya" is made to contribute democratically to determine the training policy and the political will of citizens and promote their participation in the political institutions representing through the presentation and support of candidates in the relevant election according to the following specific purposes:

1. Culture is a common good, to which all citizens are entitled, therefore, we do not criminalize free non-profit exchange and collective participation in the enjoyment cultural property a criminal activity, but it is also a fairly and effectively to enhance the distribution of culture.

2. Work for the Spanish legislation on both copyright and defense, promotion and dissemination of culture, reconciles the rights of authors with the citizens, and to dispense with confusing terminology as subject intellectual property piracy, which is meaningless in terms of heritage status of this alleged property and that its proposed analogy to conventional property, you can prepend economic interests to the enjoyment of culture by citizens instead of harmonizing those interests.

3. According to the above, we reject the methods of payment compensation for private copying, and reject a management model copyright where the author must necessarily yield its rights under conditions in detrimental to his own interests; instead of such formulas, we question the need for author has the right to choose between self and work with management organizations of copyrights, and seek dialogue the different groups involved and the public, to find solutions satisfactory to everybody.

4. It is our objective the non-existence of software patents in the legal system, while for the other areas of technological development, we aimed to open patent development and innovation, which reconciles the promotion and innovative effort to safeguard the use of prior knowledge to boost the development of technology benefit of society, also preventing that result in private monopolies because of patents. management organizations of copyrights, and seek dialogue the different groups involved and the public, to find solutions satisfactory to all.

5. To achieve this in a manner consistent with the integration social and legal status of Spain in the European Union, the "Pirates de Catalunya" promote the amendment of the European directives about copyright rights and advocacy, promotion and dissemination of culture.

6. We will work considering Internet as a medium to be as universal as today the radio or television is and for any person, household, company and the school in Spain has the possibility of having this universal tool of information and culture without discrimination of any social status, personal or geographical location.

7. We expect that net neutrality is a requirement of enforced and that all Internet services existing and Internet services to be developed in a future, accessible and offered without restrictions or discrimination between them and other services

8. Work for the government to make use of standar, free and non-propietary software, documentation and formats, not only for the sake of technological neutrality, but also for the government that can ensure security and privacy of sensitive information from citizens who find at your disposal.

9. It is our goal that the fight against crime and terrorism is compatible with the rights and freedoms recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, with special emphasis on those relating to the presumption of innocence, privacy and freedom of expression, the same way, we will fight for citizens to have these rights and freedoms both inside and outside Internet.

10. We condemn and reject the violence applied to promote political claims outside the democratic and such as attacks against life or personal integrity and exclusion or persecution of persons because of their ideology, religion or belief, nationality, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Article 11. General Assembly

The characteristics of the General Assembly shall be:

a) The General Assembly consists of all of its members, which may act directly or through delegates. Your vote may be made in person or in telematic way, and the assembly is the supreme organ of the party, having the following powers:

1) Amendments to the Statutes.
2) Approval and / or amendments to the Regulations of the party.
3) Election of members of the Board.
4) Under the democratic principle of the organs of control party, renewal charges of the Board.
a) The charges not revalidated will be removed and a new internal elections within the framework of the Assembly General for replacement will be called.
b) Only you can make a motion of no confidence for each one of the organs of the party once a year over its mandates.
c) May only be made motions of no confidence for each organs of the party upon satisfaction of the durations minimum of their respective mandates.
5) Dissolution of the party.
6) To debate and judge the party accounts.
7) Election of members of electoral candidates.

b) meeting may be convened at the request of two members of the Board, oragreement of 10% of the membership.

c) Notice of General Assembly shall be communicated to members and published by the website of the Pirates of Catalunya.

d) The frequency of meetings is one every 3 months at least must notify any affiliation with a notice 20 natural days in advance.

e) At the first meeting of the year will be called "General Assembly Extraordinary" and it must submit the previous year's accounts.

f) The preparation of the agenda of the General Assembly will responsibility of the Secretary of Organization. Issues are included in the Agenda that had requested it:

At least one member of the Board.
At least 1% of the membership.

g) The Charter should be reviewed every two years in General Assembly Extraordinary where it must be ratified by two-thirds of the attendants. They can make changes whenever count on a qualified majority of two thirds of the attendees in two Consecutive General Assemblies. In such changes they should be given Appropriate advertising prior to the convening of the Assembly General, that voters face and online channel to vote equal.

h) The discussion will take place through discussion forums via telematics or by face meetings.

i) The General Assembly will also have the competence to expel members of the Pirates de Catalunya, such measures must obtain the support of two thirds of the attendees. The member to be asked the deportation, he must advise effectively.

j) For the adoption of internal organization issues the required majority is two-thirds in two General Assemblies, including equidistant least a temporary period of 3 calendar months, for any other matters deemed of interest to the majority required shall be two thirds is a General Assembly.