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PPI Board Agenda 2011-04-26

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--- 26/04/2011 19:00h CEST ---
Mumble: Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board


1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at ??:?? CEST by
Meeting chaired by
Secretary for this meeting is
Quorum established with ? of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [Yes/No]
Recording started: [Yes/No]
Postal votes: [Yes/No]
Meeting closed at ??:?? CEST by


Postponed from the previous board meeting.


Postponed from the previous board meeting.




4.1 - PPI Conference - 2nd aftermath (proposed by Thomas)

A postoned point from the previous board meeting.

Proposal (Samir): A Full preliminary report send out after transfer with old board. ( Mostly transition data, bundled, handing it over "in person", not via mass push, preferably during contact data checkups ) B intermediary report send out after ratifcation at the next or following board meeting. C Management Plan ( Including proper organizational ( type and ) structure - One Month or 6 weeks. D Roadmap One Month or 6 weeks. E Financial Plan: 6 to 8 weeks. F: Privacy versus Transparency policy : 6 weeks. G: Scientific Institute Options : 2 Months. H: PPI Board Transition Protocol : Done one month before the next conference.

4.2 - Action plan and work distribution (proposed by Thomas)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Tasks will be distributed among the board members according to the business plan: (previous board) - current board:


5.1 - confirmation of the Slovenian Pirate Party (proposed by Marcel)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Report by Samir regarding creating a letter.

5.2 - Update of the meeting minutes from 2011/03/19 (proposed by Marcel)

Meeting minutes from 2011/03/28 say:


   *  Postal votes "YES/NO" should be "NO" 
   *  The proceedings were not discussed at all, so that should be mentioned in the minutes 
   *  The break was at 18:47 not 18:42 ... 
   *  The order of 3.4 (PPI aftermath) was not in the order of the actual discussion 

Pat: The minutes will be updated accordingly by me and Lola Agreed: YES: Samir, Paul, Pat, Thomas, Lola, Marcel NO: - ABSTENTIONS: - Motivation Samir: Voted yes due to mutations in this pad. ( Courtesy of Marcel )

Report by Lola.

=== 5.3 - Statutes change (proposed by Marcel) === ( Put this in Redmine )

From the previous meeting minutes:

Report by Samir: Jakub (CZ) has updated the statutes and put them into the wiki I didn't have the proper material yet to check whether this is correct The current form is just plain text, we should format this again I will check that till next board meeting

Report by Samir.

== 6 - Communication guidelines & Interviews == Put this in Redmine

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

== 7 - PPI rights definition == Put this in Redmine

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Revoke & Grant.

8 - Appointing a person responsible for IT infrastructure

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

a Setting up a CRM system. ( ) b Setting up a ERP system. ( Can overlap, but does not have to overlap! )

Note: Using LDAP /all/ services can be interconnected, one login for /all/ PPI services. ( All can be setup in just 2 nights. )

9 - Gmail Primary Administrator (proposed by Marcel)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Who should be the primary administrator? Whe current primary administrator account is As far as I understand this is a contact e-mail address for service communications, including payment notifications, and any opt-in subscriptions.

== 10 - Mumble, VPS, mailinglist for PP-SI (proposed by Samir) == ( Put this in Redmine )

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

The PP-SI asked for this. According to Slovenian laws they can't export personal information out of the EU.

Additional questions/remarks:

  • What do you do for press cliping? Software? Keywords?
  • I heard at the conference there was a project that provided mailing lists (we're on google groups ATM). Could you point me to that?
  • If someone could, temporarily provide us with our own chatroom on a mumble server so we can start using it. That would be great.
  • -->Mumble channel had been created (
  • Any other software the pirate parties are using i should be aware of?

(see your e-mails for details)

11 Minutes recordings on mypirates (proposed by Marcel)

The minutes recordings on mypirates require a login.

Proposal: The minute recordings are always public. The CAO is responsible for making the already uploaded recordings public. Timeframe: 1 week.

12 Task Forces (proposed by Marcel)


== 13 PP Morocco support (proposed by vxroot) == ( Resending email )

1) Mailinglist ( / or 2) Certification of Membership on PPI (sent from SP3 to Samir) 3) List contact of Pirates over the world 4) Pirates template for Drupal

== 14 WIPO (proposed by Thomas) == REDMINE THIS

We have to decide upon it. (plus change it to the actual board, statutes and the members...)

15 PP Philippines: Request for Accreditation and Support (proposed by Thomas)

An e-mail from the PP of Philippines has been received. We should officially answer.

16 Parties list (proposed by Pat)

Proposal: Use the new script in the PPI website in the sidebar and in

New proposed script at:


  • I haven't removed yet any Latvia&South Africa, nor changed the links

for Ireland or Turkey.

  • Currently this csv is used as data source:

  • Other languages can be added, if the translation is provided (you

may ask the translation task force).

  • Other layouts can be added as well (i.e. without
    html tags, in

wikicode or similar)

Possible paramaters in the URL to put after the "?" (to combine them, use the ampersand "&") nopic : Show no flag pictures lang=cc : Show list with country codes instead of English lang=de : Show list in German instead of English showppi : PP-International will be listed as a Link showmembers : Show all PPI member parties in bold font onlymembers : Only list PPI member parties

$@ Confirm data, distribute countries to contact ?

17 Social media (proposed by Lola)

Go! Go! Lola ! $@

18 - Money opportunity for PPI

Discrete story.

== 20 PPI Assests list == Samir

== 21 CI == Samir Task for all of us. What about that .CH guy ? ( Loads of parties copied it! )

22 Transparent bank account (proposed by Marcel)

Proposal: In order to fulfill the decision of the GA, the CFO is responsible for manual publishing all income and outcome items of the PPI bank account on as soon as they appear on the PPI bank account. This is a workaround. In order to find a final solution, the CFO is responsible for performing a search for a fully transparent bank account. The PP-CZ bank account is an example of such an account: The CFO will report to the PPI board on his investigation in no later than one month.

23 Copying monopoly term extension (proposed by Marcel)

40 signatures collected. The matter will probably be on the plenary session on May 9. The suggestion is to set a plan and execute it at the end of this week. The plan is to join the forces of all PPs with NGOs to push MEPs to reject the copying monopoly term extension. Who to contact which NGOs?

NGOs: La Quadrature du Net, EDRI, ORG, EFF, Communia, FFII

24 Varia, Notifications "for the record"

Things discussed via email etc.

Meeting closed at ??:?? CEST