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PPI Board Minutes 2010-05-10

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--- 10/05/2010---



Irc channel #ppi-coreteam

Telko: Channel 8000#

Recordings: [1] ---


1.1 - Members of the PPI Coreteam


1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 20 : 36 (CEST) by Jerry Weyer
Secretary for this meeting is Gregory
Quorum established with 4 of 7 Coreteam members present.
Meeting closed at 21 : 42 (CEST) by Jerry


3.1 - Support mail for PP-Czech (proposed by Jerry)

The mail can be found here:
  • Joachim has announced that he will visit the Czech event on 22nd of May.
  • Everyone from the Board is welcome to add to the mail.


4.1 - ACTA Taskforce (proposed by Jerry)

  • A Board member needs to do the adminstrative tasks like adding people to the mailing list. Nicolas has steped up to take on this job.

4.2 - Action plan/task-forces update (proposed by Jerry)

  • Jerry has updated the wiki-websites for the task forces. Next step is to reach out and ask international comunity to join the task forces. A mail is being prepared under: It will be send out by Jerry after next meeting.

4.3 - Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

  • This week should be Australia, next week Czech Republic - so to proceed alphabetically, and have the parties that are having the elections go ahead of the queue. Nicolas sugested to do the PP-CZ this week.
    • the Board votes, that the "Pirate Party of the Week" for this week will be PP-CZ.
Proposal Passed(Yes: 4| No: 0| Abstain: 0)

4.4 - Change of Rules of Procedure (proposed by Jakub)

  • The rules of procedure should be changed as follows: 1) In §4(3) the word "chairmen" is replaced by the word "chairman". 2) In §3(1) the first sentence shall be replaced by the following sentence: "The meetings are public unless one third of the members of the Board vote in favor of a non-public meeting." incompatible encoding
    • Explanation: The first is probably just a spelling mistake, the second is in contradiction with Art. VIII, par. 7 of the Statutes.
Proposal Passed(Yes: 4| No: 0| Abstain: 0)

4.5 INDECT Taskforce

We will add the INDECT task force to the list on (as proposed by Nicco)


5.1 - PPI Headquarters Update (proposed by Jerry)

On the decision of the GA it shoud have a seat in Brussels and be non-profit. It leaves us only the choice of opening the "international association" because for every other non-profit associations one must be of belgian nationality. Next step is to reach PP-BE and ask them if they can provide some help with belgian lawyers.

5.2 - Contact Data Update (proposed by Jerry)

Postponed to next meeting, since Bogo is not in the meeting.

6 - TO DO

6.1 - Publish answers and promote Pirate Party of the Week 6.2 - Write taskforces summary and call for help


Next meeting is on Monday 17th, 20:00h CET - telco (irc as a backup)