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PPI Board Minutes 2010-09-14

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--- 14/09/2010 ---



1.1 - Members of the PPI board

Gregory Engels
Joachim Moench
Jerry Weyer
Jakub (joined 22:02)

1.2 - Others

Ralph Hinterleitner


Meeting opened at 21 : 32 (CEST) by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Jerry
Quorum not established with 3 of 7 board members present.
Quorum established with 4 of 7 board members present after 22:03.
Streaming started: [Yes]
Recording started: [Yes]
Meeting closed at 22 : 16 (CEST) by Jerry


3.1 - Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

PP of the week will be PP-Kazakhstan (thanks to Gregory and Boris who translated the answers):
Switzerland has started to answering, Sweden didn't have the time to answer yet.
Joachim will try to get contact data of non PPI members.


4.1 - Rules of procedure modifications (proposed by Jerry)

As discussed last week here is a proposal to change the rules of procedure to allow the board to be more flexible:
Proposed change in §5 of the PPI board rules of procedures:

§5 Votes

(changes are in bold)

1. Only members of the board are entitled to vote. 2. A vote is only valid if more than half of the members of the board present at the meeting are in favor of the proposal. If less than four board members are present at the meeting, the decision has to be unanimous. 3. Board members not present at the meeting can vote on an item on the agenda if that item has been published by mail to and the board member clearly expressed his vote in an answering e-mail to

Proposal Failed (Yes: 3| No: 0| Abstain: 1).

4.2 - Conference requirements (proposed by Jerry)

We worked on the conference requirements: Some last tweaks and we can sent it out.
Should put the requirement list in the Wiki as a template too. We should add more text at the beginning of mail to explain. Gregory will ask opinion from project manager before we sent out the mail.


5.10 - INDECT (proposed by Jerry)

On thursday we will have a telco with the INDECT coordinator from Germany to disuss international cooperation on INDECT.

5.11 - Taskforces

a - PPI ACTA task force

b - PPI Censor task force

c - PPI Conference and event planning task force

d - PPI Legal task force

e - PPI New Parties task force

f - PPI PP-EU task force

g - PPI Tech task force

h - PPI Translation and text production task force

an new mailinglist will be created ttf at lists dot pp-international dot net

i - PPI Statutes task force


Next meeting will be: 21.09.2010