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PPI Court of Arbitration

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Court of Arbitration

The Court of Arbitration is an official Body of Pirate Parties International, that is governed by the PPI Statutes.

It consist of the elected council members and a deciding Jury composed of all the Ordinary Members

Previous Rulings


Current Appeals


Council of the CoA

Members of the Council of the CoA are being elected by the General Assembly

The current Council of the CoA was elected on July 24th 2016 at the PPI GA in Berlin/Germany:

  • Kjell Segers PP-BE
  • Jelena Jovanović PP-RS
  • Carlo von Lösch PP-IT
  • Denis Simonet PP-CH
  • Sebastian Krone PP-DE
  • Tom J. Quitter PP-JP

Meetings of the Council of the Court of Arbitration

30. July 2015 20:00 CEST Minutes

deciding Jury

to be nominated

(Previous Members of CoA)

The court can be reached by email at coa (at) pp-international (dot) net

Register of Mediators

Acording to (XIVa(4) St.) Court keeps the Register of mediators. This is it.

Name Member affiliation Other positios Contact
Christopher Prokopidis, JSD. Pirate Party of Greece founding member,
PP-GR's Court of Arbitration
chprokop (at) gmail (dot) com

Register of Investigators

Acording to (XIVa(9) St.) Court keeps the Register of Investigators.

to be nominated

Rules of Procedure

The provisional rules for the PPI Court of Arbitration are hosted on their own page: PPI CoA/Rules of Procedure