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PPI Conference 2012/Sunday minutes

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Start of Day 2 (9:25)

Reports by the Board of the PPI (9:28)

  • Thomas Gaul, board member
  • Marcel Kolaja, co-president 2011
  • Samir Allioui, co-president 2011
  • Lola Voronina, CAO
  • Paul Da Silva, board member, not present, statement read by Lola
  • Pat Mächler, CFO
  • Finlay Archibald, board member, not present, no report received


  • 5 minutes

Elections (10.00)

There is a decision of court of arbitration regarding late membership applicants:

These applications are NOT admissible, but they will be applicable at the next general assembly of the PPI. 

The board was too late to update the wiki correctly.

Recommended is to have a special GA soon to have the applicants processed, and so create the possibility for having legal, valid membership as soon as possible for these applicants.

Motions and statutes amendments

Board elections (Co-chairmen, CAO, Treasurer, board members)

Candidates get 3 minutes to present themselves, and one minute for question and answers;



  • Gregory Engels presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Fabrício Martins do Canto presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Andrew "K`Tetch" Norton presents himself (on youtube)

Video cut short, debate about the three minutes limitation;

  • when videos were made, there was no 3 minutes limit
  • motion to vote: who wants to continue to see the video?
    • majority wants to continue see the video
  • video Andrew continued

Continuation presentation candidates

  • Lola Voronina presents herself, followed by Q&A

Remark: the voting rules were changed without voting on that,

Motion: Do we give the two first candidates that only had three minutes the chance to complete their presentation

  • Two yes
  • Majority no, no extra time for two first candidate

Motion: vote immediately?

  • Majority votes yes, vote immediately

Question on spontaneous candidates?

  • There are no spontaneous candidates

Explanation on how to vote, how to use the paper;

The numbers on the paper mean: 1. Gregory 2. Fabrício Martins 3. Andrew 4. Lola

Why using the paper with notes, why not use green / red?

  • Required by Belgian law to be secret?
  • Remark of the Belgian delegates: this would not be the case.

What about the remote delegates?

  • Using a special email box, remote members can send in their votes

Request on people that keep on talking to be removed from the room;

  • One volunteer takes that job on him

People are looking up belgian law to see if this is required or not

Motion of Luxembourg: Ballots are numbered thus not secret, do we continue with the proposed system, which is public for both remote as local participants

  • Remotes are strictly against it, 9 vote against
  • Motion not accepted

Motion if we further want to discuss about open or secret voting

  • motion has not been accepted
  • This means we continue with the secret voting.


  • starts for the co-chairmen (14:57);
  • closed (15:00);

Motion Pirate Party Netherland: move everyone that is not a delegate to the open-space to control the focus and noise level in the main room (only guest must move, no press, staff or candidates)

  • 11 for; 2 against; 1 abstentions;
  • the motion has been accepted

Results are in; two candidates have more than 50% of the votes

  • 14 votes: Gregory Engels, co-chairmen, Gregory accepts
  • 13 votes: Lola Voronina, co-chairmen, Lola accepts
  • 10 votes for Andrew Norton
  • 9 votes for Fabrício Martins

Board Members Elections

  • Fabrício Martins presents himself
  • Travis McCrea presents himself (via youtube), followed by Q&A
  • Alessandra Minoni presents herself, followed by Q&A
  • Brendan Molloy presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Ed Geraghty presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Denis 'SciFi' Simonet, as he was planned in for the morning, he was presented by Pascal Gloor instead
  • Nuno Cardoso presents himself, followed by Q&A.
  • Jelena Jovanovic presents herself, followed by Q&A.
  • Boris Turovskiy presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Andrew Norton, no video repeat, available for questions

No extra candidates

Voting, same system;

Q how many members need to be elected? A: 5 members need to be elected.

Ballot numbers mean: 1: Minoni, Alessandra (lilo, al3lilo) 2: Martins do Canto, Fabricio 3: Molloy, Brendan (Video) 4: Travis McCrea (Video) 5: Ed Geraghty (tuoni) 6: Denis 'SciFi' Simonet (Skype-Chat) 7: Nuno Cardoso (nonnu) 8: Jelena Jovanovic - Cybernaut 9: BORIS TUROVSKIY 10: Norton, Andrew "K`Tetch" (by Video)


  • started on 15:55
  • closed on 16:00

During ballot counting, Fabio Renhardt will hold his speech.

Fabio Reinhardt speech (16:00)

Elections continued (16:27)

Result board members election

Results are in, three candidates are on the board, two are still missing, we will have to do a second round.

Elected with more than 50% of the votes:

  • 14 Votes, Jelena Jovanovic, elected board member, accepted
  • 13 Votes, Travis McCrea, elected board member, accepted
  • 12 Votes, Ed Geraghty, elected board member, accepted

Not elected:

  • 10 Votes, Denis 'SciFi' Simonet
  • 8 Votes, Molloy, Brendan
  • 7 Votes, Boris Turovskiy
  • 7 Votes, Fabricio Martins do Canto
  • 6 Votes, Alessandra Minoni
  • 6 Votes, Andrew Norton
  • 5 Votes, Nuno Cardoso


  • Restart elections for two extra members
  • Using same numbers, please don't vote for elected members
  • started on 16:33
  • closed on 16:44

While we wait for the vote counting, Nikolash will represent the results of the pp-eu work

Presentation on results of pp-eu work

  • Text has been worked on for two days
  • Hoping that parties will vote it now so we will have a European campaign
  • A printed copy of the text is distributed for signing
  • Amelia Andersdotter delivered the first signature

Elections continued (17:00)

Result board members election second round

Again not a complete elections,


  • to prevent elections around midnight, in the next round, lets not require 50%
  • q: why not remove the requirement now?
  • a: there is a tie now, so 3rd round anyway
  • remark: should we not keep seats vacant? do we really want people in the board who have not enough support?
  • a from remote: new statutes require seats to be filled
  • q: open the round new candidates?

motion: propose in the third election, just take the two candidates with the most votes, even if less than 50%

  • q: lets consider what happens if tied in next round?
  • q: can we first know who won now?


  • 10 Votes, Denis 'SciFi' Simonet
  • 9 Votes, Molloy, Brendan
  • 9 Votes, Nuno Cardoso

Brandon removed his candidacy.

Motion: accept Denis and Nuno as board member? 17 yes, 1 no, 0 abstain;

  • The motion is accepted
  • Denis accepted by delegation
  • Nuno accepted
  • We have a board
  • Denis must confirm acceptation later on to make it official.
  • Denis accepted by telephone

Q: by Andrew norton

Election alternate members

  • We require 4 alternate members
  • Candidates
    • Thomas Gaul (not moderating the meeting during this election part)
    • Brendan Malloy
    • Andrew Norton
    • Minoni, Alessandra

No further candidates;

We will use approval voting, order is important. 50% is required.


  • started at 17:13
  • closed at 17:17

Presentation of Bradley Manning Network

Elections continued (17:25)

Election alternate members: results


  • 19 Votes Malloy, Brendan
  • 17 Votes, Gaul, Thomas
  • 17 Votes, Minoni, Alessandra
  • 14 Votes, Andrew Norton

Motion: Proposal to deal with the tie: ask if one of the candidates accepts being tird.

  • Not voted

Motion: Open vote for position;

  • 13 Votes for Thomas
  • 1 Vote for Alessandra
  • No abstentions
  • Thomas 2nd, Allesandra 3rd


  • 19 Votes Brendan Molloy, accepts
  • 17 Votes, Thomas Gaul, accepts
  • 17 Votes, Alessandra Minoni, accepts
  • 14 Votes, Andrew Norton, will have to be confirmed later (he is asleep right now, on the other side of the globe)

45 min left

Motion: elections for co-presidency is invalid, because of the name used "Lola", which does not match the name on her passport.

  • Lola came forward and clarified her name
  • Not a problem in Belgian law
  • Gregory also has a russian name version
  • Appeal to stop trolling in front of cameras!

Lay auditors elections

  • No candidates

Motion to skip this;

Court of Arbitration elections


  • Marco Ciurcina presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Maxime Rouquet presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Mozart "experimenthouse" Olbrycht-Palmer, presents himself, online via pirate pad
  • Vojtěch Pikal presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Arturo Martinez presents himself, followed by Q&A
  • Samir Allioui presents himself, followed by Q&A

Asking for any more candidates; no extra candidates.

We need 3 to 7 members

Motion: only five members of court of arbitration

  • q: why 5
  • a: to have odd number, and never a tie
  • 18 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain
  • the motion has been accepted

Motion: only take the 5 top candidates, no requirement of 50 %

  • 19 yes, 1 no, 0 abstain

Presentation Catalan Pirates

  • Kenneth's birthday
  • Short presentation catalan pirates, asking for ordinary membership

Elections continued (18:14)

Pirate Party Cat is unhappy: because of no vote on statements; talks continue

Court of Arbitration elections: results


  • Arturo Martinez, 21 votes, accepts
  • Marco Ciurcina, 20 votes, accepts
  • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer, 20 votes, accepts
  • Vojtěch Pikal, 20 votes, cannot accept since no longer present, acceptance delayed
  • Maxime Rouquet, 19 votes, accepts
  • Samir Allioui, 8 votes

Lay Auditors

3 candidates are needed


  • Joonas Mäkinen presents himself
  • Carlo von Loesch presents himself
  • Steffen Ortmann presents himself

There are no questions

Motion: should we vote all three without ballots, by red/green card?

  • 9 yes, 0 no, 1 abstention

Motion: who wants all three guys?

  • 14 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain


  • Joonas Mäkinen accepts
  • Carlo von Loesch accepts
  • Steffen Ortmann accepts

Motion PPAU: deal with pp cat today? More accurately: "Hear the proposal being put forward by the PPCAT delegation"

  • 8 yes, 1 no, 2 abstain

Motion: who is for full membership?

  • 9 yes, 3 no, 5 abstain
  • Pirate Party of Catalonia (Pirates de Catalunya) is an ordinary member of the pirate party international.

Closing keynote by Rick Falkvinge (18:30)

End of Day 2 (18.54)

  • There is going to be another GA in about 6 months, see you all there!
  • Assembly closed 18:56


Todo: >> at the end of sunday - give back nametags