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Here you will find all the submitted information by the applicants for PPI membership that will be voted on by the General Assembly in Prague.

Ordinary membership applicants

You want to apply for ordinary membership? Submit your Membership application.

Pirate Party of Greece (ΚΟΜΜΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΤΩΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ)

Pp greece logo.png

Founding Date 14 January 2012 (Founding)
Members 314
Board composition

Board consists of 7 persons, in order by Greek surname:

  • Kougioumtzidis Filippos
  • Mariotti Georgios
  • Panagopoulos Ioannis
  • Pappas Andrianos
  • Samourkasidis Anestis
  • Sapranidis Alexandros
  • Sereti Christina
International Coordinator Mariotti Georgios (
Statutes Statues can be found in and a Google translation (with possible limitations or syntax errors) in
Political program Principals and Program can also be found in and the Google translation (with possible limitations or syntax errors) in
Contact Pirate Party of Greece

PO BOX 61366




Twitter: @piratepartyGR

Press contact: Samourkasidis Anestis (

Comments Complete Application file: File:PP-GREECE-PPI-APPLICATION.pdf

Pirate Party of Croatia


Founding Date 16.02.2012
Members around 200 members on 27.2012
Board composition
  • Marijan Feric
  • Maša Utković
  • Luka Žuženić
  • Ivan Voras
  • Dario Vidović
  • Jurica Lovaković
  • Zagreb
  • Rijeka
  • Samobor
  • Karlovac
  • Split
Statutes at the moment we have only the Croatian version of the statue and program
  • Coordinator: Dario Vidovic ( ; +385.91.333.0222) and Tamara Kos

( ;+385.95.859.0299 )

  • Email of the board:
Comments Complete Application file: File:PPI Application Croatia-ordinary GA 2012.pdf

Pirate Party of Latvia

Latvia logo.png

Founding Date Officially founded 06.03.2012, not officially - october 2011, first meeting - 2009 year
Members 13 active members and more than 300 in the Facebook group
Board composition
  • Vitalijs Kravchinskis
  • Raimonds Mironovs

  • Generic "info" email:
  • Press contact:,
Comments The application was received after the deadline.

Pirate Party of Slovakia

SPS logo.jpg

Founding Date Registration date: 23.12.2011
Members 15
Board composition
  • Milan Gvoth
  • Peter Blaščák
  • Martin Bibko
  • Robo Jankovich
  • Martin Tibenský
  • Martin Záhorský
Statutes / Bylaws


  • Coordinator: Paul Janik
  • Info email:
  • Press contact:
Comments The application was received after the deadline.

Ukrainian Pirate Community (Українське піратське співтовариство)

Logo PPU.png

Founding Date 10.01.11 (registered as NGO on 27.09.11)
Members currently we don't have member lists, so officially have only 5 members - founders of NGO, unofficially there are nearly 50 activists, who are involved in our work.
Board composition
  • Sergey Yarygin
  • Larisa Yarygina
  • Dmitry Hopta
  • Oleksii Ignachuk
  • Sergey Moshkutelo

(founders of NGO)

Statutes / Bylaws

  1. Promoting usage of FLOSS and content under public licenses.
  2. Reform of copyright law (ban of DRM technologies, reduce copyright and patent terms of use)
  3. Promoting usage of open educational resources.
  4. Creating system for legislative feedback from.
  5. Register political party and take part in legislation.



Chairman: Sergey Yarygin

  • eMail:

International Coordinator: Oleksii Ignachuk

  • eMail:

Media, PR: Mitya Hopta

  • eMail:

Comments The application was received after the deadline.

Pirate Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (

Ppba logo.PNG

Founding Date We've spent the last two years (since 2010) in informal conversation and promotion of idea and values of PPInternational.

Eventually on the 28th of February this year we decided to go public and to start our member campaign.

Members On the 11th of March we had our general assembly and since then we count around one hundred active sympathizer and members from all over the country so far so well, at daily basis we are getting new applications and support.
Board composition

(initiator/board ad interim)

  • undisclosed

It's based on core PPI Principles/pilars, we are now working to embed them to BiH environment.

  • Generic "info" email: &
Comments The application was received after the deadline.

Pirate Party of Estonia (NGO, MTÜ Eesti Piraadipartei)


Founding Date June 26th 2009
Members 33
Board composition
  • Olev Vaher <>
  • Jaan Jänesmäe <>
  • Märt Põder <>
Statutes / Bylaws (in Estonian)
Program (in Estonian)
  • Coordinator: Märt Põder <>
  • Generic e-mail:
  • Press contact: Jaan Jänesmäe <>, ☎ +372 5599 4443
Comments I want to add that we are in the middle of the process of upgrading our organisation as well as statutes, program etc, present documents stem from the time our NGO was established in 2009 and are not up to date. If you need to have translations of the statutes, we suggest to rely on machine translation with basic corrections until we have new statutes that we can provide a real translation of, if needed.

The application was received after the deadline.

Pirate Party of Belarus (Партыя піратаў Беларусі)


Founding Date 2011
Members <50
Board composition
  • Rizhenkov, Artem
  • Ponosov, Andrei anuhidij (at)
  • Zmushko, Constantine
Statutes / Bylaws see the document in the application (in Russian)
Program see the document in the application (in Russian)
  • Generic e-mail:!/belpirat

Comments Dear pirate community! We are the group of pirates from Belarus, with a desire to join the Pirate International. Unfortunately, we have not yet registered as a party, but are moving in this direction, and yet without official registration we carry lofty ideals of piracy in our country. We hope for cooperation in the future.

The application was received after the deadline.

Pirate Party of Tunisia


Founding Date 2010
Members 14 (Just the founding members)
Board composition
  • Oussema Shelbi
  • Aymen Amri
  • Bayrem Jrad
  • Jalel Tounsi
  • Khaled Amemou
  • Slim Amemou
  • Chams Eddine Ben Jemaa
  • Ali Hentati
  • Mohamed Amin Ghrabi
  • Mohamed Amor Ben Azouz
  • Mahdi Hajri
  • Wassim Ben Ayed
  • Wadhah Brahmi
  • Raed Chammem
Statutes / Bylaws Statutes
Program There's no written program at the moment.
  • named coordinator  : Wadhah,
  • generic "info" email :
  • press contact: Slim Amemou,

The application was received after the deadline.

Observer membership applicants

You want to apply for observer membership? Submit your Membership application.

Florida Pirate Party


Founding Date March 23, 2011
Members 181
Board composition
  • Ryan Moffitt - Chairman
  • Brad Hall - Vice-Chairman
  • Carlos De Lionbus - Treasurer
International Coordinator Brad Hall (
Statutes File:FPP Constitution2.odt
Bylaws File:Bylaws.odt
Contact Email:

Press Contact: Brad Hall, Ryan Moffitt (,,

Comments List of subsidiaries:,

Pirate Party of Lower Saxony (PIRATEN Niedersachsen)


Founding Date 10 September 2006 (Founding)
Members 1800
Board composition

Board consists of 6 persons

Statutes Statutes can be found at (German)
Political program (German)
Contact Pirate Party of Lower Saxony

Bahnhofsallee 25
D-31134 Hildesheim


Press contact: Angelika Schürmann

Pirate Party of Berlin (Piratenpartei Berlin)

Logo Piraten Berlin.svg.png

Founding Date 30 December 2006
Members ~ 2800
Board composition
Statutes (German)
Political program Program (other than for the federal german Piratparty):

Electionprogram 2011:

Contact Piratenpartei Berlin

Pflugstraße 9a
10115 Berlin


Twitter: @PiratenBerlin

Press contact: Ben de Biel,

Comments Since 18.9.2011 with 15 delegates member of the Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin

Last election 18.9.2011: 8,9%, ~ 130.000 voters

Application document

The application was received after the deadline.

Young Pirates Sweden (Ung Pirat)

Founding Date 2008-11-26
Members 93
Board composition
  • Anders Grandt
  • Klas Forsell
  • Klara Tovhult
  • Simeon Jonasson
Statutes Statutes (Swedish)
By-laws By-Laws (Swedish)
Political program Program

Gustav Wetter:


The application was received after the deadline.