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PPI Conference 2012/timetable

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Friday April 13th

19.00 - Social event (restaurant U Peronu,

Saturday April 14th

07.00 - Preparations & Organization

08.30 - Registration (late registration possible)

09.00 - Opening of the conference by Ivan Bartos (President Czech Pirate Party) and conference organizers [BR] [ST]

10.00 - Ordinary and observer membership applications [BR] [ST]

  • Discussion and vote on how to treat applications send in after the deadline
  • Ordinary membership applications (presentations of applicants & vote)
  • Observer membership applications (presentations of applicants & vote)

11.30 - Start of Open Space Day 1 (all day parallel to speeches/keynotes/sessions) [SR]

Proposed panels (so far):

  • Proposed PPI statute amendments (informal discussions)

12.00 - Speech by Amelia Andersdotter (Pirate Party Sweden Member of European Parliament) [BR] [ST] [LT]

12.30 - Lunch

14:00 - Speech by Laurence Vandewalle (Political advisor at European Parliament for the Greens/EFA group) [BR] [ST] [LT]

15.00 - Pirate Party Europe/EU session

16.00 - Keynote address by Cory Doctorow (Writer, blogger, journalist, co-editor of Boing Boing and well known anti-copying-monopoly fighter) [BR] [ST] [LT]

16.30 - Pirate Party Europe/EU session & Open Space Day 1 (cont.) [BR] [ST]

  • A) Do we need/want a Pirate Parties Europe/EU (PPEU/Europe)?
  • B1) Roadmap on setting up PPEU/Europe or (based on outcome of A)
  • B2) Roadmap on increasing and managing EU/European cooperation within Pirate Parties without formal structure
  • C) Discussion and signing of common declaration

18.00 - End of Day 1

20.00 - Social event (restaurant U Peronu,

Sunday April 15th

08.30 - Start of Day 2

09.00 - Reports by the Board of the PPI [BR] [ST]

  • Reports of the Co-Chairmen
  • Report of CAO
  • Report of Treasurer & lay auditors
  • Report of Board Members

10.00 - Elections

  • Statute amendments that change Board composition & Elections (Board composition & Filling vacant seats) [BR] [ST]
  • Board elections (Co-chairmen, CAO, Treasurer, board members)
  • Court of Arbitration elections
  • Lay auditors elections

12.30 - Lunch

14:00 - Speech by Fabio Reinhardt (Pirate Party Member of Berlin Parliament) [BR] [ST] [LT]

14:30 - Motions and statutes amendments [SR] [ST]

  • Official discussion of Statute amendments
  • Other Motions
    • Discussions and vote on PPI membership fee

14:30 - Start of Open Space Day 2 (parallel to motions and statute amendments) [BR]

Proposed Open Space panels (so far):

  • Common EU principles and program
  • EU elections 2014 campaign
  • Pirates' Missoin: to change politics
  • European citizen initiative fostering free software adoption.

17:00 - Closing keynote by Rick Falkvinge (founder of the first Pirate Party in Sweden) [BR]

18.00 - End of Day 2

[BR] = Big Room [SM] = Small Room [ST] = Streamed event [LT] = Live Translation in Czech available