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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-08-29 and 2009-09-03

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Courtesy of Ralph Hinterleitner, because of his preliminary works.


During the third Bavarian ( Germany ) piratenpartei congress on August
29th in Munich,
four out of six members of the PPI coreteam met with delegated pirates
from Austria,
Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Prime objectives were to reach a consensus on the most urgent  
decisions and
to gain a agenda for the  PPI coreteam in a face to face meeting.
During the followup PPI meeting at Thursday the third of September all  
was made official by voting.


Patrick Maechler    PPI Co-President - Patrick.Maechler at
Samir Allioui       PPI Co-President - Samir.Allioui at
Ralph Hinterleitner PPI Coreteam     - Ralph.Hinterleitner at
Thilo Schumann      PPI Coreteam     - Thilo.Schumann at

Advisory Attendees at the Munich PPI talks:
* Denis Simonet     PP-CH Chairman  - Denis.Simonet at
* Moira Bruelisauer PP-CH Actuary   - Moira.Bruelisauer at
* Harald Haas       PP-AT Chairman  - Harald.Haas at
* Max Lalouschek    PP-AT Treasurer - Max.Lalouschek at
* Matthias Weiler   PP-AT Board     - Matthias.Weiler at


Preliminary remarks:
  The PPI needs to gain moral authority as soon as possible. Hence,
  we will organize an international conference where an accredited
  team will be voted.
This will improve to synergize the pirate movement.
  To achieve this goal we need small and efficient taskforces,
  composed of pirates from different nations. Every position within
  the coreteam and the adjacent task forces must be redundant.

  1.1. Establish a translation team
         Tasks of the translation team:
         * generate and gather publications
         * create translations
         * distribution of translations
         * several captain obvious tasks
         * Enrique Errea (aka ninHer), from PP-ES
           will lead this team with a Brazilian Pirate

  1.2. Establish an infrastructure team
         Tasks of the infrastructure team:
         * Manage and maintain technical resources
         * Develop, maintain and distribute templates such as:
           * PID (Pirate identity, pirate corporate design)
           * Drupal themes
           * several captain obvious tasks
           * Provide services for new found parties.

  1.3. Arrange PPI conference in Brussels as soon as possible
         * The Dutch & Flemish pirate party will create a framework for this.


Preliminary remarks:
  The PPI needs a body in form of a foundation in Brussels. (maybe with
  backup on the Seychelles or another ?Free? country(s). )

    * European foundations are recognized by all EU nations.
    * foundations can be subsidized
    * foundations don't underlie the same restrictions as associations
    * the PPI gains credibility with a headquarter in Brussels
    * C. Engstroem might need the PPI in Brussels as it's simplifies the
      cooperation with the EP and it can help lobbying.
      "Turning down lobbyist requests takes a half time job"
    * it only takes a PO-BOX Address and 50 Euro to found it in Belgium

   The PPI will establish a foundation in Brussels

PP-NL and PP-BE will also include PPI into their statutes.
Some parties already did so.


  * The coreteam is responsible for decisions about the "big picture"
  * Every pirate member can make proposals
  * Proposals are prioritized on urgency, not on importance
  * Voting choices include "YES", "NO" and "ABSTAINED"
  * Each proposal must be answered within a specified time frame
  * A proposition needs an absolute 2/3 majority in order to get
    passed within the coreteam.
  * If a ballot fails (e.g. because less than 2/3 of the coreteam members
    voted), the two co-presidents can decide unanimously on propositions
  * This is an interim solution

     Samir Allioui proposed Niccolas Sahlqvist  ( PPSE ) for a PPI Treasurer.
         > The board has voted negative.

     Patrick Maechler proposed info at
     for the inquiry/ticketing system.
         > The system is currently being setup.

     Patrick Maechler proposed a coreteam specific mailing list.
         > It will be setup before September 10, 2009.

     Samir Allioui proposed investigation and ( Non authorative ) mediation
     on the hostile United States Pirate Party Fork.
         > The board voted negative.

     Samir Allioui proposed setting up a infrastructure team to be a
     #1 priority for the PPI coreteam.
         > The board has voted positive.

     Samir Allioui proposed to let Frank/Aim setup CRM systems etc.
     under the boards supervision, while we search for a
     infrastructure team leader.
         > The board has voted negative.

Samir Allioui has confronted "DavidXanatos" with filed complaints
about his fake name.
As a result of this, Samir Allioui removed "DavidXanatos" from the
board, after anonymous consultation among the rest of the board.
This, because of "DavidXanatos" not being willing to disclose his real name.
Board members will allow people to work anonymously for PPI sub-teams,
but not as a official.


Patrick Maechler            PPI Co-President
Samir Allioui               PPI Co-President
Enrique Errea Gutierrez     PPI Coreteam - Chief Communication Officer
Laurent Le Besnerais        PPI Coreteam - Chief Technology Officer
Ralph Hinterleitner         PPI Coreteam - Chief Administrative Officer
Thilo Schumann              PPI Coreteam - Board member

Finishing Notes.
During the past week we have received loads of feedback.
Propositions, advice, constructive criticism and offerings.
We appreciate this, but are forced to ask you to be patient.
Setting up a formal, and "real" organization takes time.
If patience is not your cup of thee. Then just do it, and we'll see
how we will put things in place.

A Thank You Note In No Particular Order.
* The Bavarian party board for inviting us to their congress
* Leo for providing the co-presidents with a sleeping place on Saturday night
* The pirates of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia for their
   money collection to cover our travel expenses
* The Swiss and Austrian board for joining in the discussion
* And all others that helped us out, but is not listed here.


The PPI CoreTeam, September 2009.

Addendum to minutes of 3.09.2009

These points were decided at that time, but were forgotten to mention in the official released minutes (quoted above)

* In ballots solely coreteam members are entitled to vote
* If a coreteam member gets entitled for a position or task (s)he has a veto vote in the ballot
* Moira Brüllisauer / Akkallabeth was defined as an advisor of the PPI coreteam (no voting power)