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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-09-07

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                        CORETEAM MEETING MINUTES
                       PIRATE PARTY INTERNATIONAL
                           SEPTEMBER 7, 2009


1.1.  Members of the PPI Coreteam

      Enrique Errea Gutierrez (ninHer, Chief Communication Officer)
      Laurent Le Besnerais (cwicket, Chief Technology Officer)
      Patrick Maechler (Valio, Co-President)
      Ralph Hinterleitner (pertain, Chief Administrative Officer)
      Samir Allioui (CoreTx, Co-President)

      Thilo Schumann (pingu, Board member)

1.2. Others present

   Denis Simonet (SciFi, President of PP-CH)
   Eric Maechler (Annubis, Member of PP-CH)
   Frank Spijkerman (Aim, Member of PP-NL)
   Harald Haas (darky, Chairman of PP-AT)
   Moira Bruelisauer (Akallabeth, Member of PP-CH)
   Nicolas Sahlqvist (nicco, Member of PP-SE)


   Meeting opened at 21:45 by Valio.
   Secretary for this meeting is Valio.
   Quorum present with 5 out of 6 Coreteam members.
   Meeting closed at 23:25 by Valio.
   Next meeting on Wednesday, September 17, 2009.


3.1.  Future PPI logo

   Some proposals on the PP German wiki [1] are taken into
   consideration. The idea of using parts of the UN logo generates
   interest. There's also the discussion about the preferred color of
   the logo, either orange (e.g. like PP-DE [3], which also was chosen
   as 'pirate color' at the first international conference in Vienna)
   or pirate purple (like PP-SE [4]).
   [1] Proposed Logo in PP-DE wiki .....
   [2] UN logo on wikipedia ............
   [3] Pirate orange in PP-DE wiki .....
   [4] Pirate purple in PP-SE wiki .....

   CoreTx will do some consulting for possible logo combinations and
   trademark rights.

3.2.  Presskit

   Pertain mentions that the press kit for the event on 09/11 [1] needs
   some text. CoreTx already provided information about his person. He
   agrees to start writing on a PPI introductionary propaganda for the
   presskit and send it to the whole Coreteam. According to pertain the
   text should be about 1/2 to 2/3 of a DIN-A4 page. If possible the
   press kit should be available in 4 languages: English, German,
   French, Spanish.  

   [1] Details on the event in PP-DE wiki .....

   CoreTx will create the English version of the text.

   Nico Hofmann, press officer of the PP-DE district of Middle Franconia
   inserts the text and takes care of layout and design.


4.1.  Proposal by CoreTx

   Will we choose the pirated UN logo if my legal consultation is a

   Proposal passed (yes: 4 | no: 0 | abstained: 1)

4.2.  Proposal by Akallabeth

   I propose Eric "Annubis" Maechler (PPS) as lead of the digital
   infrastructure team.

   Ballot failed due to integrity misgivings and due to different
   interpretations of the Munich agreement. CoreTx gives Akallabeth a
   vote of no confidence. CoreTx and Akallabeth agree to appoint a
   Memorandum of Understanding on integrity considerations and the
   diversity of nations within the Coreteam.

   Note: Eric Maechler is no relative of Co-president Patrick Maechler.

4.3.  Proposal by Valio

   As long as there is no additional Coreteam member to lead the tech
   team, cwicket will coordinate it.

   Proposal passed (yes: 5 | no: 0 | abstained: 0)

September 24, 2009