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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-09-17

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                        CORETEAM MEETING MINUTES
                       PIRATE PARTY INTERNATIONAL
                           SEPTEMBER 17, 2009


1.1.  Members of the PPI Coreteam

      Enrique Errea Gutierrez (ninHer, Chief Communication Officer)
      Laurent Le Besnerais (cwicket, Chief Technology Officer)
      Patrick Maechler (Valio, Co-President)
      Ralph Hinterleitner (pertain, Chief Administrative Officer)
      Samir Allioui (CoreTx, Co-President)

      Thilo Schumann (pingu, Board member)

1.2. Others present

   Nicolas Sahlqvist (nicco, designated Chief Financial Officer)
   Comrades of the infrastructure team:
      Eric Maechler (Annubis, Member of PP-CH)
      Fabian Horlacher (the3rdBIT, Member of PP-CH)
      Frank Spijkerman (Aim, Member of PP-NL)
   Moira Bruelisauer (Akallabeth, Adviser of the Coreteam)
   Denis Simonet (SciFi, President of PP-CH)
   Harald Haas (darky, Chairman of PP-AT)


   Meeting opened at 20:27 by Valio.
   Secretary for this meeting is pertain.
   Quorum present with 5 out of 6 Coreteam members.
   Meeting closed at 23:25 by Valio.
   Next meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2009.


3.1.  Co-president CoreTx

   Jarr, chairman of Pirate Party Belgium, possibly joins the meeting
   later on. Jarr told coretx that Christian Engstroem might join the foundation talks in


4.1.  Report by pertain

   Brief report about events with Christian Engstroem and Samir Allioui
   in Nuremberg and Berlin from 2009-09-10 to 2009-09-12. Press review
   will follow shortly.

4.2.  Report by ninHer

   Progress of the translations team to date:
   - Contacts with two members of the Brazilian pirate party with
     positive feedback: both agree to work with the translations team.
   - Contact with ``bleaks'', the president of the Serbian pirate party.
   - Contact with ``Milica'', a Serbian certified translator.

   Next steps:
   - Form a team of 3 to 4 members of every pirate party, to select a
     permanent team of PPI translators and be some of them 24/7 located
     to any, normal or preferred task to be accomplished.
   - Have at least one person in every language always available.
   - Request to send all the contacts available to ninHer.

4.3.  Report by cwicket

   The next step is to form the infrastructure team with Aim, Annubis
   and the3rdBIT and to install a CRM and a ticketing system.

4.4.  Report by CoreTx

   The next step towards the PPI conference is a preparational meeting
   in Brussels (probably) in the first week of October.


5.1.  Request by Valio

   Reminder on the request for analysis on the PPI from September 15 by


6.1.  Proposal by pertain

   Will we appoint nicco as treasurer (CFO) if he meets CoreTx at the
   Incubate festival in Tilburg (NL)?

   Proposal passed (yes: 5 | no: 0 | abstained: 0)

6.2.  Proposal by Valio

   Will we publish all to-do items including the due date hours on the
   mailing list and the message board including the designated contact
   and ask pirates for help ("<when>" == either "ASAP/2 hours after the
   meeting" or "with the publication of a meeting report")?

   Proposal failed (yes: 3 | no: 0 | abstained: 2)

6.3.  Proposal by pertain

   I propose to set a time limit on the internal release as well as on
   the publication of reports and protocols. This does not mean that we
   will automatically publish every protocol. The time frame can be
   expanded in exceptional conditions. The deadline starts as soon as a
   meeting/conference is officially closed. Do you agree?

   Proposal failed (yes: 3 | no: 0 | abstained: 2)

6.4.  Proposal by pertain

   I propose to invite Daniel Loeb, a German pirate Samir and I met in
   Nuremberg last week, to our next Coreteam meeting on Thursday night.
   He is highly interested in international cooperation and wants to get
   involved. Will we invite him to the next meeting on IRC?
   Proposal passed (yes: 4 | no: 0 | abstained: 1)

September 20, 2009