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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-10-29

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                        CORETEAM MEETING MINUTES
                       PIRATE PARTY INTERNATIONAL
                            OCTOBER 29, 2009


1.1.  Members of the PPI Coreteam

        Enrique Errea Gutierrez (ninHer, Chief Communication Officer)
        Laurent Le Besnerais (cwicket, Chief Technology Officer)
        Nicolas Sahlqvist (nicco, Financial)
        Patrick Maechler (Valio, Co-President)
        Samir Allioui (CoreTx, Co-President)
        Will Tovey (Duke, Chief Administration Officer)

1.2. Others present

    Denis Simonet (SciFi, President of PP-CH)
    Frank Spijkerman (Aim, Member of PP-NL)
    Moira Bruelisauer (Akallabeth, Adviser of the Coreteam)
    Benjamin Olke (samvines, possible candidate for open position on Coreteam)


    Meeting opened at 20:03 (CET) by Valio.
    Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
    Quorum present with all 6 Coreteam members.
    Meeting closed at 22:39 (CET) by Valio.
    Next meeting on Thursday, November 5, 2009.


3.1 - IRC Meeting Protocol - Proposed by Duke
        The proposed Protocol was examined but it was decided that it required further refinement. The protocol will be available to be modified by members of the Coreteam and will be discussed again at the next meeting.

3.2 - Bank status - Proposed by Nicco
         Valio, nicco and coretx have sent the bank the required information. Coretx needs to contact Jurgen (PPBe) regarding forms and will do so by midnight Sunday.

3.3 - PPI Conference - Proposed by Nicco
        Nicco has not found any events that might clash with the proposed dates for the conference. Progress is being made into researching locations. Due to the current discussions on the Mailing List it was decided that the conference will be mentioned in the official ML release about the Brussels meeting, to be released by 18:00 Friday at the latest.

3.4 - Translation team update - Proposed by Nicco
        ninHer reported that he had a list of IM contact details for those willing to collaborate on the team and will add them to the PPI Contact data spreadsheet on the Google Docs account. There was also a discussion on setting up a mailing list or page on the wiki (when re-established) to enable the team to be contacted more efficiently. The team will also try to recruit more members.

3.5 - The future of ninHer in the PPI coreteam - Proposed by Nicco
        It was mentioned that ninHer has attended at least one meeting this month (as required) and has been particularly busy with work and studies recently.

    Proposal to exclude ninHer from the meeting failed (Yes: 0 | No: 3 | Abstain: 3)

3.6 - DNS status - Proposed by Nicco
        Nicco reported that the DNS for is now in the hands of the Coreteam. This will be relayed to the techteam who will begin working on setting up what is required. Nicco reported that he had set up an account on GoDaddy for PPI and was asked to give access to the techteam.

3.7 - VoIP usage - Proposed by Nicco 
        The possibility of setting up a VoIP server or using an established system for Coreteam meetings was discussed. It was proposed that the Coreteam use VoIP for future meetings.

    Proposal failed (Yes: 1 | No: 4 | Abstain: 1)

3.8 - Possible fork of PPFr? - Proposed by Laurent 
        This was discussed. It was mentioned that the Chairman of PPFr had the situation settled. Spale (vice-chairman of PPCh) was proposed as an observer in case one is required. Valio will forward his details to Cwicket so he can be contacted.

3.9 - Permanent mediator group - Proposed by Laurent 
        The possibility of setting up a team to act as mediators in possible inter- and intra-party disputes was discussed. This was rejected due to being inappropriate. It was proposed instead to establish a private list of possible mediator prospects who could be called on if needed (and if suitable) to help settle disputes.

    Amended proposal passed (Yes: 4 | No: 1 | Abstain: 1)

3.10 - Co-operation with Young Pirates? - Proposed by Nicco 
        It was discussed that Nicco will soon meet with the founder of Young Pirates. It was noted that YPI and YPEC are already formed and the latter is seeking funding from the EU. YPEC will be holding a conference (in November) and it would be useful if as many Young Pirate organisations could attend. It was proposed that members would brainstorm on what should be done about PPI and YPI/YPEC on the Coreteam ML until the next meeting.

    Proposal passed (Yes: 6 | No: 0 | Abstain: 0)

3.11 - PPI site: list PP's based on location (geoip) - Proposed by Nicco
        It was proposed that the list of PPs on the PPI website be arranged by location using geoip or possibly on a map. It was suggested that the proposal, while interesting was not concrete enough.
    Proposal failed (Yes: 0 | No: 4 | Abstain: 2)

3.12 - PPI site: List news based on location (geoip) - Proposed by Nicco 
       This was discussed, similar to item #11 and while interesting, was deemed best dealt with and discussed by the Techteam, not the Coreteam. Cwicket and the rest of the team will investigate further.

    Proposal failed (Yes: 0 | No: 2 | Abstain: 4)

3.13 - Link from TPB? - Proposed by Nicco 
        It was mentioned that there has been a discussion on the PPI ML about a possible dialogue with the Pirate Bay involving getting them to add a link to either PPI or local PP's websites. It was mentioned that this would be highly controversial, potentially illegal in various individual countries. It would possibly be more damaging to PPI than the good it would result in.

    Proposal failed (Yes: 0 | No: 4 | Abstain: 2) (One abstention due to the controversial nature of the proposal)

3.14 - Official or Unofficial naming convention for PPs - Proposed by Duke
        It was noted that a variety of naming an abbreviating conventions are used for individual PPs and this could cause confusion. It was proposed that PPI recommend use of PP + the TLD code for the country. This was criticised as being too western culture-centric.

    Proposal failed (Yes: 2 | No: 2 | Abstain: 2)


4.1 Proposal for new Coreteam member
        Benjamin Olke was mentioned as a possible candidate for the vacant position on the Coreteam. This will be officially proposed at the next meeting.

4.2 Personal "to do" list.
        It was suggested that the possibility of setting up personal "to do" lists be investigated. Duke will do so and present his findings at (or by) the next meeting.


5.  TO DO

5.1 Refine the Protocol for IRC meetings before the next meeting. (Coreteam; by next meeting)
5.2 Contact Jurgen (PPBe) regarding the Triopos Bank Account. (Coretx; by 00:00 GMT+1, 2/11/09)
5.3 PPI Press release concerning the Brussels meeting will be published on the ML. (Coreteam; by 18:00 GMT+1, 30/10/09)
5.4 Add contact details for the translation team to the PPI Contact Info document. (ninHer; asap)
5.5 The Techteam will be given access to the DNS to enable them to sort out what is required for the site. (Techteam)
5.6 Valio will forward contact details of Spale (PPCh) to Cwicket to discuss the possibility of him acting as an observer in the PPFr matter. (Valio and Cwicket; asap)
5.7 A private list of possible mediator prospects will be established and maintained. (Coreteam; ongoing)
5.8 Possible options for interaction between PPI and YPI will be discussed through the Coreteam ML. (Coreteam; ongoing)
5.9 Investigation into the possibility of using geoip to point PPI visitors to their local PP. (Techteam; ongoing)
5.a Investigation into the possibility of setting up a "to-do" list for each Coreteam member. (Duke; by next meeting)