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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-11-05

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                        CORETEAM MEETING MINUTES
                       PIRATE PARTY INTERNATIONAL
                            NOVEMBER 5, 2009


1.1.  Members of the PPI Coreteam

        Enrique Errea Gutierrez (ninHer, Chief Communication Officer)
        Laurent Le Besnerais (cwicket, Chief Technology Officer)
        Nicolas Sahlqvist (nicco, Financial)
        Patrick Maechler (Valio, Co-President)
        Will Tovey (Duke, Chief Administration Officer)

1.2. Others present

    Frank Spijkerman (Aim, Member of PP-NL)
    Moira Bruelisauer (Akallabeth, Adviser of the Coreteam)


    Meeting opened at 20:13 (CET) by Valio.
    Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
    Quorum present with all 5 Coreteam members.
    Meeting closed at 21:18 (CET) by Valio.
    Next meeting on Thursday, November 12, 2009.


3.1 - Coretx apologised for his absence due to a last minute conflict.
3.2 - The "to do" list from the previous meeting was discussed.


4.1 - Status of the DNS migration - Proposed by Valio
        It was noted that the DNS is under our control and Ole's proposal 
        for the site and similar matters will be left in the hands of the techteam. 
        This includes the Drupal theme and the wiki migration. If the Techteam have 
        any major decisions, they can consult the co-presidents.
4.2 - Status of Pentabarf - Proposed by Valio
        The techteam will be linked to Pentabarf conference-planning system and will 
        set up something as soon as possible.

4.3 - Send out call for delegates this Friday - Proposed by Valio
        It was discussed that a call for delegates should be sent out to the 
        leaders of PPs as soon as possible, ideally in English with translations to
        follow. Friday was deemed too soon so it was decided that the call would be 
        sent out by 00:00 CET, Sunday
    Modified proposal passed (Yes: 5 | No: 0 | Abstain: 0)


5.1 Proposal for a PP leader ML
        The requirement of a mailing list for contacting the leaders or senior 
        figures of the Pirate Parties was mentioned. Duke will look into setting one 
        up as soon as possible so that the call for delegates can be sent out on it.

5.2 Absences
        Nicco mentioned that he will be in Sweden for the following two weeks but 
        expects to still be present at the meetings. Duke will probably be absent 
        for the next meeting.


6.  TO DO

6.1 A "to do" spreadsheet will be set up on Google Docs. (Duke; asap)
6.2 A Pentabarf (or similar) system will be set up to organise the conference. (Techteam; asap)
6.3 The new Wiki and site will be set up using the recovered DNS. (Techteam; asap)
6.4 A PP Leaders contact list will be set up through the Google Mail system. (Duke, 00.00 CET, 8/11/09)
6.5 The Call for Delegates for the conference will be finalised and distributed to leaders. (Coreteam, 00.00 CET, 8/11/09)