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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-11-26

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                         CORETEAM MEETING MINUTES
                       PIRATE PARTY INTERNATIONAL
                            NOVEMBER 26, 2009


1.1.  Members of the PPI Coreteam

        Laurent Le Besnerais (cwicket, Chief Technology Officer)
        Nicolas Sahlqvist (nicco, Financial)
        Patrick Maechler (Valio, Co-President)
        Samir Allioui (Coretx, Co-President)
        Will Tovey (Duke, Chief Administration Officer)

1.2. Others present

    Mikulas Ferjencik (Miki, PPCz)
    David Xanatos


    Meeting opened at 20:24 (CET) by Valio.
    Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
    Quorum present with 5 Coreteam members.
    Meeting closed at 22:18 (CET) by Valio.
    Next meeting on Thursday, December 3, 2009.


3.1 - Pertain requested to discuss the ACTA response and task force. The subsequent discussion is summarised in 4.5.
3.2 - The minutes from the previous meeting were discussed and it was noted that the techteam issues (6.2 & 6.3) had not been dealt with (see 4.2 below). The PP Leaders list was still being confirmed (13/40 as of 27/11/9) but has been used. The Call for Delegates was sent out. The "to do" spreadsheet was not in place, but would be shortly.


4.1 - Bank details - Proposed by coretx
        The bank was supposed to contact coretx regarding the PPI account (which has been registered) but they did not. Coretx will attempt to call them on Friday (27/11).
4.2 - Techteam status - Proposed by coretx
        The techteam has not managed to complete either task given to it at the previous meeting (5/11). Cwicket attempted to contact the team but received no replies. Cwicket noted that he was ready to hand over his position to someone else. The position will be advertised and a replacement sought. Coretx and Valio agreed deal with this on Sunday (29/11) and report back at the next meeting.

4.3 - USA Mediation - Proposed by coretx
        It was noted that the current mediator is no longer suitable for the task. Both coretx and Duke mentioned that they had been invited to observe the next USPP general meeting, the contents of which may affect any mediation. Duke also agreed to look for a suitable replacement mediator from PPUK and report back at the next meeting.

4.4 - Request on openness of PPI conference - Proposed by Denis Simont (raised by coretx)
        Denis Simont had requested that the PPI conference be more open than the proposed plan. In order to discuss this further it was proposed that a restricted message board be set up for preliminary discussions between PP senior candidates while the conference-planning software is being set up.
    Proposal passed (Yes: 4 | No: 0 | Abstain: 1)

4.5 - Response to ACTA - Proposed by Duke (and by pertain)
        It was noted that the draft text was not of suitable quality and a response is urgent. It was decided to set up a Taskforce, responsible for dealing with ACTA, including pirate activists as well as academics and specialists. A mailing list was proposed. Cwicket mentioned that he had been in touch with the French activists ODEBI and thought they would be willing to help in France. It was noted that Amelia Andersdotter (PPSe) wanted to look over the ACTA response to ensure it did not conflict with the European Parliament. It was proposed that nicco lead the ACTA Taskforce and publish the PPI response once finished. It was also noted that PPDe would like the document as soon as possible to publish a translation.

    Proposal passed (Yes: 5 | No: 0 | Abstain: 0)


5.1 Communication between the Coreteam
        It was noted that if a member of the Coreteam replies to an email sent to the entire team, it would be best if it were CC'd to the rest of the team.


6.  TO DO

6.1 A "to do" spreadsheet will be set up on Google Docs. (Duke; asap)
6.2 Rikard Olsson will be asked to set up an ACTA Taskforce mailing list. (nicco?; asap)
6.3 The Bank will be contacted regarding the PPI account. (Coretx; 28/11/09)
6.4 A replacement leader for the Techteam will be sought. (Valio & Coretx; 08.00 CET, 29/11/09)
6.5 A replacement mediator for the USA parties will be identified. (Duke; next meeting)
6.6 A restricted message board will be set up for discussing the PPI Conference with PP representatives. (Valio; asap)
6.7 An ACTA Taskforce will be formed and will publish the PPI response. (nicco; asap)