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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2010-01-18

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JANUARY 18, 2010


1.1. Members of the PPI Coreteam

Samir Allioui (CoreTX, Co-president)
Will Tovey (Duke, CAO)
Nicolas Sahlqvist (nicco, CFO)
Steffen Ortmann (SteffenO, SMGO)
Patrick Maechler (Valio, Co-President)

1.2. Others Present

Andrew Norton (K`Tetch)
Mattias Björnemalm (Mab)
Ralph Hinterleitner


Meeting opened at 20:06 (CET) by Valio.
Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
Quorum present with 5 Coreteam members.
Meeting closed at 00:51 (CET), January 19, by Valio.
Next meeting on Monday, January 25, 2010.


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed. All items on the "to do" list had been fulfilled;
  2. The conference was announced publicly in several locations.
  3. Discussions continued (through email) with PPAt and PPEs.
  4. Duke discussed various issues with the PPCh leadership on IRC (logs can be found here).
  5. It was decided that weekly agendas would be viewable publicly before meetings.


4.1 - Changing name to Pirate Parties International and address - Proposed by Nicco

Nicco informed the Coreteam that he had discussed changing the name with the bank and it would require filling in two forms. Legally PPI can have more than one official name. It was noted that Rick Falckvinge informally founded "Pirate Parties International" during the Vienna conference. K`Tetch noted that "Party" sounds more like "Pirate Party Sweden/Germany/etc." with PPI being 'a pirate party' on an international jurisdiction rather than an association of pirate parties. Objections to PP International have been raised by PPEs. For now, further opinions will be sought and both "Parties" and "Party" will be used but this will need to be fixed by the time funding for the conference is sought and a CD/CI designed. It was noted that "Party" has lead to confusion among pirates as to the function of PPI (i.e. feeling that PPI is a political organisation). As PPI is an umbrella organisation rather than a political party, it was proposed that the name be changed to "Parties". Proposal Passed (Yes: 5 | No: 0 | Abstain: 0).

4.2 - PPI conference financing - Proposed by Nicco

a) - The document from Mab clearly defines that only 50 visitors from only EU and EU applicant states can get funding.
It was noted that any funding obtained from the EU would be for EU citizens only. Any funding obtained from EU citizens would be deducted from the subsidy. Theoretically, it would be possible to obtain funds from the EU for EU citizens who could afford their travel expenses and they could donate an equivalent amount to PPI for this purpose, but that could be dishonest. Such donations would have to be clearly marked as "donations" rather than "travel expenses" and must be voluntary. All costs subsidised by the EU must be declared at least two weeks before the conference and the money will be reimbursed immediately after the conference. Effectively, as long as the total money in for the conference (from both the EU and non-EU sources) is less than the total expense, the EU should not mind about the details. The 50 visitors limit is due to the general maximum size of rooms available.
b) - There does not seem to be any limitations to non-sponsored groups (GHP-groups) other then they have to be invited by the MEP
According to Mab, such groups are not funded and so there are no restrictions (on size or nationality), but this should be confirmed directly with the EU. A list should be established of those who wish to attend. Amelia (PPSe) has offered to formally invite some of those who require visas, however it was noted she has no MEP privileges yes, however Christian will probably be able to do so. Those delegates requiring visas should be noted as soon as possible.
c) - Do we get funding in advance?
The Payment Instructions for should be completed and returned at least two weeks before the visit and the "group leader" will be accompanied to the relevant bank at the end of the visit to transfer the funds (if the payment is made by cash). This may cause issues if the "visit" is on the weekend or ends late. The document provided gives contact details of the Swedish officials at the EU; they can be contacted and should, if needed, be able to redirect us to their English equivalent.
d) - Donations other then the EU subsidies is deducted from the EU subsidies so shall we refuse donations in general or just specifically for the conference?
Other donations would only be deducted from the EU subsidy if the total would be over the entire cost of the conference. The "conference" should be separated from the "visit" when donations are sought but it should not be an issue provided PPI does not (try to) profit from the EU subsidies.
e) - Travel costs - calculated on the basis of the most direct return road journey between the place of residence of the majority of the group?
This will need to be checked directly as it is assumed that most groups originate from approximately the same location. Combining a visit and a conference is not normal procedure. During discussions with the EU it should be emphasised first that it is a visit to the EU parliament and the conference is secondary. The visit will likely have to start on Friday morning and so delegates who wish to be funded by the EU will have to be present then and attend the tour etc.
f) - Payment instruction that should be handed in two weeks before the conference, with bank transfer a signature from a bank representative is needed. Group leader and account holder needs to be the same.
As treasurer, nicco should act as group leader.
g) - We need to collect a list of participants with name and birthday data to be handed in at least two weeks before the conference.
This is a requirement of EU funding and of being allowed to visit the EU buildings. As such, any anonymous delegates would not be able to obtain funding from the EU or attend the conference if it took place within EU buildings. The need for anonymity will therefore need to be balanced with other concerns, although any visitors will be registered with the EU as "guests of MEP Christian Engstroem" rather than participants of a political conference. It should be noted that any visitors registered for funding who do not attend the parliament visit will not receive the funding.

4.3 - PPI Location inside the EU building? - Proposed by Nicco

It would seem that the only issue with groups of more than 50 is that they will be unlikely to fit in the various EU rooms. Mab agreed to look into how far in advance rooms will need to be booked.

4.4 - Control of the forum - Proposed by Duke

It was noted that PPI should attempt to take control of the forum. K`Tetch noted that he was still an admin and so granted admin privileges to Valio. It was noted that Infinite Emma (PPSe) may have information about the forum. In particular, the forum software may need to be upgraded.

4.5 - Standard reply to new parties - Proposed by Duke

It was noted that PPI should have a standard reply to requests for information/assistance from new parties and a guide on the website or wiki. PPI should also consider in what ways it can assist new parties (such as by offering hosting).

4.6 - Mediation process United States of America. - Proposed by Ralph Hinterleitner

It was noted that USPP had not yet elected a new leader and would be doing so 26/01/10 and so any mediation would have to wait until that matter was settled. More information was sought from the Coreteam on the reasons for the failure of the first attempt at mediation and there were allegations of slander against some of those involved. CoreTX proposed that the Coreteam no longer communicate on the specific issue. Proposal Failed (Yes: 3 | No: 0 | Abstain: 2). It was proposed that Coreteam members to respond to all requests to shed light on the original mediation. Proposal Passed (Yes: 3 | No: 0 | Abstain: 1). The discussion led to the issues of how Coreteam members act when "in public". It was proposed that Corteam members ensure (to the best of their ability) that any future statements made by them when they could appear to be speaking on behalf of PPI or the Coreteam be factually accurate and civil. Proposal Passed (Yes: 4 |No: 0 |Abstain: 0). It was proposed that a statement be made within 2 weeks in the name of the Coreteam that any and all implications made by Coretx with respect to Max can neither be proven right or wrong and so are unsuitable. Proposal Passed (Yes: 3| No: 0| Abstain: 1).

4.7 - Carlos Ayala his questios , PPES - Proposed by Samir

It was noted that a further official response would be required in the ongoing discussion with PPEs. In particular it was noted that no funds had been raised on the basis of the Uppsala Declaration as such offers were turned down due to the criticism of PPI(?).

4.8 - PP Brazil help offering. "rodrix" - Proposed by Samir

[Postponed until 25/01/10]

4.9 - Economic partnership treaties, FTA's , MEP's, Socialnetworking etc. - Proposed by Samir

[Postponed until 25/01/10]

4.10 - Reconstruction of Translation Team? - Proposed by Samir

[Postponed until 25/01/10]

4.11 - request by Jens Seipenbusch concerning conf date - proposed by Valio

[Postponed until 25/01/10]


  1. The meeting was closed at 00.52 (CET) with the remaining agenda items postponed to the next meeting due to the time.
  2. The Coreteam was grateful to Mab for attending.

6. TO DO

6.1 - Conference to do:

a) - Restrictions on GHP-groups should be confirmed with the EU. (nicco)
b) - A list will be established of conference delegates noting those who will require visas and anonymity requirements.
c) - Possible issues with visits occurring over the weekend will be investigated.
d) - Clarification will be sought on how other funding would affect the EU subsidy.
e) - Clarification on how travel expenses are calculated will be sought.

6.2 - PPI will stand for "Pirate Parties International".
6.3 - Infinite Emma will be contacted regarding PPI obtaining further control of the forum.
6.4 - A response will be sent to the request for information from Ghana.
6.5 - Work shall begin on an official "Information pack for new parties".
6.6 - Any information that could shed light on the original USPP mediation should be offered upon request.
6.7 - A statement noting that any inappropriate allegations made by Coreteam members concerning the USPP mediation are unsuitable will be published.