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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2010-03-01

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MARCH 1, 2010


1.1. Members of the PPI Coreteam

Samir Allioui (CoreTX, Co-President)
Will Tovey (Duke, CAO)
Nicolas Sahlqvist (Nicco, CFO) [by proxy]
Steffen Ortmann (SteffenO, SNMGO)
Xavier Vila (XaviVila, CTNO) [by proxy]

1.2. Others Present

Gregory Engels (Dichter, PPDe)
Jerry Weyer (Jay, Proposed Co-President)
Patrick Maechler (Valio, PPCh)


Meeting opened at 20:16 (CET) by CoreTX.
Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
Quorum established with 3 of 5 Coreteam members present and two represented by proxy.
Meeting closed at 22:20 (CET) by CoreTX.
Next meeting on Monday, March 08, 2010.


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed.


4.1 - Election of Jerry Weyer as Co-President - Proposed by Valio

Jay was introduced again and replied to questions put. It was proposed that he be elected to the position of co-president of PPI with the associated powers and position on the Coreteam. Proposal Passed Unanimously (Yes: 5 | No: 0 | Abstain: 0). [Nicco and XaviVila added their votes via email, confirmed by the rest of the team.] It was agreed that an announcement would be drafted and posted by Tuesday evening.

4.2 - Statutes TF status - Proposed by Valio

Dichter noted that he had published an English translation of his PPI presentation. There were 34 members of the group from 13 different PPs, however only 7-8 were actively participating.

4.3 - Conference TF status - Proposed by Valio

[Item proposed due to nicco's absence.]

4.4 - Press at the Conference - Proposed by SteffenO

SteffenO had been approached by a journalist wishing to attend the conference. It was decided that while journalists should not be present for the whole conference it would be good to have a press event near the end of the conference.

4.5 - Help from LPUK for the Conference - Proposed by SteffenO

It was noted that the leader of the Libertarian Party UK had offered his support to PPI. It was noted that any direct affiliation with non-pirate parties should be handled carefully and left to the national party. No decision will be made until after the conference and PPUk has been consulted.

4.6 - RIR - Time for activism

CoreTX agreed to post about this on the PPI main page and on

4.7 - Request from PPNl

It was noted that PPNl is hoping to run in the upcoming elections and would like to use the PPI bank account for collecting preliminary funding until they have enough to set up their own account. The PPI account was currently not being used and it was agreed that PPI could keep any interest earned on donations for PPNl. They were expecting to gather about €500 and any legal issues would not arise until €50,000 was gained. It was also noted that this could set a precedent for PPI to offer support to other forming parties. No decision was reached.

4.8 - Samir will do the "pirate podcast"

CoreTX talked to Eric Priezkalns about doing a Pirate Podcast with him and will discuss further through email.


  1. Valio was formally thanked for his work on behalf of PPI.
  2. An account was set up for Jay.

6. TO DO

6.1 An announcement about Jay's appointment will be published. (CoreTX, Duke, Jerry)