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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2010-04-12

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12th April, 2010


1.1. Members of the PPI Coreteam

Aleksander Blagojevic (Blaeks, CTO)
Will Tovey (Duke, CAO)
Jerry Weyer (Jay, Co-President)
Nicolas Sahlqvist (Nicco, CFO)
Steffen Ortmann (SteffenO, SNMGO)
Xavier Vila (XaviVila, CNTO)

1.2. Others Present

Gregory Engels (Dichter, PPDe)
Zblewski (PPCa)


Meeting opened at 20:07 (CEST) by Jay.
Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
Quorum established with 6 of 7 Coreteam members present.
Meeting closed at 22:50 (CEST) by SteffenO.
Next meeting subject to outcome of PPI conference.


  1. - The minutes from the previous meeting were discussed.


4.1 - Bulgaria congratulations message - proposed by Jerry

It was noted that the Pirate Party in Bulgaria had officially registered and a message of congratulation should be issued by the Coreteam on behalf of PPI and that Jay had begun working on a draft. It was proposed that this be finalised and publish it after the meeting. Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

4.2 - Conference rules of procedure/order of business - proposed by Jerry

Draft rules and procedures had been prepared by Jay for the conference. It was discussed during the meeting and agreed that it would be finalised outside the meeting. Any rules would have to be approved by the delegates at the start of the conference and could be changed later (subject to their initial approval). It was proposed that the rules be discussed elsewhere and published for the delegates by 15th April. Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

4.3 - Conference Press release - proposed by Jerry

It was noted that a press release on the conference had been drafted. The English version would need to be finished as soon as possible so that it could be translated and published. It was proposed that the statement be finalised by 12pm (CEST), 13th April. Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

4.4 - Conference schedule - proposed by Jerry

A more detailed conference schedule had been drafted. Nicco confirmed the speaker for Friday (15.30-16.00 CEST at the European Parliament).

4.5 - Conference division of work/responsible persons - proposed by Jerry

The above document also notes who is responsible for running each item on the schedule and confirmation was needed that these people could do so. Duke volunteered to chair the Board election session (due to fewer potential conflicts of interest). Dichter (PPDe) agreed to chair the statutes discussions and Nicco the EP visit.

4.6 - Statutes TF-update - proposed by Jerry

Dichter informed the Coreteam that he should have the drafts ready by Tuesday evening and had worked with PPCz to include their proposals. The final versions will be distributed by 15th April.

4.7 - Remote conference participation - proposed by Duke

The conference will be streamed and there will be direct participation through IRC as part of that.[1] Delegates not present will be able to vote and propose motions in this way.

4.8 - Conference delegate list - proposed by Duke

It was noted that it would be helpful to have a list of delegates and a list of Pirate Parties showing how they are represented. This could be used in conjunction with what was discussed in 4.7 to ensure all parties have as much input as possible. A mailing list (conf-remote@?) could then be set up to point the remote delegates to how they can participate.


  1. - SteffenO passed on a request from PPDe that their "International flyer"[2] be published on the PPI website. When it is finished it will be forwarded to the Coreteam. It was proposed that it be added to the website. Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).
  2. - It was noted that an unofficial meeting had been arranged for Thursday (15/04) evening, before the conference and this should be announced where possible to delegates and participants.[3]
  3. - An issue had arisen with the PPI bank not being able to accept cash deposits. This created a problem as PPI expected to receive approximately €15,500 in cash from the EP. It was proposed that the PPBe system (The Black Pearl) be asked to look after and distribute these funds. Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

6. TO DO

  1. - An announcement will be published congratulating PPBg on its foundation. (Jay - immediately)
  2. - The conference rules and procedures will be finalised and released for the delegates. (Coreteam - 15/04/10)
  3. - The options for statutes will be distributed to the parties. (statutes-tf - 15/04/10)