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Pirate Manifesto Amendments Voting Rules

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According to what was agreed during First Draft's 3rd session:

  • each pirate party considered as an eligible voter will have one vote
  • to become an eligible voter, any pirate party had to become involved in the Pirate Manifesto's Stage One; to become involved, at least that party had to fill a briefing with its ideological categories and a summary of its stances in the corresponding page
    • only eligible voters will be allowed to vote the proposed amendments
  • will be up to each pirate party how to decide its vote for each amendment -to define an internal procedure to allow their members to discuss and decide about each amendment-.
  • supermajorities & quorums:
    • quorum: for each amendment to become approved, at least 80 % of eligible voters must cast their votes; being 11 eligible voters, at least 9 should cast their votes
    • supermajorities: for each amendment to become approved, at most two pirate parties should reject that amendment; having three or more pirate parties rejecting an amendment makes it become rejected
    • the combination of both requirements means that, being 11 eligible voters, at least 9 should vote, at least 7 should support an amendment and at most 2 should reject it to make it become approved