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Pirate Manifesto Sample Amendment

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List of arguments


In the list of arguments, the author of the amendments would explain the reasons for the amendment to be proposed. This will allow eligible voters to know why the amendment was proposed and why should them support it.

The author of the amendment can expose arguments supporting the amendment at will.


As this is not a real amendment, I'm not going to list arguments, but just show the structure of this section.


Pirate Manifesto's First Draft would be modified as follows:

  • 3rd paragraph of Preamble would have the following text:
    • To this end, we are establishing these Pirate Parties around the world, and state our common purpose in this our manifesto of action, so that society will not collapse as people grub for whatever they can grab now, without thought or care for the future.

                                                             Ulea, Spain, 2nd September 2008
                                                                Aiarakoa (Partido Pirata)

(NOTE): The responsible of the Amendments Central can introduce notes like these to warn about possible required modifications to fully observe Amendments' rules (NOTE): As Partido Pirata is going to allow its members to individually present amendments, the author have to sign with the party ID and the name of the party where he/she belongs; if other party is going to present amendments as a party, then only the name of the party would be required.