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--- 21/04/2014 21:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/press"

Minutes of the PPI press team meeting from 2014-01-11


  • Thomas Gaul (TG) (PPI)
  • Liam Dolman (LD) (PPUK)
  • Andy Halsall (AH) (PPUK) - (UK) 07505 111 705
  • Chemseddine Ben Jemaa (CBJ) (PPTN)
  • Gregory Engels (GE) (PPI) from 21:40
  • Uwe Stein, @Mitkrieger, (US) (Guest PPDE) from 21:30
  • Bastian (PPI)
  • Denis Simonet (PPI) (PP-CH)


Meeting opened at 21:10 CEST by Thomas
Meeting closed at 22:00 CEST by Thomas
Meeting chaired by all
Secretary for this meeting is all

Round of presentations:

The group discussed the aims of the PPI press team. After some discussion primarily between AH and TG the following were suggested:

Primary aim of the PPI Press Team (In order of priority)

1. The team would act to coordinate transnational efforst. This would allow for joint PPI/Member action.

2. The PPI press team would act as a center for coordination and pass inbound press contacts to the appropriate national parties or organisation.

3.The PPI Press team would be in a position to write press releases for the PPI as and when required.

4. The PPI press team would be able to deal with inbound press conacts for the PPI specificailly.

The group discussed what resources would be required to start to build a team that could achieve the aims outlined. Again, in order of priority:

1. PPI would need to collect all the contact details for national and sub-national press organistions within the PPI

2. The PPI would organise a monthly 'Press Officers meeting' - This would allow inter-party relationships and cooperation to happen betweennamed press contacts and allow for aims 1 and 2 to be met relatively quickly. It would also form a base of resources to help support PPI potentially meeting aims 3 and 4.

3. The PPI press team would work with PPI members press organisations to collect and redistribute press best practice for press releases. This would obviously vary from country to country, but would be a valuable resource for existing and new parties.

The above would begin the process of putting together a functional press coordination and support effort that should, if executed effectively allow parties and the PPI to more effectively communicate their messages and ideas via the traditional press.

PPI Press team would in the first instance ensure that a responsible person (or people) would prepare the following in advance of the meets and distribute them to the contacts recieved and/or identified:

  • Set dates and agendas
  • Maintain contact details

(Supervised by LD)

The following actions were agreed:

//ACTION AH to pass PPI Member press contacts that they gather.

//ACTION TG pass contacts to AH

//ACTION TG DS to identify who on PPI will lead

Next Meet 1st May. (Action Deadline).

3 - Press contacts

We welcome any contribution to press contacts.

CBJ : delivered emails for press contacts. Secured by the repsonsible people

4 - Exchange

Next Meeting: 01 May 2014, 21:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 22:00 CEST by ThomasG