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Press release on Frattinis Censorship

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This is a draft and not yet the opinion of european pirate parties.

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European Pirate Parties decline censorship in the fight against terrorism

PRESS RELEASE OF THE PIRATE PARTIES OF [list of countries participating]

EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini's resently released plans to enact censorship in the name of counter-terrorism. Using or searching for dangerous words like "bomb, kill, genocide and terrorism" would be filtered. Circumvention would be made punishable offenses. For many European nations this is would be the biggest change in laws regarding freedom of expression and freedom of information.

-As experience shows, Internet filtering, blocking and censoring is easily circumvented by those who so wish, says (somebody), chairman of the (some other PP). The filters Frattini warmly advocate will not have the intended effect. Instead, it's a tyrannic attempt to curtail useful knowledge from the general public on par with policies of China, Saudi Arabia and North Korea. So while ineffective as a measure, it's a strong deviation from the principles of the open society. The Pirate Parties of Europe strongly oppose this threat to freedom and democratic foundations.

A reaction across europe

Pirate Parties have formed in many nations across Europe over the past two years. Claiming to fight for civil rights online, they have gained support among the younger generation.

- The instructions that Frattini wishes civilians be barred from are lessons of basic chemistry, says Jens Seipenbusch, leader of Piratenpartei Deutschland. An average university student will have enough knowledge to make a bomb after the first semester, in some countries even earlier. As recent arrests in Germany have made clear, this appalling anti-terrorism frenzy does not only strike against people who are harmful but also students, researchers, and protesters. Is Frattini willing to sacrifice our well-earned democracy?

Commissioner Franttini has stated that the citizens' rights are fundamental, but in some cases they have to be weighed against each other. But the Pirate Parties are not satisfied.

- Either it is fundamental or it isn't! Błażej Kaczorowski, founder of Partia Piratów in Poland, is exasperated. You can not both have the cake and eat it! This is just orwellian doublespeak, this is you would have expected in the 80's. But we have democracy now, and we demand to be treated like citizens!

"The values of open society are our best weapon"

According to Europol statistics as of spring 2007, there was one confirmed islamist terrorist attack in Europe last year. With arrests at more than 200 islamist terrorist suspects in 2006 alone, the European police forces has proved to treat this seriously. But is this not just proof that the hard line is working?

- It is proof of something, but not that we need censorship, Leon Burg from Piratenpartij Nederland chims in. From this, we can hardly deduce that we would currently have too little efficiency. In the past, openly thinking about possible attacks has been proven as an efficient strategy to prevent - only the unthinkable can not be fought.

- Has not the recent success of German police forces to completely stop the recently uncovered bomb group proven that old fashioned police work is the best way? Jens Seipenbusch asks. He continues, the open society and its values of freedom and tolerance is our best weapon against violent groups. We disagree with the call for a stronger police state, and urge to keep in mind the low rates of crime, which are decreasing over the last decades. Instead we request refocusing on the values of freedom and equality and strengthened citizens' rights. The values of open society tore down the Berlin wall and united my country, to yield them now would be insane.

- The European Pirate Parties will not tolerate the destruction of European values dating back to the Enlightenment, for which generations have fought and bled, says Rick Falkvinge, leader of the Swedish Piratpartiet. We also urge the media and serious journalists to not be a part of the spin campaign. Terror is being constructed as the major threat of the 21st century, blinding us to the true problems. The current direction of the Commission requires us, as citizens of Europe, to stand up and raise our voice. We disagree with the decay of our law culture. We disagree with the dismantling of democracy. We disagree with the culture of fear getting precedence over the open society. And we urge as many as possible to join their voices in this dissent.

- Finally, we demand that politicians stop associating terrorism with bombs and attacks, says Andrew Norton, spokesperson for the Pirate Party of the US. Such actions are a means to an end, they are not the end itself. The point of terrorism isn't to explode bombs, it's to create fear, undermine public confidence and narrow the way of life for the ordinary citizen. Plans such as the commissioner's are not preventing terrorism, they are helping terrorists to achieve their real objectives.

Whether they will succeed or not remains to be seen, but there is no mistaking the enthusiasm and fervor of this young and rapidly growing political movement.

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Signing Pirate Parties

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About the Pirate Parties

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