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File.svg This article is outdated and is kept here for the reasons of archiving.

Our Roadmap to 2009 as produced on the International Conference 2007 in Vienna.

Goal 2009: 19 by 5

Our declared aim is to gather 19 seats from 5 nations in the european parliament. These enables us forming a european party within the parliament.

Timeline & specific goals

These are the main goals developed in each of the three workshops on the Vienna conference. Click on the workshop's title itself to see more detailed results.

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Structure and Organization Members and Ambassadors Outreach and Campaigns
Winter 2007/2008
  • Identify target audiences
  • Identify topics
  • Find key ambassadors
  • Find NGO partners

Summer 2008

  • Collect material
  • Setup communication (???)
  • Train more ambassadors

Winter 2008/2009

  • emergency responses
(if any kind of organization is built here, it is built too late)
  • Feed content to web and physical material
  • Get members
  • create media for the international election campaign (the hot phase)
Brussel, Summer 2009: Enter the European parliament