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Structure and Organization

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Aims developed by the structure and Organization Workgroup of the Vienna International Pirate Congress. For the main goals and a timeline see Roadmap.


4 real life meetings

  1. Summer 07: Vienna
  2. Winter 07: Berlin
  3. Summer 08: Uppsala
  4. Winter 08: St. Petersburg

Inbetween each meeting one virtual meeting (at least voip, better with video) should take place for a weekend. The first one will be around September 07. For this a working VoIP infrastructure is neccessary.

international workgroups

  • international IT Working Group
  • media workgroup
  • legal team (especial 'til Berlin meeting)

share our IT

  • establish an international IT Working Group
    • avoid reinventing the sail twice
    • develop parts for the pirateweb-application
  • get redundancy of data & servers to protect against legal attacks and technical failures

applications to be build / deployed

  • the PirateWeb
    • is a social system
    • have a lot of statistics
    • wide publicity of decisions and interna; privacy for member data
    • geography tree for all institutions
      • maintained over entire EU
      • Map2.0 features (?)
      • support several kinds of organizations (e.g. treelike hierarchy and else)
    • Single sign-on solution (OpenID?)
  • Media Server
    • share media of actions
  • Mailinglists
  • VoIP network

build a European pirate website

The Website should be running until the Berlin Meeting Winter '07.

  • Rick has registered a domain already
  • allow people to register for
    1. beeing contacted once there is a party in their country
    2. beeing a volunteer in creating such a party
  • how-to-set-up-a-pirate-party guide
  • Map2.0 features (in combination with pirateweb)