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Corrections and clarifications

Just letting you know (I'm not touching this directly) that there's a bunch of typos in here, and I have an alternate fix here:

1. Defend the freedoms of expression, communication, education; respect the privacy of citizens and the civil rights in general.

2. Defend the free flow of ideas, knowledge and culture.

3. Support politically the reform of absoletes copyrights and patents laws. THIS PARAGRAPH DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

4. Have a commitment to work collaboratively, and participate with maximum transparency,

5. Do not accept or espouse discrimination of race, origin, beliefs and gender.

6. Do not support actions that involve violence.

7. Use free software and open protocols whenever possible.

8. Politically defend a open, participative and collaborative construction of any public policy.

9. Promote solidarity with other pirates.

10. Share whenever possible.

--Zblewski 01:48, 18 May 2010 (CEST)

Categorize the principles, please

I think the principles could be divided into two or three main categories:

  • Principles for Pirate Parties around the world. This should be a base for their political work.
  • Working principles for PPI as an organization. They should help and guide PPI in its support of the different pirate parties around the world, in order to make all pirate parties more effective
  • Principles for the political work of PPI itself, if PPI should have its own political voice (which I don't know at the time of writing).

I'm new to PPI, and don't really know about its charter, but since so many of the pirate interests are about law, and are becoming more international for each month, it's of utmost importance that all pirates work together as a strong world force, to counter act the evil other side. I hope that's the goal of PPI. --HelgeStenstrom 19:36, 10 October 2010 (CEST)

Int Task Force

There is an international Task Force for drafting the Statutes and the Principles of the PPI runing
right now at - please join there --Dichter