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Keep in mind that this pages is blood fresh (created 07-06-22) and the group formation process takes place now.

Aim of this page

This is a concentraton point for all international workgroups.

  1. Interested people should find here information how to join the group
  2. Groups should
    1. have at least one responsible, easy contactible person
    2. introduce theirselves (aims, results, participants, how-to-join)
    3. publish their results on a monthly report base
    4. publish an up-to-date summary of all their acitivities, if possible with evaluation of great successes and failures

How to start a group

If you want to create a group, simply add it here and convince pirates to join it. Please keep in mind that empty and inactive groups aid only in creating chaos. Although small tasks do not require groups but instead simply people doing them.

If you need more communication tools (mailinglists, forum, webspace, ...) ask for it on the Mailinglist.

List of Groups

and their tasks

Legal Team

it is not only about laws, no need to be a lawyer to join!
  • determine all legal details of forming a European pirate party
  • do the election math for the EP 2009 election
  • find out how to form an international body of law
  • find out the best way to vote within the international pirate community (election modus)

IPIT - Internaional Pirate IT Working Group

  • create the European website
  • deploy and enhance the pirateweb (member admin & communication tool)
  • establish a redundant IT infrastructur to aid pirates in distress (e.g. server raids, slashdotting, legal problems)
  • build a media server
  • build the sms distribution system for the Fireextinguishers