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Telco How-To

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PPI is using the Room 8000#

Please turn off your microphone if you join by pressing *1 on your keypad.

  1. *4444448 turn down the own speaker
  2. *6666668 turn up the own speaker
  3. *7777778 turn down the own microphone
  4. *9999998 turn up the own microphone


Dial-in numbers

  • PSTN Germany +49 69 175 36 743 (Sipgate)
  • PSTN Switzerland: +41 31 5110514 (PhoneStar*)
  • PSTN Austria: +43 720 512348 (Sipcall)
  • PSTN Luxembourg: +352 203 330 004 638 (MIXvoip)
  • PSTN USA: +1 253-753-1915 (IPKall)


or you can use SipBroker dial in numbers: after a prompt dial *9846-501 (or instead of 501 for english any other language out of the list above)

Skype Gateway

Call bgopen (Bulgarian SIP Provider - You will hear something in Bulgarian, dial *9846-501 and wait - then follow the voice prompts.

Here is the instruction how to dial in the dial-tones with skype, once you have connected.
attention: this free skype gateway is known to tend to terminate calls after 10 to 15 minutes, so you need to re-dial frequently