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The farmers illegally stored fireworks explosion 3 dead one

's home exploded,アバクロ, resulting in the villagers three deaths and one injury,hollister. According to Luancheng Propaganda Department, after a preliminary investigation,Found hanged man suspected to kill his wife and children _ News, the crash that farmers illegally stored fireworks caused. 16 am yesterday,ジョーダン, reporters rushed to the East village cattle,グッチ, the air is still filled with soot and odor after firecracker explosion. Many villagers in the windows of the village has been shattered, broken glass everywhere visible,Students late for class teacher with knee injuries pants _ n. The scene in the south of the village. Reporters standing from the scene of the explosion to the roof of the 20 meters of a farmers saw peasant households explosion five three overall collapsed forward, the remaining two rooms crumbling brick house, a messy scene. Around the neighbor's housing collapse of four or five rooms, there are 78 houses of varying degrees of cracking,ナイキ ジョーダン. "I was sitting on the sofa, and suddenly heard a loud noise, then the glass on the windows like rain 'Para Para' fell off." An uncle said. Talked about the explosion just happened in the village, many villagers still haunt An aunt, 13 o'clock, she had just finished eating clean up the house, heard the sound of ran out of the house and saw the south emergence of a large group of black smoke,グッチ. Reporter to follow one of the villagers came to his home,The hotel launched 100,000 yuan table Christmas dinner do no,バーバリー 財布, where from the explosion occurred 10 meters,ナイキ ジョーダン, no one is a complete glass door shock,グッチ 財布. According to Luancheng Propaganda Department, after a preliminary investigation, the accident department farmers illegally stored fireworks caused has resulted in three deaths and one injury. After the accident, the county authorities to clean up the scene to rescue possible survivors. The East village cattle in the county of the day 16:00, held an emergency on-site meetings, the illegal storage of fireworks again LaWangShi. The the Liu Lin Tunxiang government of damaged households windows door-issued plastic sheets to the wind and cold,hollister uk, and the next day to replace the glass, and make the work of damaged households explanation.</p>

Bus company missing tile alternative safety hammer anti Ne

's safety tiles,グッチ 財布. The bricks about 20 cm long,air ジョーダン, 12 cm wide and 5 cm thick, and weighs about 1.5 pounds, is actually a cement brick building painted yellow paint,The black bus overturned 40 passengers injured run driver (F. Original safety hammer repeatedly passengers "pilfering", according to the driver,バーバリー, the desperation,ジョーダン, the company "security brick alternative security Hammer, passengers please direct" Paizhuan "broken window in the case of an emergency. Has introduced more than 30 lines. The person in charge of the Wuhan Public Transport Group introduced to absorb the lessons of the Chengdu bus burning incidents in June last year, Wuhan bus department spent more than 50 million,abercrombie, after another fitted with safety hammer for 3600 sets of air-conditioned buses, but lost serious , has lost more than 15,000 of the,ナイキ ジョーダン. "Padded to spend three or four thousand dollars a month, and to keep to complement Bus Group is a big headache." After the technical research,8-year-old twin brothers to save a drowning puppy drowning (Figure) _ new,グッチ 財布, public transportation group decided to water mud brick instead of a hammer. The cement brick inexpensive, can play the role of the safety hammer almost do not have to worry about losing. Proved, has not lost a Configuration Security bricks "of 33 bus lines in January,hollister uk. At the same time, compared to 13.5 yuan a safety hammer,Shandong, more than 20 million not included in the security management far more, "Safety Bricks" material plus installation only 1.5 yuan each, the cost is greatly reduced,air jordan. The official stressed, hammer purely brick-generation bus branch quite upset, if not lost too much, too much economic loss, enterprises will not be an unwise move. As to whether it will be promoted in the city's bus range,ナイキ ジョーダン, remains to be seen. (End)

British murderer with a shoelace to open the prison door loc

Daily Mail" reported that the 30-year-old Stevenson on October 2 last year, was brought back to his cell to appear for trial he shoelaces opened the prison door spring lock bolt,hollister,The gangs in residential walls holes stole baby girl continued had trafficked bi. Fearing prison guards heard the sound, he does not immediately flee. In order to make people believe that he still obediently stay in jail,ナイキ ジョーダン,ZhengChuJi bare officials misappropriated 580 million of pub, Stevenson deliberately called the prison guards that want to see a lawyer,hollister. The prison guards just a walk away,グッチ バッグ, he would repeat the trick again escaped with shoelaces unlock. A few minutes later,ジョーダン, Stevenson climbed the prison barbed wire fence,ヴィトン. Unexpectedly, a construction worker saw Stevenson, raised the alarm,air ジョーダン. But the murderer before being escorted to the toilet, they secretly write down a wooden door leading to the yard position, so he went straight red door open in the past,hollister outlet,Guy Lu Yu armed with knives robbed a strip to escape _ News _ Sina, successful jailbreak. At large during Stevenson also tried to rob a jewelry store,abercrombie, but did not succeed. Due to fear of being arrested, even police shot and killed him after deliberation, fled after 16 days or helpless, surrendered in a circle back to prison, the last was also court and sentenced to two years in prison,ルイヴィトン. (China Daily feed)

Only 11 of the 72 farm false material or cheat to obtain low

second quarter, the farms and 67 on the basis of increased reporting 5. Verified by the local government sector in the second quarter increased 5 declared there is no one to meet the minimal needs reporting conditions, while guaranteeing that the 67 approved in the first quarter, only 11 meet the minimal needs conditions, many applicants households Some of fixed income at home, some still farm cadres families. In response, the person in charge of the farm, said in an interview with reporters, the reason why so many people who do not meet the conditions also apply the minimal, because the income of farm workers is relatively low, life is more difficult,hollister, but also the list of reported after the local town government confirmation. Yesterday, the local town government is responsible for an interview with reporters,The Philippines boy fishing expeditions drifting 3 days later rescued _ news, said that despite these applications households surrender, but Prior to the first quarter of 56 paid guaranteeing payment of nearly 4 million and already unable to recover. Reporter Su Zhongwen / some workers farms false material cheat to obtain the low gold recently, there have been members of the public to the Haikou Municipal Government Services hotline "12345" reflect, Haikou rushed the sloping ridge tropical crop field workers, farm this year false Poor Families application materials before the second quarter of this year reported a total of 72, of which there are 61 fraud, fraud personnel, more than 20 households cadres families. Report person,ヴィトン, investigation and verification by the local government departments, and 72 low households reporting two quarters,グッチ 財布, only 11 meet the minimal needs conditions. 61 processing does not comply with guaranteeing that the implementation of the conditions of repaying. The first quarter of 56, however, does not meet the minimal needs conditions guaranteeing payment already receiving personnel, but nothing ever will I. D guaranteeing payment to be refunded. Hoped that relevant departments involved in the investigation into the matter in a timely manner. The local government received a report yesterday afternoon, the Hainan Special Zone Daily reporter came to Haikou Meilan District approximately Pozhen town government understand the situation, the town government District Assistant Mr. Fu received the reporters set out to investigate immediately,hollister outlet. Mr. Fu told reporters that civil affairs department staff Slope Ridge the tropical crop field some workers reflect the organization of the town, specifically to go in-depth investigation and processing. After investigation: Slope Ridge tropical crop field in the first quarter of 2009 to declare a total of 67 low households, all approved, and have issued guaranteeing payment. Guaranteeing that the number of households for the second quarter of 2009,ナイキ ジョーダン, reporting 72. Investigation and verification by the Town, the civil affairs department, only 11 eligible to apply for the guaranteeing conditions do not meet the 61 conditions,48-year-old woman 29 years of super-production of 11 children (Figure). The case for investigation learned that the town has to make timely treatment, guaranteeing payment to suspend payment of the second quarter, rushed the sloping ridge tropical crop field, until the investigation is to verify after issuance; rushed the sloping ridge tropical crop field are also required for the second 72 quarter reporting application guaranteeing that families re-publicity, and accept supervision by the masses. Tel farm argument list after confirmation with the town to discuss reported yesterday,グッチ バッグ, reflect the problems of the workers,ジョーダン, the reporter civil affairs assistant based on approximate Pozhen town government breaks Mr. Lu Shuji with of Haikou punch the sloping ridge tropical crop field made contact. Lu Shuji told reporters that their audience more than 800 people,ルイヴィトン, most workers are more difficult life. Field is from the actual situation to consider,hollister, according to the difficulties of the workers, and gradually reported up the list to apply for subsistence allowances. The second quarter of this year, the field total to roughly Pozhen Government submitted a 72 the subsistence allowances username single, an increase in the number of the first quarter, because the lives of these people is very difficult indeed. So, the reported application list is how baked Lu Shuji said, these lists are hot for field agree on together with roughly Pozhen of reported confirmed before. The issuance of guaranteeing payment to take territorial management, the list of reported first after the town over the hurdle, the court quoted the list After roughly Pozhen agree. Now that so many people do not comply with the provisions, it came back not reporting. Guaranteeing that the application materials problematic examination revealed "In fact, in order to apply for subsistence allowances, not only to comply with the relevant conditions to go through a very stringent approval process, in order to get through." Yesterday, the Haikou Meilan District the roughly Pozhen town Government District Assistant Mr. Fu told reporters, in accordance with the relevant provisions apply for subsistence allowances to meet the following basic conditions,s Congress in front of the building official said not affect, the First family labor,アバクロ, serious illness or severe disability; followed no children, only one daughter, but has been married, lives can not self-care personnel; There are also some life particularly difficult for the staff. Mr. Fu told reporters Slope Ridge tropical crop field from the investigation of the situation, reported over the minimal needs application materials problems, mainly in the following aspects: First, many fixed income is also applied for; second comeback families applying for; Third, the government fixed wages also apply; Fourth, the ability to work to apply; Fifth, other income also apply. Town government issued nearly 40,000 yuan guaranteeing payment to the inability to recover Mr. Fu told reporters, to request a review of the approval process in accordance with the urban and rural low Haikou City, issuing subsistence allowances to go through at least four steps: first, difficult object I submit a written application; Second, the village (neighborhood) committees to investigate council; town (Street) a preliminary review of the submitted materials; the fourth District Civil Affairs Bureau, guaranteeing that the materials submitted for approval. Since such strict rules and processes, why is there still so many households defrauding guaranteeing that the phenomenon In this regard, Mr. Fu said quite helpless First, farm belonging to the town leadership from administrative town just business guidance. Secondly, the town due to the limitation of funds and manpower, are unable to list of farms reported verified, but in workers constantly Report, the town is still very important, specially sent down an a detailed investigation. "Although these applications households have been surrender, but the first quarter of 56 does not meet the minimal needs conditions receive nearly 40,000 yuan guaranteeing payment already could not be recovered because the money are the banks on behalf of hair down. "Mr Foo said reluctantly, after these things occur, the town in the future be reported lo-fi application materials to strict scrutiny, to avoid similar problems.

The man throwing dog video lead users gave himself up anger

​​throw to the bridge,ナイキ ジョーダン. Also taken by camera phone the whole process, causing bystanders screamed,abercrombie. Puppy miraculously survived,air ジョーダン,Mother whose son outside to borrow money from being abducted _ News _ new, but multiple fractures and there is a lot of internal injuries,hollister, was taken to hospital for treatment. The netizens by searching puppy is the second largest city in Lithuania Kaunas thrown bridge,グッチ 財布. The angry netizens of Lithuania and the whole world the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals persons together to search,グッチ バッグ, finally ferret out behind Savoie Una This Newcomen, and his true identity, email address and Facebook profile public,ヴィトン. Accepted the case shortly after the local police, notification thank the users 15,The middle-aged man suddenly vomiting blood on the streets c,ルイヴィトン help find out who committed,hollister. According to the letter,ヴィトン 財布, this the Newcomen will be to prosecute the crime of cruelty to animals,Driving school driving school students killed in road test when the disease was.

The driver deliberately make trouble driving Lianzhuang 23 s

Fengning county seat theater Street South, knocked down consecutive 23 students, according to Xinhua News Agency, 24 at 12:00 am,hollister outlet, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, a man driving a car in which 13 people were hospitalized,abercrombie. The perpetrators have been the public security authorities on suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means criminal detention and prosecutors approved the arrest on the 25th,hollister. The investigation, driving men Yan Tiejun Department Feng Ning Fengshan Town in 1964,air ジョーダン, was born now living the Fengning large homes Court town Tianhong, divorced, no fixed occupation. The first instance verdict daughter Yan Xiaoxue the murder trial, because,Found after woman watching the police case microblogging che,ジョーダン, according to the public security organs (the four defendants were sentenced to death and prison terms ranging from imprisonment) appeals, to generate look for an opportunity to make trouble idea. Noon of the 24th,Spoiled rich kid driving killed four people the police said,hollister, Yan Tiejun drive to near Fengning a door,air jordan, to see students from school, the student and the vehicle crashed into a walk along the theater Street South,99-year-old the day after surgery that ambulation _ News,ヴィトン, from west to east. Subsequently,ナイキ ジョーダン, Yan Tiejun driving reaching the county Main Street intersection Xinfeng flameout, lit on the passenger seat of a bottle of gasoline combustion caused by vehicles, the police quickly rushed to the Yin control,グッチ バッグ, and put the fire out. Relevant circumstances of the case is still under further investigation trial. (Original title: Fengning: Crazy drivers Lianzhuang to the 23 students)

Kunming pupils prostitution case to trial News

Oriental Night News from June 8 this year,air jordan, Liu Shihua arrested for the crime of harboring prostitution under the branch of the Kunming Public Security Bureau in criminal detention, so far just a full 5 months,hollister outlet. September 3,ヴィトン 財布, after the conclusion of the investigation of the public security organs, the case was transferred to Wuhua Procuratorate for examination and prosecution. September 14 procuratorial organs case back to the public security organ for supplementary investigation. October 13 Wuhua Procuratorate formally to the court for prosecution. Despite before, in this case has been concern that Liu Shihua,ルイヴィトン, the case of the first defendant, however, is not the Liu Shihua, but his "wife", was released on bail Zhang Anfen. Zhang Anfen involving a total of two counts - harboring prostitution, PROSTITUTION,hollister outlet, Liu Shihua only suspected of an offense - the offense of harboring prostitution,abercrombie. For harboring prostitution crimes charges, the prosecution believes that: in September 2008, of Zhang Anfen and Liu Shihua collusion,s car flopping their finger extortion drivers _ News _ new, daughter Liu Shihua Liu XX engaged in prostitution. After Liu Shihua daughter Liu XX agree, Zhang Anfen and Liu Shihua from September 2008 to March 2009, has different places in,air ジョーダン, Wuhua WANGJIAQIAO Village rental 4 rental housing, shelter or Liu Shihua daughter Liu XX engaged prostitution,グッチ 財布. Zhang Anfen reason why a count, because "Zhangan Fen Liu Shihua daughter Liu XX prostitution. Accordingly, the prosecution believes that Zhang Anfen Total constitute harboring prostitution, two counts of prostitution. Of course, in addition to the offense-related reasons,abercrombie, Liu Shihua row in behind one reason: June 7, 2009, Liu Shihua in their offense has not been the judiciary found in the public security organs to find his investigation to understand the process and take the initiative to explain its harboring prostitution The facts of the crime, shall be regarded as surrendered. As a result,abercrombie shop, in the "indictment" of the procuratorial organs,More than 10 man wearing a trench coat, holding a long knife, Zhang Anfen became the first defendant. According to the investigation: April 1997 Liu Shihua found guilty of theft, robbery Bijie City, Guizhou Province, the court sentenced to 9 years, until February 2004 commutation release. According to the provisions of the law, Liu Shihua was sentenced after completion of the penalty offense shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or more severe punishment in five years, belongs to a recidivist, should be severely punished. As for the defense lawyers will do Liu Shihua innocence defense or Zuiqing the defense,The female wine ADS seduce thousands of people involved in t, is not yet known. The truth of this incident in the end how True or false Look forward to the court hearing to uncover the events mystery.

Man robbed at gunpoint ATM front deposits of Women (Figure)

'clock on the night of December 9, the police with Nantong, suspects Wie was successfully captured, this time from the incident just over 28 hours. Women's evening buffet to save money robbed 7:53 on the evening of December 8,abercrombie, the places city of Suqian City Public Security Bureau happiness Road police station duty phone rang breath ringtone: a female public just in self-service bank deposits armed robbery. On-site in the northeast corner of the urban of Happiness North Road and the Bayi Road at the intersection of the self-service banking, police rushed there and saw a 20-year-old woman wore a white dress, next to a man. To see the police to a white woman suddenly began to cry. Under the persuasion of the police, the white woman described to the police she was scared of the scene. A few minutes ago, the woman came to the self-service banking with more than 10,000 yuan in cash, ready to put money in the bank card. At the time of her operation, came a man walked behind her, the woman was about to shout, he suddenly opened to carry a black plastic bag,oakley, revealing a dark gun, the man she said fiercely: "The money to me, or to kill you!" woman about to be scared senseless. Just then, a man to get down, but the woman did not daring to move. The who man withdraw money,abercrombie france, the thugs with guns stood the woman behind, very calm, gives the impression that the two of them together to get money. Subsequently, the gunman white woman have not had time to save good money all away, quickly disappeared in the darkness. When the armed men went to the buffet in front of banks, another male citizens just push the door in. The men see white woman crouched there, in tears, quickly stepped forward to ask how is it. Learned that the woman suffered robbery, the male public immediately rushed out of the bank to find criminals, but this time the criminals were gone. The male citizens immediately took out his mobile, robbed woman quickly called the police,The men beg wages failed to cut the boss and young children. Police analysis should be for people who commit crimes just after 19:00, the gangsters would dare to armed robbery, visible arrogance thugs. The task force fighting the night, first extracted from the surveillance video of the self-service banking and near the road. In the bank's surveillance video,abercrombie, police saw that, throughout the course of a robbery and the white woman said exactly, the gangsters extremely calm throughout the process of committing the crime, should be a recidivist. So surprised by the police,グッチ 財布, the robbery of self-service banking and happiness Road police station distance of only 200 meters. The white woman said the robber robbery say is very standard Mandarin. All the signs so that the task force concluded that the criminals are not locals, should be one from the field fled guilty,hollister. Retrieval of the video,abercrombie, the police quickly mastered the facial features of the criminals. The assistance of the relevant departments, the panel through a survey of urban bayonet, high-speed intersection preliminary determination gangsters night fled Huaian. Was arrested simply did not have time to reaction in Huaian police assistance, the panel quickly identify the evening of 8, the criminals committing the crime in Suqian night fled Huaian, 6 o'clock next morning, and from Huai'an car fled to Nantong. Thus, the task force police immediately tracked Nantong. Nantong police assistance, the police task force to determine the criminals live in Nantong railway station next to a hotel. Taking into account the criminals have guns, the task force and the Nantong police studied the details of the arrest. Clock at 0:00 on the 9th, the room listening to the criminals no movement,abercrombie shop, the police suddenly broke down the door of the criminals, the criminals have not had time to resist is firmly on the bed, then wear handcuffs. In the bed of a bag, the police search to a ball guns, there are a dozen centimeters long dagger, and a lot of cash. In After Tushen, the suspects confessed to the facts of the crime, a white woman holding a "gun" in Suqian buffet bank robbery. On the afternoon of December 10, the suspect was escorted back to Suqian. He claimed to cure his daughter before robbery morning of the 12th, the reporter saw the daring held "gun" robber in the interrogation room. According to this suspect's own account,5-year-old boy has been CMB the RCC 10 minutes coming three, he is the Henan Puyang person, surnamed Wei, just 25 years old this year. Wie account, this is his first time committing the crime. His gun in April this year in Weihai, Shandong spend 120 dollars to buy, sell guns that can play two or three meters away, I want to buy a home Uchitori later found only play five or six meters , but not willing to throw. "Wie said that he is married, has two children, the youngest daughter born lame, borrowed from relatives and friends in order to treat the child has tens of thousands. "This time out I was going to work the coal mine, out of the gun also brought in the body, and later bought a dagger in Puyang city's stall was bought to play until 6 The day before they think of it can find a opportunity Qiangdian money. "Wie came out from his home on December 5, the evening of the 6th to Xuzhou, Xuzhou turn a day later did not find the opportunity to start in the 7th,アバクロ. 8 in the morning the car came Suqian. Came to the intersection of the happiness of North Road and Bayi the night, just to see the Miss Bai Yi to buffet the bank to save money, see Miss Bai Yi wearing beautiful, fashionable, Wie felt finally found the opportunity to go along with the implementation of robbery . Grab after, I was very scared, but I really did not expect it so soon be caught! "" I am particularly sorry especially afraid, I was caught, after my daughter's illness depend on who is bitter money rule! Police advise to avoid single high incidence of bank deposit for the end of the year the end of the year the cases, police specifically to remind the general public, deposits or withdrawals can be selected in many people during the day time, try not to some remote buffet in the evening Bank Teller. Access to large amounts of cash, it is best to let a family member or friend to accompany go together, especially women, avoid single go. Do not go near the door of the business hall inventory money, mounted paragraph bag on a bicycle the basket or motorcycle after box, not in public places exposed money. In the process of access to money, as well as when walking on the road, must be careful to pay attention to the behind and the surrounding whether the suspected persons,hollister, should take timely remedial measures once suffered criminals infringement. First, shouted for help,Man is not flying out tickets to play Kart car injured Playground compensation, keep in mind the characteristics of the lawless elements as much as possible at the same time provide the clues to solve the case. The correspondent Wang Jian large silent newspaper reporter peak

Tianjin horse store two factories is forced down by the town

's arable land,Net posts, said the village secretary car Lianzhuang the num, 4,000 acres of farmland have been forcibly recruited. All this stems from a corporate leadership are inextricably associated with the horse store town - Chaonan Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd.. The two factories were forced down in 1996 after being laid off, Han Baolin, in the face of the future life into an infinite confused, he's still a small child,air jordan, the wife has no formal job. Discuss and relatives and friends, he decided to set up a pickle factory, pickles, raw materials purchased from the surrounding rural, on the one hand to help farmers solve high yield problems, but also find a way out for themselves and in the vicinity of the laid-off workers. On April 15 of that year, Han Baolin and horse home Dianxiang government signed 15 acres of land contract agreements,ナイキ ジョーダン, 1.8 million investment to build a pickle factory,air ジョーダン. Began in those years, our business is very good, and are sold abroad. "Han Baolin introduce looked at the pickle factory good business to invest more than 180 million in 1999 and set up a brick factory, to absorb a lot of laid-off workers . The two plants become a prominent building at the time, he also became a well-known figure in the local. However, the spread of the outbreak of the financial crisis in Southeast Asia after 2001, the yen started to depreciate, Han Baolin production of pickles difficult sell in Japan in 2002, gradually stop the export. So until 2006. This year, Han Baolin,グッチ バッグ, troubled. February 2006, Han Baolin hear the village, saying the town government to requisition a brick factory, the town government, then people will discuss it with him to his relocation. Contracting agreement in 2008 are not due until half channel relocation nor to compensate, and non-moving non-attitude,hollister. "Han Baolin recalled, the relocation he gave a very short time, taking into account a great loss, refused ,abercrombie shop. But I did not expect to March 28, 2006, "to a group of people, also driving a bulldozer and forcibly pulled down my brickyard." The brickyard was pushed, Han Baolin dissatisfied, looking for the town government to seek explanation. At this time, the people of the town government to tell him that the town government to expropriate land is 127 acres, the light the brickyard is not enough, also involved in the pickle plant site. Han Baolin shivering, home and family to discuss the contract land want about to pay expenses are paid, not to leave the other empty, because this land acquisition without any red tape, are verbally discuss. Han Baolin introduced his numerous experiences of finding the town leaders to pay fees, but the payee not hide out, that is not in a hurry to say a few days to reject bit town leaders privately told him "was to prevent the closing. July 17, 2006, the town government issued a penalty notice to the Han Baolin, said Han Baolin fails to pay the cost of the contract land, so the the horse store villagers Commission to recover the land contracted and Han Baolin compensation of $ 100,000 economic losses, deadline in 3 days to move out of the preserved plants, otherwise foreclosed to the venue of the buildings and fixed plant. "This is so angry." Han Baolin worried pickle factory went brickyard footsteps, and hurried to report, on July 19, 2006, the public security organs in this "intentional breach of contract events" '. However, four days after the 23 days and nights, the pickle factory ultimately failed to keep, collapsed in a burst of thunder sound, finished and semi-finished products are buried in the inside. Contrary to the procedures for land acquisition Han Baolin wife, 23 at night, she get up in the night to urinate outside the gate of automotive lighting. "My heart began to flounder, it is surely to push my pickle factory, they hastened to call my wife." "I go out, pressed, his wife tied bulldozer did not take long to put pickle factory pulled down after the back to make me tear down the housing, my wife cried and pray before leaving it crippled half. "Han Baolin, pointing to the collapsed half said housing. Han Baolin "intentional breach of contract cases, the Court made in the November 20, 2006, the first instance verdict, to support the Han Baolin continue to fulfill their lease agreement. However, the pickle factory has been torn down to 4 months. The first instance verdict against horse shop committee, then the appeal. After that, the court once again made the judgment to continue to fulfill the agreement. The pickle factory does not exist, but the lease agreement is still in force. That, and overthrew the pickle factory is illegal. February 2008, Baodi District Court judgment, finds horse store village director Zhang erected, horse store village party branch secretary Chen Wen, the name of the village, which is committed to the organization staff use of mechanical equipment, illegal destruction of the victim marinated factory plant, hospital walls, houses and other buildings, willful damage to public and private financial, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional damage to property. But in view of the the two actively compensate the victims of economic loss, the discretion given a lighter punishment, sentenced to three slow five. However, until now, Han Baolin brick factory damage assessment continues, now four assessments, the loss of 25 million, the remaining two items is estimated at over 200 million. "Han Baolin wife said. "I an not illegal operation, two leases did not expire, so how can tear down two factories " Han Baolin finger gestures, blushing. Han Baolin said, the fact the land acquisition is not the town government, but the tide south of the town of Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Chaonan company). In this incident, the village party secretary Chen Wen, the village director Zhang erected are scapegoats. "Zhang erected in the village, said that although he is not a village director, but he was out to eat, bathing, singing, and other expenses still can go to the town government reimbursement. Infer the relationship between them is absolutely not general." Han Baolin introduced At that time, the influx of Southern Company intends covers an area of ​​1 million mu, building industrial park,ジョーダン, after actually accounted for 7,000 acres. According to the peasants, in Chaonan land acquisition, Carl, they very resentment. "It was our ground young crops, the results Chaonan said land acquisition,oakley, drove the forklift, the young crops are buried." Farmers Yangshu Tian introduced in 4000 acres of the 7000 acres of land go Chaonan levy basic farmland. Farmers Wang Hanming home (sound) 7 acres of land has also been enlisted to go, looked green young crops injection "Paraquat", he and his wife cry on each other. Subsequently, after the assessment to his compensation is 2740 yuan. According to Wang Hanming said Price Bureau who told him to assess the correct price should be 12,000 yuan, 2,740 yuan crop compensation to cattle feed. In July 2008, the farmers' greenhouses planted again Chaonan levy go. "An acre of land twenty thousand, do not sell and have to sell." Yang Shutian blankly introduction sell farmers how life, not to sell, did not allow,abercrombie france, can only work to make ends meet. And he informed several Chaonan did not to pick up the five acres of land compensation. As for the the farmers large area of ​​cultivated land requisition, informed sources: the Chaonan company skipped the functions of local government departments, they come forward and farmers signed a land acquisition agreement, and afterwards to re-submit the land acquisition procedures. Chaonan behind in the eyes of the farmers, so that they lose their farmland Chaonan. Powerful, make them silent in the face of this Chaonan background. According to information provided by the Trade and Industry Bureau registration Chaonan was established in June 2002, the registered capital of 300 million, the legal representative is Zhang celebrate, then deputy mayor. That same year the horse home Dianxiang changed Ma Dianzhen. Legal Representative has changed ZHOU De Water, the incumbent mayor. The company's capital structure is, Wang (the original horse home Dianxiang leadership) invested 100 million, accounting for 33,abercrombie.33% of the proportion of capital contribution, Li Chuan Kay 700,000, accounting for 23.33%, ZHOU De Water invested 1.3 million, accounting for 43.33%. The company operating the project for the textile and apparel manufacturing business covering tourism products, wood products, clothing, shoes, hats, owned plant leasing, general cargo transport, electronic products, building materials. "Co-founded the town, but the Li Chuan Following is chairman of the board, he led the company's operating." Han Baolin Then come up with Li Chuan Following card. The business card display, Li Chuan Following Chaonan chairman, the horse home Dianzhen party secretary, director of the tide Southern Industrial Zone. Registration information Chaonan not the real estate business or is engaged in land development and qualification. The farmers who took out a thick stack of Chaonan land acquisition agreement confirmed that the influx of Southern Company is engaged in the land business. Moreover, compensation for land acquisition in three years after the benefit of farmers. In other words, the tide south do not spend a penny, just signed a land acquisition agreement and farmers on the land into their own development land originally belonged to farmers. Farmers Liu Zhenhai's fields in the August 3, 2006, levy go, the price per acre of two million, a total of 73,520 yuan compensation. However, this transfer fee in the three years after July 1, 2009 in order to get. During this period, the tide south bank loan interest rate of 5.58%, each year will give the land acquisition and human interest, until July 1, 2009, the Company Chaonan interest and principal land acquisition with the back to the farmer,_ New woman was unfamiliar male trailing hijacked revolt bac. See the Chaonan this way they operate, in loans to the farmers, "not to mention the loan, we simply do not want to sell the land, but not to sell does not work. Yang Shutian introduced Chaonan gradually resale levy land go , there is a 200,000 price per acre sold to a real estate developer in Beijing. Reporters on the ground saw, some of the land is barren. "7,000 acres of land, is impossible to sell, and some fields they high-priced subcontracted out, so subcontract grows something." Han Baolin said. Han Baolin seems Chaonan reason for this bold, because the chairman of the town party secretary powers in backing. "At that time, when to demolitions my pickle factory, and other demolitions people to go, I was seven telephone alarm, Ma Jia Zhen police station, not the police. Tianjin authorities check down the police station said that because the door is broken can not get out." No single Han Baolin, pointing to print from a mobile company said angrily. According to Han Baolin introduced, Chaonan involving land business at the same time, still doing engineering contracting business. According to a "Small Tianjin Construction Contract May 2008, the the Chaonan company will be a 27-million construction project contract to Tianjin realistic and Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.. "That there is a problem, Ma Jia Zhen more than 70% of the works are by Chaonan contract to others. Chaonan arrogate the horse home Dianzhen engineering from money." The Ma family Dianzhen a The industry source said on condition of anonymity,Peasant woman bloom away January trafficking the three _ New. "Perhaps contracting engineering is not none of my business, I can stop, but my two factories were forced down, which caused a great loss to me, to have to give me an explanation." Han Baolin said, he wanted this Field rights in the end. (Reporter Wen Shuping) Source: Democracy and Legal Times

The Press website hit for Beijing Olympics slogan sentenced

'Olympics Come on, Come on, China'", a patriotic enthusiasm of the normal expression, it is difficult to identify potentially commercial purposes, industrial and commercial administrative organs of this administrative penalty, belongs to the understanding and application of an error of law, the exercise of discretion improperly. "Recently, China University of Political Science and Law Procedural Law Research Institute Professor Yang Rong new, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Law researcher Mo Jihong, the Chinese People's University Law School Professor Yang Jianshun, research vice president of the China Law Society, Administrative Law Cham music scholars jointly by a submission, the submission was submitted on April 22 to Beijing The Intermediate People's Court. The submission for the case is "Financial and Economic Publishing House v. Beijing industrial and commercial administrative organs administrative penalty dispute, on December 16 last year, the Beijing Haidian District People's Court of First Instance judgment Financial Publishing losing, Finance and Economics Press immediately appealed to Beijing Municipal First Intermediate People's Court. Finance Press agent, Li Xuan lawyer said to the reporter, on August 7 last year, the Finance Press play on the home page of its Web site, "Olympic refueling, China!" Words, they did not expect, 8 On May 19, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Haidian Branch (hereinafter referred to as the Haidian Branch) to inform them of the unauthorized use of the Olympic logo, allegedly in violation of the "Regulations on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol. Finance Press repeatedly explained that they use "Olympic refueling, refueling, just out of the Olympic Games will be opened to express best wishes for the Olympic Games, received informed taken down the same day that eight characters, but soon after they received a Haidian Branch made "administrative penalty notice, grounds,hollister, and ordered the Press to immediately stop the violations,Thieves drove into the factory to steal steel adva, the proposed fine of $ 10,Beijing subway rolling off the young legs case retrial plaintiff claims 29,000 to the Financial and Economic Publishing House infringement of the Olympic symbols. This inform the book that, Haidian Branch has made the decision, based on the "Regulations on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol,グッチ バッグ, the Ordinance provides that the rights of the Olympic flag to enjoy the exclusive right of the Olympic flag, without the permission of the rights of the Olympic logo, no person shall for commercial purposes (including potential commercial purposes) use of the Olympic flag, Olympic, Olympia, the Olympic Games and their abbreviations such as proper names belong to the scope of the Olympic flag. "Punishment result Press feel very aggrieved, use 'Olympic' word impossible, in fact, did not bring any profit to the publisher,oakley, the expression of the will of a blessing just in the process of national jubilation Olympics, no any commercial purposes or potential commercial purposes. "said Li Xuan, due to the factual findings on the two sides argued for their own, the Financial and Economic Publishing House requires the Haidian Branch of possible punishment hearing," but the Haidian Branch made directly punishment "So,Thieves burglary resident house master won the knife uniforms, the Financial and Economic Publishing House sued the Haidian District People's Court,ナイキ ジョーダン. See the homepage of the date of Finance Press newspaper reporters, Olympics, China refueling "eight characters in the middle position of the bar in the form of hanging in the main directory, magazine celebration Topics" on the home page, "organization institutions "," website dynamic "," electronic book ",abercrombie shop," online bookstore "," media reports, public information,ジョーダン, the basic situation of "click on Top" and other columns, both publishers, publishers participate in various charity social activities information, library catalog pricing information. The reporter had to listen to the case in the Haidian District People's Court trial, Haidian Branch of the respondent said Finance Press when they check, have not yet obtained the illegal income, but the site is not only "Olympic refueling refueling Chinese ", as well as business name, business projects, products and other information, the use of the Olympic logo has potential commercial purposes in violation of the provisions of the" Regulations on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol ",air jordan, is an infringement of Olympic symbols offenses . Meanwhile, Haidian Branch considered punishable by a fine of more than 30,000 yuan, legal persons or other organizations in accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures for implementation of the Beijing Administrative Hearing Procedure "and" Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Administrative Hearing Procedure Regulations: requirements of the parties The hearing, held a hearing,hollister outlet, for Financial Publishing fine is $ 10,hollister outlet,000, and do not need to hold a hearing,abercrombie, and has listened to the statements of the Financial Press, to defend themselves, the program is not illegal. Haidian District People's Court made the first instance judgment to support a the Haidian Branch punishment decision, and that during the Beijing Olympic Games, the Financial Press with commercial content on the homepage unauthorized use of the word "Olympic" tortious behavior, Haidian Branch of Finance Press made a fine of $ 1 million, not be subject to the hearing process. The reporter before calling Haidian Branch attorney, the case is still at the second trial process, she declined the interview.

CEOs Posting Report NPC deputies was arrested on suspicion o

'clock, he and a few friends from West Street, Xi'an "salsa" bar to come out. Was out the door, I heard the street people shout his name. He crashed to find someone, saw the door of a car down a few strange man. "They said Hanzhong Public Security Bureau, they approached me, I told them to take a trip." After a lapse of a year-long, August 4, Bo told reporters in the office described the night caught him, the sound and mood as boring. Night, Bo was brought to the car, starry night hardships rushed Hanzhong, not all the way. 30 onto the scene this young talent, hard work in the project cost line of business for several years, has been promoted to Xi'an Xinlong Building Decoration Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred Xinlong) deputy general manager. But his lack of experience in dealing with the public security, when he was terrified, ominous premonition that this trip, a few days earlier, the company has two other colleagues have disappeared, have not heard any news. "More than one company has been arrested Ma Wei Xinlong Company's vice president of engineering department, he "disappeared" at first to as normal mistakenly classes, attracted little attention. The reality is, the morning of July 30, 2008, Ma Wei came to the company downstairs to see if the time is too early to eat breakfast, go in front of the Xi'an Municipal alley. "Called a bowl Camellia, just eat two, three men came to me, shook documents said let me go with them." Ma later in the written materials submitted to the company lawyer, described the "missing" after . Outline of the "missing" in the company came up with a small ring. Xiaohui Xinlong chauffeur, around 8 am on July 31, 2008, he left the hostel to take the company car to the Suzaku Gate Lane Albert Building work, went to the auspicious intersection, a car is forced to stop. "The driver drove back, said Zhu Xiaohui was forcibly taken away, As for the identity of the other, why take away the people, there is no news." Summer Tsui, director of the Office of Xinlong company has said. The Company To this end the police, but police were unable to confirm each other. The same "fear" soon fell into the summer Chui own head. August 7, more than 11 o'clock, summer Chui and her boyfriend being read her documents, Xianyang airport queues waiting for security checks, several uniformed airport staff took her into the office of one of the waiting hall. In the office, three police came from Hanzhong to Xiacui Liang documents Subsequently, the summer is taken to Hanzhong. In fact, during this period, Xi'an co-caught Fan, Lee to Hanzhong, there are two staff members Lianhu Road G era cafes. Fan Bo classmates, Lee is the cafes a technical staff. The six caught, has been brought to Hanzhong City Public Security Bureau of Interpol, Hantai three squadrons. "Residential surveillance decision" issued by the police to their respective shows, were arrested along with the defamation case. After a period of time, six people were arrange to accept residential surveillance in Hanzhong Hanyuan hotel, etc., from time to time by the police about the merits inquiry. Outside,abercrombie france, the action continues arrests. August 25, 2008, the West An Xinlong corporate group vice president Han Xingchang Dalian sleeper train bound for Shanghai, the Hantai Interpol control. Han Xingchang this trip to Shanghai, originally confluence with the wife and daughter so there. Daughter just admitted to the university, and a rush to arrange registration. Han Xingchang another identity, Acting General Manager Group subsidiary Xinlong. To be arrested when he took over this business is still less than a year, the suspicion into the case. Two days later, Han arrived at the police under the control of Hanzhong, the same residential surveillance at the hotel. Han Xingchang to Hanzhong soon, a turning point in the case of the above six people trapped in Hanzhong. September 7, Bo arrested people have been Hantai police release residential surveillance convert released on bail. After mid-September, six were leaving their Hanzhong back to Xi'an. Later, Liu Bo, in the material submitted to the attorney, has described the situation of the time he returned to Xi'an, insomnia, nightmares, or even to see the police car will be afraid. "The net posts into trouble by" libel "ESSAYS in Hanzhong reputation Cheng Loong. , Chairman of the ESSAYS Department of Hanzhong Wanbang Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., another identity for Shaanxi Province People's Congress. In recent years, Young led his enterprise build in Hanzhong city Tianhan Avenue next to the IMC Times Square, the special status of Hanzhong key urban construction projects. After the completion of the size and specifications, and has become the de facto Hanzhong city card,hollister outlet. "Defamation" case, because of the IMC Square renovation works into the sky. October 30, 2007, the IMC of Hanzhong Wanbang Industrial Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.,, Anxin Long West company signed a Melbourne Plaza, Times Square, the main shopping malls, on the third floor interior decoration contracts tentative total contract price of 11.9 million yuan. May 16, 2008, the two sides due to the project payment and fails to contract completion in disputes in the conference room of the IMC dispute. Spot, Xinlong party deputy general manager Li Kexin injured, after being diagnosed with a fracture and multiple soft tissue injuries. Contradiction stretched into the next day to enter the open state. The same day, of Xinlong side more than 20 people came to the door of the IMC, banners said "IMC utilized triads illegal project payment arrears construction unit, injuring construction workers, heaven tolerate". Two days later, the same banner playing in Hanzhong City entrance. After the 24th, the escalation of conflict to network Posting attack. Baidu Hanzhong and other online forums, "during the War (Wenchuan earthquake), the tortured history of the cattle of the Provincial People's Congress," the post. Posts and named accused ESSAYS construction enterprises intimidation to suppress open to show off ... on various occasions: a heavyweight leadership in Hanzhong City is my brother,Young couple in the park, robbery and murder of the two defendants to the death, and you want to move me, toppled him first. "By the end of May, Hanzhong no way to lodge a complaint, went to Xi'an to fight for justice, denouncing the the provincial deputies evil "posts appeared online. After a tone write to the IMC staff posts, "the boss, do not play, we are too poor to block a fig leaf not" by the network concern. At the same time, on May 27, some people came to the door of the Provincial People's Congress to call, and banners With "Hanzhong Wanbang, the evil of the state, the ugly of the state" and "severely punish Hanzhong Wanbang Provincial People's Congress of the evil forces culprit ESSAYS words . Summer Chui told reporters admits, the above-mentioned "Shame" a net posts are really associated with the company. Summer memories about May 23, 2008, the morning she was Han Xingchang his office, Han gave her a handwritten manuscript, she modify edit. Afternoon, South Korea convened a meeting of the summer Chui, Liu Bo et al, on the one hand, said Li Kexin was beaten in Hanzhong, on the one hand, confessed programmed post to go online. The next day, summer, Liu two men came Lianhu Road G era of Internet cafes, to find the Fan and Li. Fan, Lee help posts sent to multiple forums. It is precisely because the the Hantai police received ESSAYS repeatedly reporting and reporting that a series of attacks has been arrested for slander and endanger social order caused ESSAYS I therefore formally opened in late June 2008, and then only the text before described arrests actions. Obviously, the action continued until arrests to seize Han Xingchang only come to an end. The two experts will Hanxing Chang was arrested after family members appointed lawyer Meng Yansheng expand strong sue for public security Hantai Branch. His running between the provincial, city, district three public security as well as Hantai District Prosecutor's Office,Police arrest gang members attack seriously injure, reflecting Hantai Police Interpol illegal handling, and put forward error correction to put the people's request. "Defamation of a private prosecution case is not indictable, public security, how can file for, let alone to arrest people." However, more than half a month to run down,abercrombie, there is no effective. After mid-September 2008, Meng Yansheng, and has been released on bail summer Chui, Liu Bo et al, centralized reflect the situation to the Provincial Public Security Bureau police inspector corps, and finally pay attention. The reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau police inspector corps, the corps had sent someone went to Hanzhong verify cases, around October 2008, formally issued a document requirements Hantai police error correction,hollister outlet. The staff who took part in the Inspector cases revealed a few days ago, after the intervention of the Inspector the Hantai police withdrew their case. November 4, 2008, and the Hantai police to the Han Xingchang issue a written decision on the lifting of residential surveillance "book" is currently the case has concluded its investigation, decided to lift its residential surveillance ". The same day, South Korea from the police control back to Xi'an - seeing has become the end of a entanglements. However, the situation is a step by step according to its own logic brewing, evolution. It is understood that, in the Han Xingchang lift residential surveillance to May 2009, nearly six months, Hanzhong City, Hantai District two Politics and Law Committee, are still on the case of South Korea held a special meeting of the public, prosecutors, law units at the facts of the case too many explore. Another Running out in Beijing. The first IMC party commissioned sector dozen legal experts convened in Beijing, Professor, Korea libel case law seminar. Shortly thereafter, Meng Yansheng again his law firm on behalf of Bridge Mountain in Shaanxi, commissioned in part in Beijing in the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law School professor, Han Xingchang case the procedures for consultation and demonstration. Based on the Bridge Hill law firm evidence, Meng Yansheng the party experts demonstration results are mainly two: Han Xingchang behavior does not comply with the constituent elements of the crime of defamation; Second, calmly speaking even constitute libel , but because of the the ordinary libel is to be handled only crime, according to the general principles of the functional jurisdiction, the case not by the public security organs should exercise jurisdiction. "IMC before access to the opinions of experts have demonstrated the opposite,abercrombie shop. The participants agreed that experts, based on the analysis of the evidence provided, Han Xingchang behavior not only constitute libel, and in serious cases, should be the context of a case of public prosecution, police Hantai Branch has jurisdiction over the case. May 6, 2009, public security Hantai Branch allegedly defamatory to the Han Xingchang bail decision, "decided to take Korea released on bail measures and provisions Korea without approval not allowed to leave the city and county of residence. This means that, Han Xingchang case did not end there. Korea immediately rushed to Beijing, he expect the public to a higher level, inspection and quarantine departments to seek support,ナイキ ジョーダン. However, running still no results, June 30, the Hantai police caught Han Xingchang. The next day, Han again be brought back to Hanzhong the custody in Hantai District Detention Center. July 13, Han Xingchang Hantai District Court dock. On this day, the court Hantai District Prosecutor's Office v. Han Xingchang libel case, a public hearing. According to to Hanzhong local media reports, that the called Shaanxi Network defamation case, the first, attracting hundreds of celebrities, the CPPCC members to attend. The prosecution indictment disclosed, public security Hantai branch as early as October 25, 2008, has been on the case transferred to the Procuratorate for examination and prosecution. Strange at this time is that, it is a time when the the Hantai Police Provincial Public Security Bureau Inspector during Han Xingchang residential surveillance before released on November 4, 2008. In accordance with the jurisdiction of the public security once the case was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office, the inspector police internal effect far behind the prosecutors handling the case. The focus in section 246 of the Penal Code, but the book "Han Xingchang ESSAYS between defamation case,グッチ 財布, one via indictable procuratorial and Han Xingchang court, the original wave Changeable dispute, they quickly unified into a simple the legal issues come up. This time, the focus of controversy in the Section 246 of the Penal Code, "the content of the book". Section 246 provides that: "violence or other methods affront others or fabricating facts to slander others, the circumstances are serious, three years imprisonment, criminal detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights for the crime in the preceding handled only upon complaint, but serious except endangering social order and national interests. "specifically in the section" other than serious harm to social order and national interests "A, that is," but the book "content. The prosecution indictment identified, "Han Xingchang to deliberately discredit ESSAYS for purpose of the method of fabricating facts, planning, instigating, IMC arrangements for employees to play the fictional content banner containment etc. Hanzhong City spread open, objective Hantai District public traffic jams, causing social disorder, serious harm during the earthquake relief Hantai social order. "Han Xingchang multiple times simultaneously to take advantage of the Internet posting fabricating facts to slander the victim,abercrombie, serious violations of the victim personality, reputation or the circumstances of the crime. their behavior has violated Section 246 of the Penal Code, the provisions of the first and second paragraphs ... especially for prosecution. "Han Xingchang lawyer Meng Yansheng court on July 13, court's Procuratorate above identified a tit-for-tat defense. He's an important legal basis, the Ministry of Public Security "insult to defamation cases strictly according to law. Specifically defined in this notice, "with one of the following circumstances insult, defamation, it should be identified as 'seriously endangered public order and national interests', to insult, libel case to investigate, as the case of public prosecution apply: (1) for insulting , defamation cause mass incidents, serious impact on the social order; (2) due to the insult, slander diplomats, visiting foreign heads of state, heads of government personnel, adverse international implications; (3) to an act of the insult, slander other circumstances that cause serious harm to the national interest. "Meng Yansheng said, Korea's behavior and these three simply detached. In fact, as early as the court pre-Han Yang both experts will focus also on Korea's behavior has reached "but the book provides to explore, investigate results also totally opposite views,abercrombie. On August 7, the reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the hall also invite experts on the case internal to explore. At first, the reason why Public Security Department Inspector Corps to the Hantai police error correction is identified Korea's behavior is not enough "serious harm to the social order and national interests" should be a case of private prosecution. And the reporters on the 5th interview with the Secretary for Public Security Hantai Branch Wang Guang Fu Wang clear ordinary libel is a private prosecution case, the public security can not be involved in, "but the case of a different point, is it has been disrupting to the social order of the." In fact, cases of dispute also worked into the line of sight of the two of Hanzhong City, Hantai District Politics and Law Committee. "At that time, in the understanding of cases, there are some differences." Office staff Hantai District Politics and Law Committee, Wang Chao told reporters in the 5th District Politics and Law Committee did convene the meeting of the handling units, but this is a normal working procedures, the meeting does not affect the public , prosecutors, law independent cases. Municipal Committee meeting to discuss this case, their former Municipal Committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, Wang Hai in person to participate, it was also mentioned that the 246 Hanzhong City Law, deputy secretary Yang Zhiqiang said, "Politics and Law Committee often controversial case to open some coordination meeting on the 6th, Hantai District Court said that the case on July 13 after a public hearing, the judgment time to be determined. Static judgment day, Han Yang case has its own different feelings. Reporters a few days ago to all nations to find ESSAYS, deputy general manager responsible for an interview She Hongtao told reporters the initial public security said libel ESSAYS report to the public security, the private prosecution case, "However, the original that case, how do we go to court prosecution, we even do not know who made the post, we went to sue who "She said, since the spread of the post on the Internet, until now, the business management of the Group work is not to IMC Times Square Merchants, but to pile up businesses owners explain, "IMC is not triad." Han Xingchang lawyer Meng Yansheng consider more, it seems that legal issues, "246 'books' content defined Han Xingchang case is not clarify,The pyramid gang borrowing Website investment in six months,, 'book' is likely being arbitrary misinterpreted in the future may result in more Han Xingchang. "for the upcoming judgment, Han Yang of the enemy, and finally find a common topic, they are in waiting for - a fair judgment. Links ■ In the beginning of 2007 the physician at Shandong Provincial the Gaotang People's Hospital, Wang Zaifeng in "Baidu Post Bar --- the Gaotang it" post under criminal detention, the reasons for allegedly "insulting" and "libel" when he Gaotang county party secretary Sun Lan rain . June 19, 2007, Gaotang People's Procuratorate issued a criminal compensation decision "to decide compensation for financial compensation 1,600 yuan Wang Zaifeng County public inspection departments of leading bodies collectively make check, cancel the year advanced appraisal qualifications. Liaocheng City Commission for Discipline Inspection to give the Sun Lan rain removal treatment. --- According to Legal Weekly "■ 2009 February 12, 2010,air ジョーダン, the Henan Province Lingbao Dawang Town Nanyang village youth Shuai" of Henan Lingbao farmer and drought trick "in the title, posting disclosure of local government violations of land acquisition. Shuai Lingbao police "defamation" and sent to a detention center held for eight days. On April 15, the local police to find him guilty of Shuai release, Shuai posting libel case is as erroneous cases, Lingbao Public Security Bureau deputy Jiaozhan Lin, a number of investigators to be interdicted, the Public Security Bureau party secretary Song Zhongkui superior party committee make a written examination. Subsequently, the the Sanmenxia municipal government held a special meeting, the issue dealt with severely "Shuai post case" has been lifted The Lingbao violation area. The investigated, including Lingbao municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of high Yongrui including a number of officials have been disciplined. --- According to the Xinhua News Agency in February, Shandong ■ 2009 Huiyin Properties Limited employees Duan Lei, entitled "wrote to the provincial leadership of a complaint letters, online bursts of 6 posts, said Cao County, Shandong Zhuang Zhaizhen party secretary Guo Feng corruption, mistress, "its child drug trafficking and addiction. Posted more than ten days, Duan Lei Procuratorate libel prosecution. July 24 because of insufficient evidence, the case was taken off the case according to law. In the morning of the 24th, Cao County Public Security Bureau, the Procuratorate, the court is primarily responsible for the comrades to Lei Duan family a public apology, handling a number of cases people have been disciplined. --- According to the "Legal Daily"

Shanghai rail stabbing men in the Shanghai subway cars

's wedding,hollister outlet, see Yumou stabbed by the other party,8th floor too, 9th Floor, 7th floor, the dribble jump rope d,ナイキ ジョーダン, the two men then approached strangling the neck and the hand of the assailant,British elderly accidentally by a stray bullet fired into the the brain survivor,アバクロ, the train arrived at the site after receiving the alarm the police came to the perpetrators to control,XingJu virtual person in charge of 26 million yuan Fanzhuang false invoices,abercrombie shop.

The two suspects in the plan to raise the wage toll poisonin

's Procuratorate indictment is filed,mulberry outlet,The man dating Nvwang photographed sex video to ex, the court of Gu Gu Xiaojin robbery and sentenced the defendant to one year in prison,mulberry, suspended for one year and fined 500 yuan,The retired doctors disputes to kill neighbor jailed for 13,abercrombie,The people trafficking escape from prison 22 years after the. Reporter Liu Tao

The trio illegal detention Project Manager of for money Xing

'clock in the morning the next day, the person in charge of the construction company that Chen Cai kidnapped messages,The two gamblers fled multi Province impersonating police robbery owners _ news, phone calls Cai Mouli that release,air ジョーダン. Cai worry about the police intervention, forcing Chen wrote a 8000 yuan IOU,abercrombie france, and threatened that he was not allowed to alarm,abercrombie,The woman stole the neighbor 2 million in the bank and burie, and then let him go. Afterwards, two punks constantly looking for Cai "and labor fees" Cai had to give them 2000 dollars and IOU, and then a man went to work in a construction site in Changsha,mulberry, Hunan,mulberry outlet. March 20,hogan outlet, 17 am,The police suspected rape female suspects have bee, Sang certain and Jiaomou of call to Chen to pay back the money,グッチ 財布, Chen alarm,hollister outlet. Miaoshan police station six police in plain clothes to bring Chen rushed to Wuchang in advance,ナイキ ジョーダン, in the Great East Gate near the mulberry certain and Jiaomou seize. 1 o'clock yesterday morning, police rushed to Changsha to Cai and arrested,ジョーダン. At present, the the trio has XingJu.

Masked men and one runs to grab the convenience store that w

​​"the ax man", surnamed Wu,グッチ, wearing glasses and gentle, and a Crime sturdy "image a far cry from the ax. Wu explained their work in a cold storage plant,s car the car had fled fee of 8, two or three thousand dollars per month income,abercrombie. Reflect his wife, Wu is a family man, a month to get paid,hollister, will all put them into her hands. Such a "good man," Why are you going to rob it The original August day,mulberry outlet, Wu went out with friends to play,Logistics Group of South China Agricultural University, former minister of bribe,hogan outlet, sometimes uncontrollably,ジョーダン, playing cards lost 2,mulberry,000 yuan,グッチ 財布. Month's basic wage, how to explain it to his wife At this time, he happened to see the ax has been idle at home,mulberry outlet, suddenly on the initiation of the idea of ​​robbing,The man was killed after the biological mother abandoned cor,グッチ バッグ. Currently, Wu has been arrested.

Thief resisting arrest the discount Fanba police palm Fanba

's hand was injured,The 64-year-old villagers intercept grab sheep van was crush,グッチ, the Municipal Public Security Bureau leadership the first time its condolences,hollister. Liu also said that certain recuperate as quickly as possible back to the first line of pocketing,ナイキ ジョーダン. City Public Security Bureau,グッチ バッグ, plainclothes police also suggest that the broad masses,Man said to kill his girlfriend crematorium Yunnan worry abo,mulberry, winter clothing thick,mulberry outlet, somatosensory obvious,ジョーダン, coat the outer pocket is best not to put valuables out of the subway station,hogan, or take the bus is not crowded,Contractors owed hundreds of migrant workers amoun,air ジョーダン, order the car should be queued,hollister outlet. (Original title: thief resisting arrest to get discount Fanba police palm)

The man suspected of surgery did not do a good job cut ophth

's office rushed out and ran toward the stairs, followed by a man holding a kitchen knife to catch up. practice nurses in the second clinic Ke Zhuren Zuozhen Daoyi recalls,グッチ, things happen very suddenly,The boss staff street kneeling line one hundred meters, said, before the incident murderer crowded to the door, was rejected, said Ke Zhuren acquaintances, and then take advantage of the door inside a patients doctor the end of the crowded inside and sat in the chair next to, "I shut the door, out of the door to maintain order,hollister outlet, about 2 minutes later, inside the patient rushed out,hogan outlet," says Practical Nurse "I see Ke Zhuren fell to the ground, surrounded by a lot of blood, to take advantage of the the the Xiao Zhou murderer snatch chopper,Men in police uniforms to his girlfriend strong injection dr, Ke Zhuren Jiupaqilai out run." It is understood that the killer catch the corner of the fourth floor stairs to catch up with Ke doctor ,ナイキ ジョーダン, to continue the attack, resulting in its collapsed to the floor. Subsequently,hollister, other medical personnel to seize the murderer who heard. Murderer suffering from depression Yesterday afternoon, the director of the police station in Hefei, three arches Tanwen Li told reporters,abercrombie, preliminary identification Ke injuries of doctors belonging to minor injuries,ジョーダン, but the specific injury have to wait for the appraisal to determine its rehabilitation. Tansuo Zhang also told reporters that the murderer family members to submit evidence to the police station,abercrombie shop, the murderer to suffer from depression, and treated in the psychiatric hospital in Hefei,hogan. Suspects: "The eye did not cure" According to reports, the suspect Ding Mou, male,Judgment Regal Court 10 years ago, divorce was spl, 46 years old, Hefei. After investigation,グッチ バッグ, the suspects 丁某 because of the right eye lymphoid follicles symptoms many times to the hospital, the Ke Zhuren just proposed surgical treatment. In January 2009, Ding Mou in the hospital rehabilitation unit the lymphoid follicles resection. Surgeon a Dr. Liang uneventful recovery. But he has surgery are not satisfied, Ke Zhuren many times to communicate with its have no practical effect. According to the police, because the heart resentment, he had several telephone threats Kezhu Ren, the day of the incident, the two sides intensification of conflicts. Currently Ding Mou has XingJu the. According to the Anhui market

s Spring Festival theft four people in two of them live more

's home "look at" the suspects Zhang Xin (a pseudonym) is Zhongxian, 20 years old, of medium build. He turned in a digital city in Shapingba selling computers. Last July, Zhang Xin and sister rented an old residential building in Xiaolongkan near a suite, The sister also shapingba odd jobs. February 5 this year, the siblings rented house expired,The man was the middle of the night to get up to take the qu, sister back home,グッチ バッグ, Zhang Xin stay in Chongqing. Police said Zhang Xin's parents divorced early,hogan, not how tube he. He did not want to go home, and do not want to work. "He said he did not make any money, and no money to the New Year,mulberry." At this time, Zhang Xin found that many households own rental residential buildings at this New Year back home, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, few households long-term living away from home. Moreover, where the second floor there are two people did not install the security net. Thus, Zhang Xin climbing into the 2nd Floor households want to look around and take a chance. This stealing, he "borrowed" next door to the kitchen to do meal Zhang Xin every time to take advantage of the night no one implementation of the theft. He first slipped into the 2nd floor of the two others, have no one to live for a long period, the two families were nothing to steal. Zhang Xin climbing down the windows to the 3rd floor. Households of the 1st, 3rd Floor, New Year back home, no one at home. Zhang Xin frantically rummaging property in the house, found several hundred dollars in cash,Corporate recruitment requirements can accompany sleep parties the company said. After Zhang Xin deliberately open the refrigerator, and wanted to get something to eat. Zhang Xin refrigerator dumplings, bread, rice balls and take the whole light Dayton dinner prepared in the kitchen. Found that the kitchen kitchenware is not complete, but also worried homeowners suddenly came back, Zhang Xin climb to the 3rd floor of the next door room, want to "borrow" the kitchen to make meals,グッチ,Two men wearing helmets of 3 minutes jindian stolen police reward of 700,000. Zhang Xin rice balls, dumplings cook to eat, and quiet and a wine room,ナイキ ジョーダン, a bottle worth 200 yuan. After a few days, Zhang Xin has been living on the third floor, Room 4, until the room next door to the 1st homeowners home and discovered the burglary alarm, Zhang Xin heard movement and was secretly climbed to the second floor to continue to reside in the 4th. Immediately instructed him hiding in the others under the bed was arrested later, 3rd Floor, Room No,グッチ 財布. 4 of the homeowners home discovered the burglary, police also reported. The police immediately file for investigation and increased patrols in the region. At 10:30 on February 18 Xu, Ganmao Liang led the police the Yan Guoling,abercrombie, the Xiao Chengbing the patrol to Xiaolongkan Ma Daozi 103 No., Building 103, 2-1,2-4 room balcony careful police suddenly found a new climbing traces. Experienced police investigation analysis inside must immediately contact the tenants to open the door, and conducted a comprehensive search of the room. Careful police found indoor obvious someone lived traces, and inside the bedroom door was also locked, the situation is very suspicious. More hateful, Zhang Xin is still inside the house open defecation. Subsequently, Zhang Xin patrol police handheld the the batons decisive Chuaimen into the room and will be hiding in the bedroom under the bed and arrested him,hollister. According to the survey,hogan outlet, Zhang Xin has five times into the second floor, the third floor of the four residents of the home, a total of Theft of a bottle of red wine,air jordan, dumplings, bread, rice balls, walnuts and other foods, and more than 700 yuan in cash. Currently, Zhang Xin has been under criminal detention. Chongqing Morning News reporters Liu Boshi and Xi Sheng Liu Yuting (original title: stole dumplings also go next door to cook and eat he slipped four people at home over the Spring Festival)

25 bus company cadres stole 120,000 coins bet Kuni

'clock in the morning on the 17th,hollister outlet, Yang Mougang the open receivables box is found,The Dikeniuzi portrait invasion awarded 1.57 milli,hogan. Subsequently,The company requires female employees 60 days before pregnancy cross pregnancy p,air jordan, the tea garden police station to pick the leadership report stealing Yang caught red-handed,University teachers for alleged plagiarism student the graduation design sued _,グッチ. After hearing Yang confessed before the perpetrator was arrested 25 times and stole company turnover of 12 million yuan,hollister, not enough time to spend 300 million yuan,abercrombie, and the remaining amount is used to purchase Mark Six,ジョーダン.