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International combined pirate services


The vision is to provide professional, access-safe and efficient IT services to all pirate parties on this planet. Best location for it would be iceland, mainly because of IMMI.

Why do we need it?

  • Protection against surveillance.
  • Protection against censorship.
  • Protection against detention.
  • Efficiency & cost aspects through synergy.
  • Scalability - especially for small pirate parties it would be a relief to not have to provide their own infrastructure but simply buy the services they actually need.
  • Professionality: Backups, security, SLAs etc.

How should we do it?

I strongly withhold to keep the service organisation quite independent and flexible from the pirate parties themselves or the PPI.

There are several legal forms which might be applicable. Think about an association or corporation whose owners are pirate parties (but maybe also something like wikileaks or other things we want to support).

Which services to offer?

  • Hosting
  • "Homepage"-Instances (some kind of CMS)
  • Media Wiki-Instances
  • LiquidFeedback instances
  • ...


I would not limit the customers to pirate party organisations. Anybody should have a chance to be a customer, as long as its legal.


Any profit should be re-invested into the organisation and the pirate parties should not make profit from it.


The pricing should be in a way, that it is both possible to order services also for small locations or campaigns and should be mainly based on the traffic.

Communication & transparency

There should be regular meetings with the board of members were the CEO gives a report about current activites. These should be as transparent as possible and should give customers a fair chance to participate.

Initial investment

Certainly we need a plan here :)