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I am a professional, working in the field of the Internet.

I have wide experience in the development of products and with the new trends of the global network: Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, social creation and management, the new media – blogs, business blogs, video and audio content, content combination.

I also know that 10 is equal to 2 and programming in different areas is another of my strong sides.

I defend the open source and free software principles as well as the Internet users’ digital rights.

I have excellent organizational experience, which can be demonstrated by the eight big event I am organizing.

I am Mozilla advocate in Bulgaria, also I ran in the European election in 2009 :)

I am at the board of directors of Electronic Frontier Bulgaria and organizer of [1] also I am one of the founders of Pirate Party - Bulgaria.

I live for Open Source and Freedom :)

Monthly reports

April 2010.