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My captain, Tale, have told me it's OK to be too lazy to write anything on this page. (To be honest: I have a few captains now, on 3 different Pirate 'ships')

I have received so much / little (choose whatever fits best) kudos lately that I am totally HYPER

Here are my details, and I am available 24/7 if I don't have a lack of batteries on all my devices.

Anders Kleppe

Member of the Board Agder Piratparti

International Coordinator for Pirate Party Norway (PP-NO)

Member of the Board European Pirate Party (PP-EU)

Member of the Board Pirate Parties International (PPI)

Admin PPI G+: Pirate Parties International on G+

Admin PP-EU G+: European Pirates in the Plus

MsC BA&E Norges Handelshøyskole - Norwegian School of Economics, International Business - Marketing - IT Strategy

Work experience from Ship Building, Offshore and Shipping. International Project Management in commercial IT projects and IT manager. Long time engaged in family politics in an international context.

Admins a few WordPress sites for sport clubs and football fan clubs. The only sports I do myself though is living at sea. So my mind is international as is my ship's 'Blue Pearl', my home and my sailing lady. She accept me as a captain it seems.

In other words: When I'm not a Pirate, I am still a Pirate. And yes, it is true, I get seasick when I am ashore.

Why I am engaged in the Pirate Party movement is a long story. I will write more about that later some time.

Tel: +47 4654 8957 (PP-NO mobile)

Tel: +47 4799 8967 (Private mobile)

Emails: -

Email PP-NO International Team:

Twitter: @AndersPirat

G+: Anders Kleppe