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Firefighters to give gas masks to the children themselves co

​​Huang Zhihua --- first save children. Huang Zhihua will soon be one of the children rescued and delivered it safely to the ground, and then again to pull down the metal staircase to the third floor to climb ... is to and fro, Huang Zhihua will be a four rescued one by one from the fire. "In such cases, there is no other way, can not breath for a long time, only smoke inhalation. Sometimes really consider not so much preoccupied with saving lives, and kept telling myself to the most rescued more people at a faster speed. "fire relentless,グッチ 財布, enthusiastic people. Rescued Huang Fuming one, he saw his wife and children are safe, save their fire soldiers grateful: "at the scene of the fire, the children spread out to Huang Zhihua his child in his arms, and slowly climb down then quickly climbed to tell the truth, I saw him equal to see hope, I want to say 'thank you' to him,Daughter-in-law to take care of paralyzed father-in-law 18 years homemade 22 dia. Rescued 15 people fainted due to smoke inhalation. "Faster, faster, more people were rescued as much as possible." Huang Zhihua, pointing to the second floor on his comrades Huang Yaojian said. For the purposes of Huang Zhihua,ヴィトン, the weight on his shoulders responsibility. Whenever into the fire, as long as it saw someone waving just heard someone shout, Huang Zhihua will not give up ... "when touched the hands of the survivors, my heart will be very excited, I thought I must help them out dangerous. "rescued 15 people trapped in Huang Zhihua from the scene after inhaling a lot of smoke and burnout sake suddenly collapsed to the ground, the presence of his comrades quickly Huang Zhihua ambulance, rushed to stone a new hospital treatment. When he woke up the next day at noon. Huang Zhihua see the guard at the bedside Huangyao Jian asked: the fire under control, right Stranded people rescued Huangyao Jian told him that the fire has been extinguished, and the trapped workers have all been rescued ... and that makes Huang Zhihua relieved. Huang Zhihua anxious to feel good about themselves discharged. In desperation, the doctor told him the body residue with a lot of poison gas treatment through a period of time in order to be discharged Also pay attention to rest in order to heal. ■ Further Reading Zhangmutou Town Committee Secretary Li full house: "It is a true portrayal of the 'military Aimin'" the Zhangmutou secretary of the town committee,mulberry outlet, the National People's Congress Chairman Li full house, town deputy secretary, mayor Law Wai Lun learned fire fighting heroes of this glorious wounded deeds after, composed goodwill mission with flowers and condolences to Kim came to the hospital to visit Huang Zhihua. Subsequently, Lee said: "Comrade Huang Zhihua is our role model, in spite of his own safety, in order to save gas masks to the trapped people, this is a true portrayal of 'military Aimin'." Full house the city's deployment of fire safety investigation and remediation big into Bo: efforts to wipe out the blind spot, the vice mayor of Dongguan City Hongbo reconvene City Fire Safety Commission meeting to convey the spirit of the instructions of the principal leaders of the municipal government, the deployment of the implementation of fire safety investigation and remediation action requiring City busulfan commissioned combination of investigation and remediation action, formulate a viable and efficient supervision of the program,ヴィトン 財布, taking unannounced visits checks,グッチ 財布, etc., do find problems, rectification problem, solve problems, and focused investigation focused supervisory process, third-party solutions and difficult point of universal literacy. Subsequently, the Dongguan Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Chen Bo quickly convened Zhangmutou Town 13 fire investigation treated all members of the conference, a clear division of labor, the backbone of the force, drawn from the public security, safety supervision, fire fighting, surveillance, prosecution, trade unions and other departments, and fine divided into technology group, investigating the comprehensive group aftermath group of four accident investigation team,The lawyer for drink driving BMW killed Granny esc,ジョーダン, each team member is in strict accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures, incident handling group Zhangmutou Town docking, to carry out a comprehensive accident investigation and rehabilitation work. ■ Related the Zhangmutou: broken down into smaller 11 Road to thoroughly investigate the potential of fire to draw 1 13 fire accidents and lessons from the morning of January 15, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, a member of the leadership team, as well as units,グッチ, community leaders divided into 11 supervisory groups , respectively, down to the town nine community public places as well as large corporations, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, plastic market, and other places to carry out fire safety checks. The fire inspection is divided into 11 groups, each group by Zhangmutou town leaders led the participation of relevant functional departments, check the small shops and rented a fire safety hazard. Inspection, a member of the Steering Group to the shop operators,アバクロ, rental operators, and tenants distribute fire safety leaflets and patience to carry out fire safety education, and arrangements for the hand check shops and rental of fire safety hazards Detailed registration requirements the rapid rectification, operators to ensure the elimination of a fire safety hazard. In the the Zhangyang community fire occurred Jan. 13, the Steering Group is subdivided into four groups,abercrombie, in accordance with the regional the Zhangyang community dragnet inspection. Before the start of the inspection, the relevant person in charge of the supervision group stressed the importance of fire safety inspection requirements of the strict discipline of the members of the Steering Group,air ジョーダン, earnest work. Steering Group to the shopkeeper in a hardware store near the scene of the fire, distributed fire safety leaflets. The shopkeeper said, near the shops of fire on his great touch, similar to fire safety publicity is necessary,7 of 90 after the youth the skiff catch up cargo fell into t, because he not know much about fire safety knowledge. His door Steering Group staff to carry out fire safety publicity thanked. Zhangmutou Town, "1 13" after the fire accident, Dongguan City, led by Liu Zhigeng, Li Yuquan congruent given instructions, on the one hand, the requirements do everything possible to treat the wounded, the loss of lives,バーバリー, and actively carry out follow-up work of the deceased; the other hand, require the town as soon as possible to identify fire reasons, draw lessons, giving top priority to prevent similar accidents from happening again. Zhangmutou town main person in charge of the work, will further the town within find the problem and eliminate hidden dangers, people do a better job of fire safety education, to raise their awareness of fire safety,バーバリー 財布. It is reported that, from now on, the town will be on weekdays and during the holiday season, continuing to carry out fire safety inspections to eliminate all kinds of fire safety hazards, to prevent a recurrence of fire accidents, so that the people in a safe and peaceful Spring Festival. Nanfang Daily reporter Chen Zhiqiang correspondent Zou Jun St.</p>

The boys complain girlfriend break up to kill his mother N

cool", he will break up attributed to obstruct Xiaoyun parents. The Xiaoyun testimony in gold was played her a "cooling-off" period is also armed with a knife to take her out to talk about,グッチ. Jinsheng said that the incident that day at noon, he drank a six hundred seventy-two liquor lie open door express delivery. Xiaoyun home on the fifth floor,グッチ 財布,The Court police car driving violations result in car crash, he waited between four fifth floor corridor to Xiaoyun home phone to let students Xiaocao (a pseudonym), said courier. Xiaocao testified that he and at, respectively, had told his girlfriend birth to gas,hollister, each woman angry not to answer the phone, he called the other to the woman called home to let the woman out of the closing courier,hollister uk, but that he gave Jinsheng Xiaoyun mother call,バーバリー. The Xiaoyun testimony,mulberry, hurried down the stairs after the mother received a phone call a few minutes later heard her twice screams She rushed over to see Jinsheng is holding an approximately 10-cm-long single-edged Daozha to the mother,ナイキ ジョーダン, "side bar cursing,ジョーダン." March 18,abercrombie, 2011,air ジョーダン, in gold, in Tianjin controlled Xiaoyun also present was to leave the scene with "girlfriend". In gold, Xiaoyun voluntarily left the scene with their own students,バーバリー 財布,Old coal stove light a fire caused by pregnancy prospective daughter-in-law died. But the The Xiaoyun testimony shows in Jinsheng knife asked her if she "wanted to go with your mother, or follow me". Jinsheng said, along the way Xiaoyun times to get him to call 120,air jordan, but he was afraid of being positioned, put cousin Xiaohui save the number to 120. The prosecution that Jinsheng constitute intentional homicide,The 29-year-old man and 58-year-old Nvwang open room candid. The case is not in court for sentencing.

The owners said the three carpool carjacking narrowly escape

'clock in the afternoon to enter the airport highway to export about 500 meters away Pincha passenger seat man suddenly call themselves motion sickness,グッチ, dizziness,hollister, and Mr Zeman pull over. This man get off after about 1 minute, the car, just a climb up the front passenger seat, suddenly pulled out a glue stick, Bash toward Mr Zeman head. Seat two men then almost at the same time pulled out a glue stick,グッチ 財布, hit toward him go. Mr Zeman is suddenly badly beaten, helpless tied seat belt is difficult to escape, although opened the door, the other series according to his head vigorously. Covered in blood highway ran for help Mr Zeman said, in desperation, he can only hold their breath pretending to be dead. Upon seeing the three men, and also to go to his head and even knock a few, and subsequently dragged him to the front passenger seat. A man from his trunk, took out a cushion, and the press to cover his face for the last two minutes. Mr Zeman about the other side should also be a little nervous, does not use the cushion Wujin, he also secretly breathing. After that, he was taking advantage of each other do not pay attention, kick the car door, rushed off to go. Airport Expressway on great traffic vehicles, the speed is too fast, and there is no vehicle noticed roadside happened. Mr. Sheng fled to the road covered in blood,ルイヴィトン, while running forward while waving for help, until it ran more than 10 meters from the rear, the three personnel stop to catch up. Sheng, covered in blood and still the side ahead of him while waving for help, being a taxi stopped close to Mr Zeman,ナイキ ジョーダン. According to the taxi driver, Lee said, when he saw a body of blood Mr Zeman look of horror stood in the middle of the road loudly for help. Stopped the car, Mr. Sheng suddenly fleeing the car and told the driver, his car was stolen, I hope he can keep up with the car,air ジョーダン. But this time, the three saw Mr Zeman someone help solve the problem immediately ran to the car, driving the car of Mr Zeman from Pincha exit the highway. At this point, Mr. Lee aside consoled by Sheng, while the police. Subsequently, he was carrying Mr Zeman high speed, to a police car parked on the roadside for help, the police will take him to a nearby Baiyun District Wo local police station and sent to the Second People's Hospital of Baiyun District where. Carpool to earn extra money for the repayment, Baiyun Public Security is working on the case to investigate. Yesterday, the Southern reporter saw in Zhuhai Sheng, his body scarred and frail,hollister outlet. Yesterday reporters return visit to the scene, here vehicular traffic and is located in the intersection of Airport Expressway, and Huanan Express, are near the woods,グッチ バッグ, farmland, although many, but speed all soon. Mr Zeman doubt each other in this start to kill the witness to avoid whereabouts was brought to light after the robbery. At the same time, he also said that from the incident 10 minutes ago, sitting in a car in the back row robbers dial phone, after the with native dialect exchange some, all of a sudden Mr. Sheng said, "Is it possible to change the train to Guangzhou station. "Mr. Sheng said, the highway can not make a U-turn, rejected his proposal. Mr Zeman admitted that he find someone to carpool nothing more than want to earn more money, but also full of the loan,ジョーダン. Last October by loans from the banks, he spent 80,000 yuan to buy this Toyota sedan. Thinking able to quickly pay off the loan, his wife proposed Road spare time, it is better to online posting,200 villagers sued the county government submitted,ヴィトン, to find someone to carpool, to earn extra money. A friend of Mr Zeman also said that Mr Zeman has always been honest man, and the repayment of the money are the couple save down, not to lend money to others. Before Mr Zeman also did not work in Zhuhai Nanping area, they have no grudges with people,The media said private universities by enrollment nominal cheat students when th. Investigating the carpool popularity charges suspected "illegal operations" Mr Zeman said, his hometown in Henan, before the New Year, often home carpool, carpool fellow, but did not know each other before. Sometimes, there will be Shun Hunan, Hubei people to carpool with him. As previously never had an affair, Mr Zeman did not think this could even being robbed. Southern Reporter on people network, go to the market network and other city trading website retrieval found on various websites Guangzhou sub-station fight car, private car rental of information have reached thousands, and even specifically used to carpool "fight car network" related posts large number,The man posing as CCTV reporter extortion mall was sentenced. Most of these posts, leaving only the telephone letter, QQ and other information in order to contact. Southern reported in January this year, a member of the public in Guangzhou organization "home for Spring Festival Solidarity Union", equipped with fellow home owners free New Year after the registration of the identity verification. However, while lawyers pointed out, carpooling owners if charges might be involved in the illegal operation. Remind carpool is best to look at the ID card public Wang told reporters, he has also been involved in the online carpool, but for fear of safety, several times only to carpool with women. Reporters in the online search found that frequently occur by the carpool way to commit robbery case nearly two years. New GD website reported, in October 2010,air jordan, the three men formed gangs pretending carpool fellow passengers to commit robbery. "Datong Evening News reported in June 2011, the same gang under the guise of Shanxi carpool a number of occasions to commit robbery of passengers. "Shenzhen Special Zone Daily" published in 2010 reported that, the the carpool may also exist the owners of wild speculations, driving skills,ヴィトン 財布, but off cause car accidents and other issues. Beijing Times story in January 2011 made a number of recommendations that online with strangers carpool best each other to produce the identity card to confirm identity before the first carpool family texting filing the ability to drive and learn to drive by, carpool time not too long, not through the night, etc..

The men drove way marriage license Lianzhuang Capella News

's license, illegal traffic police encounter after 22 am,hollister, rivers Lane Zhongshan East Road intersection, the traffic police and onlookers, fear of punishment and ran with cut under a rampage Hainan Mazda sedan. Car from Shuguang Road Yaoai intersection running all the way through the community Qing'an ran several kilometers even hit four cars and a police motorcycle,ナイキ ジョーダン. Look for the reasons, it was in the drivers driving without a license, go catch a marriage license, encountered traffic police check, afraid fined before so crazy,グッチ 財布. □ correspondent reporter Chen Jianhui Zhang Jinxing DAI Xiao-yan car violation is found, the driver drove away at 9:30 on the 22nd had a little Jiangdong traffic police brigade Shen police officers are Yaoai Shuguang Road intersection on duty. A Hainan Mazda sedan was originally stopped at the edge of the road outside the dawn of cinema non-motor vehicle lane,Man squandered his girlfriend money coined Pornographic For extorting 200,000 _, the driver suddenly start the car Xiecha to the motor vehicle lanes, in turn the intersection violation compaction line,ヴィトン. Shen came forward after the police officer found motioned for the driver to pull over for inspection. Shen police officers had just gestures a dozen, the limousine driver suddenly foot throttle,hollister outlet, directly turn right along Yaoai to run to the west. There must be the case. Shen police immediately via the intercom, asked for support to intercept the car, open at the same time the alarm driving a police motorcycle chase up. Surprisingly, Mazda cars will simply ignore the siren behind, not only did not slow down,air jordan, but more open faster. More road car nowhere to hide, break open the car continued to escape two hundred meters away, is a prohibited left turn traffic light junctions Yongjiang Bridge in front is the front of the fleeing car suddenly a direction directly turn left stormed Qing'an Community. The district narrow roads and vehicles,ルイヴィトン, but the sedan seems familiar with the road, the driver of the car is also quite slip, in the district where Zuozhuanyouzhuan along the treacherous, was also faster than the traffic police motorcycle. Running all the way, from Qing'an community out, Mazda car went river Lane,abercrombie, from north to south, continue to escape. A look at the direction of running, Shen police officers burst feel pleased,hollister, in front of the river Lane in Shandong intersection,The man car possession of the gun was intercepted, said Chu Laihun to self-defen, because the construction of rail transit, roads blocked, this is a dead end, the car should be nowhere to hide. But I did not expect crazy Mazda car than he had imagined. Soon to the in Shandong intersection, is closed to traffic junction full of parked cars, left the position parked Audi A6 and a Poussin, between the two vehicles, leaving only a gap of only the capacity of non-motorized vehicles . While Shen police officers thought the other the stop,First instance court _ News _ new man the matricide kill brother postmortem case, illegal drivers there is not even a trace of hesitation, rushed past to break open the two parked vehicles directly from that gap,グッチ, turn left washed up on the sidewalk. Hit four cars and a police motorcycle only to stop this is a small alley-way traffic, parked the car next to the aisle only about the width of the multi-car escape cars continue to reverse forward. Such as hotel parking lot has been rushed into the limousine driver found myself really moved into a dead end, one reverse and hit the back of an Audi A8L sedan, Audi jump up next to another car also implicated. This time the cars would also like to run. Shen police motorcycle to catch up with the back of the car ass. The other did not stop, and a reversing directly hit the police motorcycles. The Shen police immediately dropped the motorcycle jump to the side, watching each other or did not mean to stop Shen police officers with a police motorcycle blocked the escape route. Mazda cars continue pediment back, even after the test three times, the people around the trapped in situ. The driver was why so crazy He went to get a marriage certificate, driving without a license encounter the traffic police jiangdong traffic police brigade a trial driver surnamed Chen, less than 40 years old, Ningbo people. Speaking of crazy escape reason, he said, is to go catch a marriage license. I have a girlfriend 10 points to pick up a marriage license, car or purposely asked a friend borrowed. The open taxi a few years, so are very familiar with the road conditions and traffic regulations. I know very well, indeed the compaction line cornering, sure to be punished. However, because of years of not driving, my driver's license already revoked once traffic police found to be driving without a license, the penalty may suffer a panic, I do not know how to think, you step on the gas ran. Fortunately did not hit people,hollister outlet, I also hit you and traffic police motorcycle,ヴィトン 財布, I am sorry, I am quite sorry. Chen impulse not only not scheduled to receive a marriage certificate of the and kinda serious consequences.

Hacking Public Security Department Vehicle Administration sy

's first major cybercrime cases,グッチ, after the Xiantao police more than eight months reconnaissance, announced yesterday cracked. Wuhan men pay strong headed, eight suspects have been arrested all the alleged destruction of computer information systems, the crime of the sale of the national documents in accordance with the law drew a lawsuit. Grabbed the main culprit the fox tail Wuhan membership - "hacker" Fu Qiang arrested underground Vehicle Administration, "income" of 15 million yuan November 25, 2008, the of Xiantao City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Vehicle Administration police work found: two high-end cars license plate issuing authority the Xiantao City traffic police detachment of the management of vehicles, but it VTS library information systems work but can not find the original registration information, query the library of the National Public Security Traffic Management Information System they can be found. Negligence or system has gone wrong After repeated verification, police confirmed that the Council no license plate issued by the two cars. The Computer Information suspect hacker intrusion. Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau received a report of Xiantao city traffic police detachment, rapid system development units contact technical verification system involving,Tianshui, Gansu cracked the one million yuan jade thefts _ News. The analysis by the technical staff found that a total of 126 similar information query the library of the National Public Security Traffic Management Information System,air jordan. Further investigation found that these cars are in smuggling from the limousine. Paid for the used car license plate is absolutely not allowed. Grabbed the fox's tail case caused the Ministry of Public Security,グッチ 財布, Provincial Public Security Department attaches great importance to the ministries and agencies specified case from the jurisdiction of Xiantao City Public Security Bureau. Provincial Public Security Bureau warrior, HUANG Hong, Zhao Fei three deputy director worked on the case made instructions, Xiantao police to solve the case as soon as possible. December 12, 2008, the Provincial Public Security the network supervisor Corps Director Multimodal the auspices of the convening of the cases judged will the meeting requests the Xiantao Police immediately set up Gongzuozhuanban. Xiantao City Public Security Bureau tune pumping network monitoring unit, traffic police, law and order brigade, Interpol brigade troops, composed of reconnaissance and special classes, by the Deputy Secretary Ye Tieguan in command. Detective work is in full swing,abercrombie. Special class owners decided to start handling license plate check on, to look for a breakthrough. After visits to the owners of the two cars, the owners reflect, they are for the number plate contact via the Internet with a man surnamed Wu. Wu is the sort of person Special class police after two weeks of thorough investigation, and finally learned, Wu, who lives in Shanghai, unemployed, now living in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. December 24, 2008, the special class police rushed to Jiaxing, after five days and nights Dunshou Wu "Please" into the police car, and the night went to Shanghai Wu a Mercedes-Benz sedan seizure law,ルイヴィトン. Tushen Wu, Wu explained: from November 2007 to November 2008 a year for someone else handle the number plate 35 sets he's "on-line" Wuhan middle-aged man surnamed by met over the Internet. Wuhan Ji principal offender - "hackers" Fu Qiang was arrested in March of this year, after months of investigation, the special class master after a basic situation: After a year of nearly three-year-old Wuhan City, and no place fixed. Soon, after a residence in a district of Wuhan waiting for a special class of civilian police found his driving cars immediately drove quietly tracking, police encirclement quietly, after a seems aware, abandoned the vehicle and fled, this time, after a police eyelids under the slip. In order not to arouse his suspicions, the police continue to secretly search. Informed of special classes in the evening of March 17, a and other suspects Weimou, in Wuhan Yijuminlou cards, the the Xiantao City Public Security Bureau deputy director Ye Tieguan rate police immediately arrested after a Weimou,アバクロ. After a confessed after committing the crime, confessed heavyweights behind the scenes - Fu Qiang. Fu Qiang, 30-year-old undergraduate, after the Department of Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Office engineers, long-term residence in Wuhan Mouth area. Fu Qiang has extensive computer knowledge and extraordinary skills in the development of computer software used to help the Provincial Public Security Bureau Office of Science and Technology at the Golden Shield develop software for the provincial traffic police corps Development chariotest tube procedures, with favorable conditions for the crime. March 18,ジョーダン, the special class with the provincial traffic police corps, to help maintain the name of the system software, "fishing" out Fu Qiang,air ジョーダン,Man cursed to kill his father many years due to unbearable j, captured. After the arrest of the mastermind, a special class of non-stop, big bang, rushed to a number of provinces and cities, and arrested several other suspects. July 10,hollister outlet, the last a suspect Dengmou in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, Xiantao police contact, gave himself up. Mass Transit Vehicle, "income" of 15 million yuan in 2007, unemployed people living in Wuhan Weimou In order to do the car deck, they seek online help. Fu Qiang saw an immediate response, and passion for Weimou provide relevant information. Is a November day, Weimou tentatively asked to pay, the possibility of entering into a police traffic control system add vehicle information, saying you can do a big deal. Fu Qiang heard that you can make big money, put into action immediately. He tried to use a super-administrator user password database,ヴィトン, add data successfully. Fu Qiang also be purchased online hackers parity bit calculation program to crack user passwords, so that data entry Vehicle Administration system. After Weimou invasion the public security chariotest pipe system message that Fu Qiang, highly prized. After him through the network with a contact that can apply for a formal license plate cards for smuggled cars, just can not transfer, transfer membership. After a get rich eager immediately to contact the owner,hollister outlet, has Shandong named Ma, Humou Zhejiang Wu, Hunan easy one, the Sichuan Dengmou and after a contact become a contact owners intermediary. Reporters yesterday in Xiantao City Public Security Bureau parking lot to see some recovered back smuggled cars, BMW X5, Audi Q7, Land Rover,Former oiler and two accomplices robbed a gas station cash-c, Toyota overbearing ... now acertained, one year, Fu Qiang main culprits of this " the underground Vehicle Administration illegally handle the license plate of a total of 126 sets, involving more than 1,hollister,500 yuan.

Scholars preparation of the New World map Beijing to New Yor

's first accurate map presents complete. The map has to guide the polar expedition and international aviation, so shorter range 8000 km Beijing to New York. Change: the Arctic Ocean into the effect of the center of the world: Beijing to New York. Shortened 8000 kilometers variations: Arctic Ocean into the center of the world this year 52-year-old Hao Xiaoguang, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, his office walls newly series world map " gives first sight feeling is weird. World map generally on a group map a total of four, four hemispheres of the East,air jordan, West, North and South,hollister, each one; the three horizontal pricked, the southern hemisphere version of the map of the world "vertical. The Measurement Accuracy introduced cross-section along the weft describe the two world map of the northern and southern hemispheres, so the map of the world into four, two along the meridian vertical cut, two along the weft cross-section, north, south, east, or west last constitute a whole. Eastern Hemisphere version of the map of the world "at the top right Wuran protruding piece Hao Xiaoguang said, this is the world's largest island - Greenland, the traditional world map, in order to ensure that the top of the map is a flat line, the island's northern end is cut off a small part of,アバクロ. New map, the world must be complete presentation, one less, not crippled or deformity. In the the Measurement Accuracy world map,ナイキ ジョーダン, surrounded by Canada, the United States, Russia, Denmark,The junior high school girls want to back paralyzed father,, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and other countries around the Arctic Ocean has become the center of the world,hollister outlet. Effect: Beijing fly 8000 km shorter before 2002 in New York, according to the traditional map of the world to develop air routes,グッチ 財布, to Europe and the United States shall be by way of the Pacific. A New World Map prepared pursuant to Measurement Accuracy In September 2002, Air China developed the Arctic route to the United States. Traditional route, Beijing - New York go to Pacific, a distance of 19,000 km,The girl was boiling water burns disfigured media launched m, while walking the Arctic Ocean, a distance of 11,グッチ バッグ,000 km,ヴィトン 財布, nearly 8000 km one-way flight over three hours less than in the past. It is understood that the Arctic Ocean to Asia, Europe and the United States on three continents vertices and has contact three continents shortest route, 2/3 of the world's land and 4/5 of the country gathered here, but also because of the world's major powers and military powers in the Northern Hemisphere,ジョーダン, the Arctic Circle from these countries have the shortest distance from the defense point of view, the strategic significance of the aviation and missile flight is self-evident. Measurement Accuracy of a new map of the world was aroused by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (major study of international peace and international conflict, specific content, including the disarmament of armed conflict and conflict management, as well as global and regional conflicts, etc.), high degree of attention, perhaps highlights its strategic military value. Measurement Accuracy of a new map of the world has been increasingly adopt the expedition and defense construction. Of the authority of the department of the Arctic expedition in Antarctica - China Polar Research Center,air ジョーダン, the earliest introduction of the revised map of the world: 21 2004 Antarctic expedition ocean voyage and in 2005 China's first global ocean expedition, the figure indicates that the figure, routes Measurement Accuracy map forming a a perfect closed curve. Global warming caused by the Arctic ablation, the routes between Asia, Europe and the United States on three continents 6000 km shorter and shorter range of 1/3 or more, Panama and the Suez Canal will be of no avail, the world trade balance will be broken global political and economic landscape will be a major change. By then, the northern hemisphere version of the map of the world "will become the world's politicians and merchants of the palm-sized. Inspiration: from the Chinese couplet Hao Xiaoguang graduated from Tongji University, professional geodetic in the CAS Wuhan geodetic study continental drift doctrine, concern for the world map. Difficult to see in the Chinese version of the map on the Pacific coasts consistent, he wants to draw a make most of the countries, most people can accept, rich beauty, the practical value of the map of the world. Hao Xiaoguang said: "The first problem is: how to express a complete world in a single map Chinese couplet in the dual, the antithesis inspired me East have West, there North South Why the map of the world there can be only one Zhang engage in a combination. "China complex also led him to the southern hemisphere version of the map of the world made a vertical version,グッチ. Why As if made cross Figure territory of China, seemed to be the big cock can not keep standing tall, sang along morphology, which is the Chinese people can not accept. Inspired by ancient Chinese texts vertical map from the cross erected, to solve this problem. Cutting: clever latitude scared away "Sky" in the northern hemisphere version of the map of the world ", he latitude 60 ° weft Earth cut to achieve the continents on the world map for the first time, national exhaustive, accurate The full texts. Southern hemisphere version of the map of the world "magic tangent latitude 15 °, almost brush and North America, was almost cut to North America, but narrowly,abercrombie, 15 ° north latitude line close to South America,The harvesters been the sand trucks rear-end was the sand bury caused two deaths, almost in the north and south Americas most narrow pass through Central America, the South American continent intact.

The experts suggest house rules to guide pupils Green Intern

' Internet usage behavior research report "(hereinafter referred to as the" Report "),ヴィトン, 7.1% of Internet pupils infected with" Internet addiction ". Central South University Institute of Mental Health, Professor Su Linyan interview yesterday that the the Internet addiction proportion of Changsha pupils below this data,ジョーダン, she also pointed out that scientific and rational management of the parents is a to guide pupils Green Internet assurance. The game is the main cause of Internet addiction "report" for the sampling sample of 6-12 year-old primary school students and their parents to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and 2400 survey results show that 80% of pupils access to the Internet before the age of 9 , while 7.1% of Internet pupils contracted "Internet addiction",Rental of men and women suspected self-immolation caused by. "Report" shows about Bacheng 9-year-old before the pupils came into contact with the Internet, more part of the primary school students in preschool or even just one year old has been contact with the network. The game is a favorite Internet pupils played the game on the Internet more than 90% of the game is the main cause of Internet addiction,air jordan. The survey "Internet addiction" defined to include a necessary condition, and three additional conditions. The necessary conditions are met,abercrombie, the supplementary conditions to meet a user defined as addiction. The necessary conditions for: Internet whether any adverse impact to your learning and interpersonal. Three additional conditions: you always want the Internet; because for some reason can not access you will be disturbed,<a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Girl by cousin abetting street musicians and beggars were rescued \(Figure\) _</a>, confused; you think the Internet is happier, more self-realization. The house rules management pupils Internet is very important said Professor Su Linyan, network and any novelty, easy to attract attention, and its convenience is also likely to create dependence,グッチ バッグ, but the parents do not saw the child access to the Internet on its guard on that is addiction. Compared to high school students and college students, primary school students better manage parental instruction is more likely to produce the effect, at this stage, but also parents to help children establish good period correct scientific network concept. Management for primary school students access to the Internet, the key lies in the parents. Parents allow children access to the Internet before formulating house rules, for example,air ジョーダン, limited the time and view the contents of your kids online, you can play online games and entertainment software. Parents and even children on the network some useful learning and entertainment, to science,ヴィトン 財布, to guide the children green Internet. Related links: primary school network using the "house rules" (recommended) * to determine the rules governing the use of the network,hollister, including: What can browse the website, and what can be done when the Internet which time Internet,Faculty family members accused of desks and chairs for firewood water sold to st, Internet every day long; * without parental consent Do not network to publish their own personal information, including home address, home phone number, parents' address and phone number,abercrombie shop, credit card number,hollister outlet, your child's school and place; * did not get the consent of their parents,グッチ 財布, never to meet with friends; * do not own the photo or photos of family members, by the network or the e-mail sent to someone else; * without the parents' permission, and do not need to spend money on the activities of the network; * Internet do not make possible harm or annoy others things but can not make a thing of breaking the law,アバクロ; * landing network name and the name of the chat password that require children to tell their parents.

Man major depressive episode Liantong girlfriend 17 knife ca

's motive and process of the anomaly is a deep contradiction want to vent their anger - "In general, stabbed so many knife, not a crime of passion. Murderer and dead feeling has always been good,abercrombie shop, no major conflict in the day, Why start so ruthless "Judge sensitive to the state of mind of the murderer may have a problem,air ジョーダン! Immediately launched investigations and forensic conclusions: Judge guess is correct,hollister outlet. Murderer suffering from depression, the disease has affected the ability to control when committing the crime, he merely limiting the liability capacity. Ultimately, the court made a sentence of life imprisonment, to avoid a miscarriage of justice victimizes. Our reporter Chen Shanshan 25-year-old chef with the 17-year-old girlfriend Scarlet Love Zhang Xiaolin Fengyang County. In 2006, when he was 23-year-old Zhang Xiaolin cooks in Shanghai, Gansu girls LIN Fen,グッチ 財布, the two fall in love. In 2007, LIN Fen was introduced to the Jiangning a foot shop attendant, Zhang Xiaolin continue to stay in Shanghai, began to distance relationship. During the New Year's Day of 2008,air jordan, the two had a fight. January 7, Zhang Xiaolin to Nanjing looking for LIN Fen, the two meet soon after the crash and burn. A few days later, however, Zhang Xiaolin received a girl's phone, LIN Fen angry. In retaliation, she had to a boy playing the phone. Zhang Xiaolin really jealous, an argument with two men. LIN Fen anger and broke it, and tried to restore Zhang Xiaolin. 8:00 am on January 11, Zhang Xiaolin bought a more than 30 cm long knife, and bought a box of "analgin. He was ready to talk LIN Fen talk time, or restore not on suicide. Around 11:00 the same day,The electrician was fired after refusing to work at lunch time and a fine _ New, LIN Fen colleague and roommate Xiaojiang back to rental take cell phone. The door opens, the scene in front of that she was shocked - LIN Fen lying on the ground, his neck following a big puddle of blood; Zhang Xiaolin lying in bed, the pool of blood beneath the bed there is a sharp knife, above all blood. The Xiaojiang and quickly hit the phone alarm. At this point, LIN Fen have died, police Zhang Xiaolin sent to hospital after the rescue, he came alive. This morning in the end what happened Zhang Xiaolin woke uncover the mystery: "I spoke to her, she ignored me, and I was very angry on the knife out to scare her and I walked behind her, tapped her on the shoulder, she looked back to see the knife to reach out and grab I stabbed her knife, her hands scrabbling, I'll continue to poke, and later she fell ...... "Zhang Xiaolin very afraid, decided to die. He the dose "analgin, then a knife to poke into the stomach twice. The prosecution alleged intentional homicide: just look at the merits undoubtedly sentenced to death! Zhang Xiaolin police interrogation, confessed to the killings. After the end of the case review, Nanjing Procuratorate intentional homicide Zhang Xiaolin prosecution. In accordance with the law,hollister, guilty of intentional homicide, should be sentenced the legal punishment within the range of the "death penalty, life imprisonment, or more than ten years in prison". Alleged facts from the prosecution point of view, Zhang Xiaolin because love entanglements brandished a knife and stabbed underage girlfriend over thirty knife called extremely serious crimes, and there is no statutory mitigating or extenuating circumstances to the imposition of the death penalty seems to be no suspense thing. The judges think anomaly: no major contradictions Why kill Sentence of a court, the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court accepted the case, the judge Hung passers carefully read the entire case file information. Hung passers sentence of a court senior judge, the criminal trial experience is very rich,Graduating from college girls refused when civil s, after reading the case file, he always felt a little bit wrong. Murderer and the deceased feelings has always been a good day, no major conflict, why suddenly hands Why start so ruthless "Hung transit the incident over and over again after carding total feeling unjustifiable. "The motive of the murderer and after committing the crime are a bit irrational, is not a state of mind " Hung passers could not help but guess. ■ doubts to Secret him sick! Pot on fire, and he failed to react! Judge flood way this case does not in general, is not necessarily grasp his own guess. But he knew, any subtle death penalty cases are questions that can not be ignored, so he flew to the Full Court members reported their own ideas. Collegial panel decided the first trial, Zhang Xiaolin mental condition carefully observed in the trial research. This is the first instance, the answer gradually opened - his father: the spirit is not a normal trial, the collegial panel members pay special attention to the mental condition of Zhang Xiaolin. Zhang Xiaolin court performance is relatively calm, no abnormal reaction, good attitude, and reveals the idea of ​​striving for dead several times. Zhang Xiaolin parents did not come, and and several uncles participated in the trial. Tribunal, the members of the collegial panel to communicate with them, understand Chang. According to them, Zhang Xiaolin his family was very poor, the childhood mother ran away from home; father's health is not good, not very sound intelligence, spirit is not normal - the collegial panel members immediately realized,ナイキ ジョーダン, this is important information! As we all know, mental illness may be genetic, if the family did not lie, the Hung passers judge the suspect more informed. His own: because of depression the medical treatment Thus, the court commissioned Nanjing Brain Hospital of Zhang Xiaolin psychiatric appraisal. Accompanied by Hung way, the judge experts to Shanghai to visit Zhang Xiaolin, who once worked in hotels, Many chefs colleagues reflect, Zhang Xiaolin usually a little different from ordinary people, such as cooking, often inexplicably wander, sometimes pot burning up, he no response. Also learned to a Shanghai hospital, Zhang Xiaolin but had depression. Identification of the conclusions: the onset of his crime! July 11, 2008, the Nanjing Brain Hospital issued by the judicial psychiatric disorders Certificate of Authenticity. Expert conclusions: Zhang Xiaolin suffering from depression,グッチ バッグ, the perpetrator has the ability to limit liability. The judge in Hong transit expert further explained Zhang Xiaolin condition. Experts, mental illness into depression, schizophrenia, paranoia three categories, depression affective mental illness, is a severe mental illness. Depression is divided into five levels, from light to heavy, respectively, as follows: adjustment disorder, depressed mood, mild depression, depressive episode with psychotic symptoms. Zhang Xiaolin's condition has reached the fourth grade, depressive episode, he belongs to the control disorders, can not control their behavior in the case of stimulation, can not think of the consequences of the behavior, but identify capacity were not much affected, so it finds him " has a limitation of liability capacity. " Verdict: life imprisonment, compensation 340,グッチ,000 collegial panel ultimately decided intentional homicide sentenced Zhang Xiaolin life imprisonment and deprived of political rights for life, and judgment Zhang Xiaolin economic losses totaling 34 million yuan compensation for the deceased parents. Five gatekeeper system to eliminate the death penalty cases of wrongful convictions victimizes a matter of human life can not tolerate a little bit sloppy,Two deaf woman within 4 hours 4 interchange 11 bus pick-pocketing, once the gatekeeper mistakes cause can never make up for the consequences of wrongful convictions victimizes. In the course of a hearing, that the accused have the conditions to apply for a psychiatric evaluation, will be based on the parties responsible for the responsible attitude of the law, the judicial psychiatric examination of the defendant. Pardon, mitigate the culpability of the mentally ill is a worldwide consensus. China's "Criminal Law" Article 18 provides that: "mental patients are unable to recognize or control his own conduct when harm results, confirmed by the identification of legal procedures, not criminally responsible. Intermittent mental patient in a normal mental state when the crime shall bear criminal responsibility. crime of mental patients to recognize or control their own behavior has not completely lost,ヴィトン, shall bear criminal responsibility, but may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. "in this case, the defendant Zhang Xiaolin identified with depression, the perpetrators lack of ability to control, but still recognizable ability, belongs to "have the ability to limit liability, in accordance with the law can be punished more leniently,アバクロ. The court is the basis for this, as well as the murder he committed crimes, and ultimately make a sentence of life imprisonment. Of course, do not rule out that some suspects obviously normal, but lied mentally ill, you want to achieve the purpose to avoid criminal responsibility. According to the actual situation, we will decide whether to have it certified. If not strict, so that ought to be severely punished murderer escape culpability, is not only unfair to the victim, the law is a sacrilege. Nanjing Intermediate People's Court of criminal cases finalized checks are very strict, five checking system in death penalty cases,ヴィトン 財布, the contractors, the Full Court, the courtroom, Dean of judicial committee Cengcengbaguan the is to eliminate all mistakes. In addition, in the trial of major cases, we pay attention not only to review the facts of the case and the evidence, but also pay attention to the positive response to the reaction of the community, such as the 2010 trial the Nanjing xishanqiao son to kill his father's case, in-depth the incident to the community, and broadening the way listen to the opinions of the masses, the full consideration of various factors, and properly handle the case in accordance with the law. Nanjing Intermediate People's Court sentence of a court Hung passers

Drunk the renovation work 占道 Showmanship urban management

​​administrative law enforcement detachment Nanping street brigade inspectors Liuhan Wen and Xu Peng came to Nanping West routine patrol,ジョーダン. When they came to the blessing days Building roadside, found that more than 30 renovation workers to carry ash barrels, drills and other tools,グッチ 財布, standing on the sidewalk to attract guests. They intercepted most of the renovation work carrying tools leave, and two decoration workers still stay in place,hollister outlet. "We went up a strong alcohol smell to them,oakley." Liu Hanwen They again to persuade two Fitters leave the decoration workers not only do not listen,アバクロ, but also start shouting,air ジョーダン. Again announced policy to no avail,abercrombie, They prepared to be withheld in accordance with the provisions of its decoration tool. At this time, two Fitters suddenly rushed forward, one stuck Liu Hanwen neck when the Xu Peng intercepted his neck is stuck,Some industries require waitresses wind wear short skirts stockings greet Bin,グッチ. Subsequently, two Fitters drawn the gray bucket bricklaying knife waving, constantly Kanxiang the two inspectors neck and waist. The roadside car inspectors had to report to the Police. Nanping Pedestrian Street Patrol platform Traffic Patrol soon arrived. While the Traffic Patrol ready to be taken away for investigation, one of the decoration workers fled in disarray. The injured Liu Hanwen and Xu Peng Nanan District People's Hospital, check,Peddle after the man picked up one thousand flower,hollister, determine the body multiple soft tissue contusion,s knife horizontal neck and asked to see the 46-year-old gir, two neck Scars and Lehen. It is understood that the Fitters was arrested was brought back after a drunken also kept shouting and whistling the Traffic Patrol had to sober them priority,hollister. Reporters learned yesterday,abercrombie france, the the Fitters perverted the performance of official duties,abercrombie shop, Traffic Patrol investigation on the matter is still underway.

13-year-old boy the middle of the night away from home were

's father the day running errands and return home until after 23:00 and did not care about small lie not at home to go home until a small Ho's grandmother told him that the child was gone,The Changchun unlicensed slaughterhouse Day carcas, he contacted relatives began looking for the child,abercrombie france. After the incident,21-year-old man and two girls under four children,abercrombie, County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade police quickly rushed to the scene to conduct the investigation,ジョーダン. Confirmed by autopsy, Xiao He who is not fatal trauma,air jordan,The real estate agency shops were dozens of people holding bamboo sticks bricks, only the right-hand part of a 3 cm long, 0,air ジョーダン.5 cm wide small hole,hollister outlet. The police preliminary judgment,グッチ, the deceased might freeze to death. And before his death,hollister, Xiao He may also refuge from the cold,abercrombie, smashed the window glass of the irrigation and drainage stations,グッチ バッグ. Yesterday,アバクロ, the families have small Ho's body was cremated,hollister.

The woman went to the provinces to see dead Return bus New

WASHINGTON (Reporter Zhengwei Ting) 6:00 yesterday morning, more than one from Guangxi Guangzhou-bound bus parked in Guangzhou Dezheng South,air ジョーダン, a woman was carried out of the car on the side of the road, the woman was certified long dead . Deceased Huangai Juan Guangxi this year, 33-year-old her husband called Zhang Xiquan, two men living in Shaoguan, two daughters, a 3-year-old, a 5-year-old. The family said Huang Aijuan suffering from leukemia,Father Posting to users to borrow money for cerebral palsy s, has a large hospital in Guangzhou for examination and treatment,abercrombie, has a hundred thousand dollars in debt. I heard Guangxi doctors are highly skilled,hollister outlet, Zhang Xiquan with his wife to go to medical treatment, but did not find the doctor,Carriage flat tire rims scratched the girls the accident man,グッチ, the day before yesterday afternoon on the ride back from Nanning to Guangzhou,abercrombie france. Around 3:00 yesterday, Zhang Xiquan found his wife die, he was Buganshengzhang,グッチ 財布. Yesterday morning, the bus to the Yuexiu South Station, said he was told the bus driver,oakley, drivers let passengers get off,アバクロ, drove to the benevolent rule South Road,hollister, find someone to lift the Huangai Juan under and sent to the funeral home. Zhang Xiquan cousin said, a cousin of migrant workers,hollister, because the wife of a doctor debts, a hardship,Company is a supply of cheap grease to COFCO sector CEOs bribery _, now sister-in-law died,グッチ バッグ, leaving behind two young children life I do not know how too,abercrombie shop.

Shaanxi Baoji city management to set up grievance Award winn

wronged Award. Law enforcement do scolded not revile January 27, Baoji City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau Secretary Luo Guangping said they repeatedly told,ジョーダン, in the day-to-day work,Ting Xu home that will perhaps experience the oral a book (F, the overall situation of the interests in conflict with law enforcement object must for playing does not fight back , keep a cool head,Kindergarten enrollment after insufficient number of schools for the children of,hollister outlet. To adhere to the emotionally moving,air jordan, enlighten them with reason, to listen to the demands of law enforcement object to make the greatest patience clarifying the legal and policy and civilized law enforcement, harmony and law enforcement,hollister outlet, human law enforcement, must be done playing does not fight back, reviled,hollister, reviled not. The bureau set wronged Award "presented new challenges and demands of urban management and law enforcement because of the need to build a harmonious society in the past few years in the transition of society, urban management and law enforcement team members often become a" punching bag "some people vent their emotions. The clashes have occurred, the law enforcement team members are likely to increase by the beatings and verbal abuse. Been beaten, abusive situations in Baoji City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau in 2009 a total of 215 passengers. As the Law Enforcement Bureau, in order to establish a good image of the team, and those of frequent personality wronged, repeated personal attacks, but unshaken overall situation, team members adhere to civilized law enforcement,air ジョーダン, shall organizational soothe it social understanding and recognition. Players work 7 years, 8 injured Fifth Squadron under the jurisdiction of the council is the the Baoji city center business district, the flow of people, many merchants, especially in summer, a lot of mobile vendors, great difficult to manage. Fifth squadron commander Wang Wenhua engaged in urban management work for seven years, eight injured, 6 containment at home, but to pursue his passion. In July 2008, withheld a substandard Dial Scale, Wang Wenhua was number siege, abusive, right upper arm was bitten bled, suffered multiple bruises, Wang Wenhua always playing does not fight back, reviled not,abercrombie. In September 2008,ナイキ ジョーダン, withheld a tricycle current selling fruit, law enforcement object continuous entangled days, and Wang Wenhua wounded, subsided after police before. When it comes to the wronged experience, Wang Wenhua said quietly: "this thing is too much, the key is that we have won the praise and respect of the jurisdiction of the public." Of Baoji City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau directly under the Law Enforcement Detachment Li Na in the seizure of illegal black car hand operations scratched black truck drivers yelling said Li fight him, Li Na out loud to the people around the interpretation of the relevant law, the masses to understand,abercrombie france, helped Li Na to persuade drivers who get off to accept the deal. "One aunt handed a tissue of Li Na said:" girl,グッチ, you are doing the right thing, wiped his hands of the blood,グッチ 財布,Pedicab 4 years studying the score by the judicial exam (Fig! "Li Na said:" I am wronged firm, see everyone understand us, I would rather cry get splinters. "Luo Guangping said:" We have a group of people who have been repeatedly attacked personal work, personality powerless in the face of insult, but it can take the whole situation into account,hollister, and civilized law enforcement, to become a model of harmony and law enforcement wronged Award "prize only 1000 yuan but reflects the wronged Comrade affirmation and recognition of the bureau.

News in the sister car door knocked down baby girl to death

'an the sister she had got empty traveling and suddenly felt the urgent within the side of the road to find a public toilet after she Parking ready to get off the toilet,グッチ バッグ, open the door the moment, an electric car is approaching from behind and hit the door electric car, three people on the spot fell to the ground, one of less than a year-old baby girl after the hospital died. Yesterday morning, she had got committing traffic crime of first instance sentenced to six months. This year June 10 at 2 pm,The man lover away from home to take the water tower top 7 h, Huai'an the sister she had got driving taxi feel urgent within thought Xinmin East Road public toilets to relieve themselves,グッチ 財布. Stopped the car she was driving along the Xinmin East Road, traveling from east to west and 100 meters east in the Rose Garden, and she hit the right direction lights relying Road north haste, she did not hit the double jump lights and went straight to open the left the door,hollister outlet. In this case, the public He is riding the electric bike is ready to go to the hospital,abercrombie shop, the cart sitting behind his 28-year-old wife, and the wife of the arms holding less than a year old daughter. Mr. Chan is too late to dodge electric cars right wipe the handle and the door a three spot fell to the ground. Ms. Zhou is rushed quickly called the police, Mr,The cadres car Lianzhuang the 7 car caused death claiming de. Chen a family of three was subsequently rushed to hospital,air ジョーダン. 7 o'clock in the evening,ナイキ ジョーダン, not one year old girl died. Identified by the Traffic and Patrol Department,hollister outlet, the sister she had got temporary parking on the road is the main reason causing the accident,abercrombie, bear the main responsibility,air jordan; Mr. Chen violation electric car specified secondary cause of the accident,グッチ, the negative secondary responsibility. The court held that she had got traffic crime. In view of its accidents,oakley, active alarm can be given a lighter punishment,Half of Shanghai citizens to choose after the holiday travel can save a few thou,アバクロ, sentenced him to prison for six months. (Bing-connected Zhu Dingzhao)

More than 10 green conservation workers in the public toilet

's husband is a green conservation contractors, she is responsible for all the members of the public toilets in the family's food. Jokes,グッチ 財布, Hangzhou, the first to live in public toilets proprietress. Eleonora said sheepishly: contractors, poor money is not yet in place,hollister! Public toilets last year made up. In May, Eleonora and her husband live in the West between the public toilets. As a labor contractor,hollister outlet, although the room is a row of four or five pit, but compared to other workers in his room more like home these - They are placed in a nearly spent $ 100 cloth bed, a TV machine all day play,12-year-old boy was lured by the circus the Guizhou often be. In October last year, the women workers of Sichuan Wang Yuhua was admitted to the toilet, she slept in the the Eleonora couple's next door, next to her wooden bed bedside, it was a toilet-toilet for the disabled. Wang Yuhua complained to reporters that there is no way to cure mice swarm toilet during the day Tate scatter in all directions to channeling to put rat poison. Eleonora was admitted to the toilet, the most painful thing for a thief too. Some time ago,abercrombie, the thief all her two briquette stove and two pressure cooker and other belongings stolen her losses. Wang Yuhua month 1000 yuan. She counted in Hangzhou rent a room, it will cost more than half the wages. "But think about living here, after all, do not pay the rent,abercrombie france." She said in a sympathetic tone, I fellow in town to do the cleaning staff,air ジョーダン, live in Jiubao, 500 yuan a month rent,abercrombie, bus fee at least 80,Waterworks intake pipe damage affects 3 million people of th, she was the envy of the death of me, not expensive and from work,air jordan, nearly. "Eleonora said, his two daughters and a son in the the Xin'anjiang home, no school, and not to make money,abercrombie shop, as parents pressure is also very large,mulberry, you could save as much as possible, save some,ナイキ ジョーダン. "Home" people always want to dilute the brand of toilets, public toilets, no hanging toilet. The east side of a row of squat toilet,ジョーダン, although occasionally outside passers, but people mainly green chemical. A cottage next to the toilet, sleeping in a room level of shop Kang Dabo may be the oldest, but also to live here the longest, "the elderly". He said,Company staff photos do the body advertising was hit with five thousand dollars, the public toilets just built, workers live here. Unless very urgent passers-by, generally surrounding residents also very considerate is not come here to relieve themselves. Riverside District Urban Management Office official said, do not know the people live in public toilet. The public toilets are generally divided into two categories, one is handed over to the construction unit built urban management, is not allowed to live in these public toilets. Who lives in people toilet like the Jianding road belongs also did not transfer over, city management does not have permission tube. Source: Today Morning

Jinan market staining pepper buyers mainly for small and med

'Shaanxi DaHongPao,abercrombie, only 18 yuan this year rose to 30 yuan,' dyeing pepper cater some small restaurants in consumer demand,グッチ. "the traders said,hollister, the staining pepper" and general pepper mixed together, who can not see it,グッチ 財布. Asked staining pepper "produced and where the traders,ナイキ ジョーダン, mainly from the vicinity of Jinan,グッチ バッグ, every few days people have gone to market delivery,hollister outlet." How to quickly identify the pros and cons of pepper Engaged in the multi-pepper wholesale business,mulberry, Mr. Lee said,air ジョーダン, really pepper the vast majority of the opening of the shell was reddish brown or brown, shell inside is white,How hot friends over the Mid-Autumn Day holiday excursion sought after,hollister outlet, and a small amount of black pepper seeds. False pepper and more consistent color, size, uniform surface without opening,hollister,The officials writing officialdom performance low-key some p. "The easiest way is to smell a smell,ジョーダン,Suffering from depression woman jump lake to commi, aroma larger must be genuine."

Police cars rushed the sidewalk injured women drivers Depart

Sports Network (Metropolis Daily special correspondent correspondent Wang Dehua Xiaoqi) Qianri Wan,, Ezhou binhu West near the Garden District, a police car onto the sidewalk,hogan outlet, Knocked seriously injured a female pedestrian. Yesterday was informed that the from Ezhou traffic police detachment directly under the brigade accident cars city Liangzihu District Court Department of the police car, the driver was drinking and driving have been controlled. The night 9:45, the reporter heard the news rushed to the scene to see,abercrombie, the injured have been rushed to hospital, the vehicle has been towed away,ジョーダン, a big tree on the roadside sidewalk scraped off a layer of skin, the blood-stained sidewalk ,グッチ. Onlookers have said that the police car is too fast,mulberry. Witnesses said Mr. Xiong Xu 9:10 that night,abercrombie, he is Yang Lan lake walk,グッチ バッグ, suddenly heard several loud noise,ナイキ ジョーダン. Car accident he approached a police car rushed to the sidewalk after hitting a tree, turn a women knocked down, a Dongfeng Nissan Teana,abercrombie france, the license for Hubei GA030 police,グッチ 財布, the body says court word,Village cadres pretended to enjoy the minimal need. After 15 minutes, the injured taken to hospital by ambulance,air jordan. Reporter was informed yesterday from the Second Hospital of Ezhou City,Large truck carrying 40 tons of hazardous chemicals at the g, 47-year-old injured Ms Wu is the residents of the Garden District,mulberry, the body multiple fractures, currently still in the hospital intensive care unit treatment,College girl identity cards have been others use For denied. Source: Metropolis Daily

Two brothers dissatisfied with the the paid village the liga

's Procuratorate issue ligation notice because of dissatisfaction with the village women's director, put the snake revenge two brothers,abercrombie, has been approved the arrest on suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety. The full Village is a snake! At about 3:00 am on April 10,グッチ, by city officials the villagers Guo Jing at home and knocking on the window of the gate to allow his wife to send key window next six or seven snake, the snake was killed, Guo Jing did not think I go home sleep. Wake up the next morning, he saw a shocking scene: behind the house full of snakes, not only that, some villagers stove in the house are covered with snake, one of the homes of villagers chicken has also been bitten by a snake dead Guo Jing called the police ...... and the entire people of the village are busy playing snakes, first discovered the snake. Alarm,ジョーダン, the police and town government leaders have rushed to this is also the first time they encounter,グッチ バッグ,s wife driving a bus killed two people _ News, and could not say. The police asked many local elderly people, and they said that they have not seen such a snake. Snakes come from What is the snake came from, than before the earthquake a sign For a time people did not dare go home to sleep, all while carrying a chair and ran to the yard enjoying the breeze. To this end,s personal information to be released to the Internet, the town government has specially invited the South China Institute of Endangered Animals and earthquake experts. Identified,abercrombie shop, animal experts confirm that it is a dangerous snake called the short-tailed venomous snake, earthquake experts ruled earthquake signs say, the main reason is that there will be a variety of animal earthquake precursors exception occurs, and this one just this A snake. Since it is not earthquake precursors,ナイキ ジョーダン, that is the reason for that The police decided to start from the source of the snake. Experienced police officers remembered the neighboring sell this snake from Conghua Xingfu bird market. Investigations, the police learned that the day before the incident with the appearance of two farmers who spent about $ 600, Xingfu bird market to buy nearly 40 pounds of this snake,hogan outlet. Subsequently,グッチ 財布, the police learned in the village visited the the village unique deal with snakes Guo total bit Guo Tim two brothers, trafficking snake business they have done before. Police took two photos to Xingfu bird market to sell snake identification, and ultimately confirmed. Why undercover Kwok brothers are brought to justice, the villagers also surprised: they put so many snakes in the end want to do In turned Guo Tim Kuo total bit two brothers to be the object of reprisals lover of Guo Jing Song Send clear. Send Qing Song, director of the women in the village,air jordan, if seniority, brothers or her Tang Shu. Because Guo collocated couples comeback,air ジョーダン,The owners driving car deck being investigated spend 10 mill, she wrote a ligation notice,mulberry, April 9, the day will write the name of the notice sent to his hand, the move angered the Kwok brothers,hollister, I think of snakes to scare Song Send clear a. The brothers did not think of the consequences actually get out of hand, this snake crawling around, not only scare the the Song Send clear a scared fellow villagers, and even their own by the calamity, and fortunately there were no casualties.

The girl allegedly as a result of the overdoses K powder car

In March this year,air jordan,Wedding accountant record gifts RMB Number guard against counterfeit currency _, the two companions she met online sharing house in Cimenkou near live,Scraped the passenger cars and vans from the compounding is,ナイキ ジョーダン, has not been working,air ジョーダン, I did not expect such a thing",Unemployed youth posing as vice president to buy a house on the grounds of fraud,グッチ バッグ.

Four villagers suffered more than 40 times a fire (Photos)

' group of four homes of villagers has occurred 40 times strange fire CHEN Ben sticks only took place nearly 30 onwards,グッチ. Yesterday, the reporter came to the group of villagers, the villagers are talking about this Xiqiao Shi. Chicken sheds burned 14 times CHEN Ben sticks behind the house is his chicken shed, this time last year, this chicken shed a total of 6 fire, although it is not particularly serious,グッチ 財布, but the chicken frightened, so when he lost money,hogan. Since then, he no longer raise chickens. "I did not expect the fire this year, and the number of times more frequent,air ジョーダン." Chen this sticks, told reporters on March 13 this year, the straw no sign on the roof of the chicken shed caught,abercrombie, because they can not find signs of arson, the loss is not , he did not put the matter to heart. Who knows, within the next two weeks, the chicken shed succession of 14 fire until the straw on the roof of the chicken shed almost all been burned to the ground. CHEN Ben the sticks told reporters, 1 day 4 fire. The burned chicken shed burning haystack in the chickens shed roof thatch almost all ashes, Chen sticks that fire this the end of the afternoon fire broke out in one day, thought home door by the roadside haystack,ナイキ ジョーダン. CHEN Ben the sticks told reporters,Postmortem _ new junior high school students dissatisfied teachers criticized strangled the other son, the firewood stacked two meters tall haystack and following all burnt to ashes, and even the telephone line of the tree was also blown. Since then,Sudden death autopsy confirmed that 11-year-old boys dormito, Chen this sticks house fire is not broken, recent time occurred at 8 o'clock on April 15, Chen Ben sticks home housing the mountain wall paste the rain thatched suddenly caught fire, this to Chen this sticks family people are scared not light, "Before the fire only burned outside the house, greenhouses, haystack,mulberry outlet, pyre to burn a house on this." Daughter-in-law and grandson of Chen this sticks to the fire, just got home and I heard someone outside shouting "fire" after here gable thatched fire was extinguished and then forward to a fire. Neighbor Haystack also not been spared leaving villagers feel strange and panic, the fire turned out to be "contagious", fire 14 times so far in the chicken shed CHEN Ben-che and three nearby neighbor succession occurred nearly 30 times fire,グッチ バッグ, four residents of the home haystack pyre even thatched walls have become burned objects. Over 5000 kg straw in front of the villagers WU Shan sticks home is dedicated reserves used to farm cattle feed, all burned in the past week, leaving only a pile of ashes on the ground. Villagers WU Shan protect the family cotton firewood and firewood stacked noon April 14 at the door, burst into flames and burned to death next to more than 10 seedlings. Several burned into ashes the villagers CHAN Benrong, at home in front of two piles the haystack and cotton firewood, at different times. Reporters learned that the group of villagers recent fire occurred on April 15, three fire a total of five times. First CHEN Ben sticks the mountain wall thatched continuous fire three times,hollister outlet, after the Chen-jung haystack heap in red brick home was burned, WU Shan sticks home a pile of cotton firewood piled at the door around 15:00 the same day also no signs under sudden fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, the villagers feel uneasy, they do not know whether frequent fires is arson or spontaneous combustion or other causes. Feixi County Fire Department in the investigation of the site and did not find traces left by arson,Primary schools require students not in school ordering shall Jinjiao Men lunch, but could not find traces of gasoline and other combustion,hollister. Deadwood reporter picked up the fire next to a not completely burned trying to ignite with a lighter, but five minutes without success. CHEN Ben-chi told reporters that the frequent occurrence of fire events occur almost exclusively during the day, how will anyone dare to arson in broad daylight Moreover, many of the ignition point firewood, it is difficult to be burning with a lighter, did not burn. After hearing the news of the Key Laboratory of Fire Science,ジョーダン, National University of Science and Technology of China, Deng Zhihua and other experts, in the April 14, also rushed to the scene investigation. According to Deng Zhihua introduced, they suspected spontaneous combustion, but did not find evidence at the scene. CHEN Ben sticks home chicken sheds on the straw to reach at least 400 degrees Celsius to spontaneous combustion, but the site does not meet this condition, and 50 degrees are difficult to achieve. From the point of view of the current investigation, does not rule out the possibility of spontaneous combustion, but can not be completely ruled out the possibility of arson,abercrombie shop. Deng Zhihua said, if you want to determine is not spontaneous combustion, you need to spend more time waiting at the local investigation. Our reporter Yin Ping text / Chart