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The HIV carriers burns seek medical attention unsuccessful c

's Hospital of Yingde City, Qingyuan City People's Hospital today will send experts to the hospital consultation. Guangdong Provincial Health Department deputy director Liao Xinbo disclose in its micro-Bo on the 19th will be the 20th "with experts to Anglo-German understanding of HIV-positive burn patients and to give greetings". 19 afternoon,mulberry outlet, reporters rushed to severe burns and infected with the HIV virus by Wang Biwen Yingde City People's Hospital. The hospital director of infection An Liangmin said the, Wang Biwen condition temporarily also stable,バーバリー 財布. She explained that Wang Biwen protein, liver and kidney function conditioning was very good, although the burn area dropped from the initial 85% to about 30%,グッチ 財布, but the skin of the burn area,hollister uk, not ability to heal,ヴィトン, especially in the upper and lower extremities and back more serious. "Our treatment is to reduce infection, energy supplements, mainly for the treatment of burns." An Liangmin introduced the People's Hospital of Yingde City is not a cure for AIDS specialist hospitals,hollister, but also the lack of skin graft surgery for severe burns So current treatments are still in stable condition. Yangcheng Evening News first reported,ヴィトン 財布, Wang Biwen condition and encounters led to the attention of the community,グッチ. Yesterday, the Shenzhen of a Ming Jiaopang Kun lawyer volunteers drove a special trip to Britain and Germany,アバクロ, in the understand Wang Biwen condition, expressed willingness to do it by force to help their families find the right treatment hospital. In addition, anti-hepatitis B discrimination rights fighter "Ray Chuang" also made micro-Bo said, "HIV Women are not alone, she has a love of her husband, a hepatitis B virus carriers. Them because the same fate and Xianglian the love married, they are a reality version of "favorite",グッチ 財布, if so,ナイキ ジョーダン, which hospital admitted,air ジョーダン, I kowtow to it, do not go back on.</p>

Two workers pay talks due to emotional desire to jump in the

'an District,グッチ, Shenzhen, workers at the site on behalf of Letters and Visits Office anxious not to climb the windowsill ready to jump from a building after the workstation successfully persuaded under, a tragedy was averted. According to Mr. Tsang introduced,hollister uk, when two men came Guanlan Street Niuhu community comprehensive management letters stability maintenance workstation because of labor problems,hollister, reflect problem. Process,グッチ, the two workers on behalf of emotional excitement, and pushed open the glass windows of the office building on the fourth floor, you want to jump off the climb above. Workstation immediately alarm,バーバリー 財布, Mission Hills Fire squadron rushed to the scene, while the two men to communicate while on the ground quickly laying a good safety cushion,air ジョーダン. Witnesses Lee told reporters that the two men are about to jump from Nanchong in Sichuan,グッチ 財布, in the age of over 30 years old. Prior to that, Mr. Lee had with them in cattle Lake community a construction site work,ジョーダン, since June of this year, more than three months in a row,ナイキ ジョーダン, dozens of workers have not been paid, it is estimated that arrears of about is about 60,003 yuan,グッチ 財布. After 20 minutes,ジョーダン, the two workers' representatives were successfully persuade the next,mulberry outlet.

80-year-old veteran party members before he died on 4000 yua

's hand and said: "I have a mind resolved,ヴィトン, these years,グッチ 財布, she saved me 4000 dollars, could you help me to the organization, as my dues,グッチ. "Tan Yuanzhang very surprised,ナイキ ジョーダン, because,グッチ バッグ, Luo Heng Chi" buckle door "in people's eyes. Luo Heng Chi dinner with an enamel bowl, has spent seven or eight years, has broken unlike the way, but each time the bowl leak,hollister, he would take up a good followed by,ジョーダン. Know that time is running out, Luo Heng Chi Tan Yuanzhang fry an eel wire designed for the elderly. Day,hollister outlet, Luo Heng Chi eat a lot: "This eel wire I want a few years, have not been willing to eat,アバクロ." May 27,ヴィトン 財布, Tan Yuanzhang in accordance with the wishes of the Luo Heng Chi, the town government staff the elderly Finally this 4000 $ membership dues,air ジョーダン, and turned over to the county party organization department of public security,abercrombie.

Male doctor looks handsome popular network girls pretend to

've got a friend to see Allen how handsome,ヴィトン 財布, specially to his clinic medicines. @ Tea prince and Xin said that there are female students pretend to be sick, to prescribe from time to time,hollister, to buy bandage. Handsome doctors do not want to affect the life of the network "I'm still me, life goes on, because of this thing, I do not want to disturb the living,アバクロ." Yesterday,グッチ 財布, 14:51, Chen and Lun issued such a micro-Bo,hollister. His friend "@ the tea prince and Xin told reporters,abercrombie, well-known on the network, so that the pressure on the Chen Lun quite and disturbed, and even insomnia. "He is afraid because this thing to change the existing state, but also fear of causing distress to the family." @ Tea prince and Xin said. Chen Lun humility, although the dress is a little wave, but the character is silent, introverted, does not love to talk too much, "patient" for those who pretend to be sick or to buy medicine, his attitude is very good, not impatient. "He is now more hope,グッチ バッグ, life will not be affected,グッチ, said" @ Milk Tea Prince and Xin in 2:00 more than yesterday,air ジョーダン, Chen Lun gave him a phone call,ルイヴィトン, said very worried about the unknown consequences it caused,hollister outlet. He wanted to find universities and colleges to study,ナイキ ジョーダン, to obtain a qualification certificate, to be a real doctor, I hope this network trend early in the past. Reporter Zhang Yali

Nearly one meter mall before about 60 meters long, 6 meters

's vice president and was told that "people in the field, the specific issues to find the property". An old worker due to torrential rains caused landslides suddenly suspect,グッチ. Workers mainly go under the road by filling sandbags and pouring cement to lay 10 meters deep iron pickets after re-solve landslides. But other workers worry if it rains,hollister, the patch may be dragged long,air ジョーダン. □ news riparian land subsidence the pier the trestle collapse of one hundred meters "track sectors: land subsidence suspect due battlefield sand Southeast Network - Strait Metropolis Daily,ナイキ ジョーダン, May 24 (Reporter Amy Lin) 21 evening 11 o'clock, Quanzhou Nagisa port area of ​​thousands of square meters of riparian sudden land subsidence,アバクロ, the highest drop of up to 5 meters; caused the pier to one hundred meters the trestle bridge collapse and a nearby soil duck farms were destroyed,グッチ 財布. Yesterday morning,ジョーダン, the battle-mining regulatory units of Ocean and Fishery Bureau of Quanzhou City and Fortress area of ​​marine and fisheries law enforcement unit staff go prospecting. Marine and fisheries sector, related depression and Interchange overpass near Pile Foundation Construction and battlefield sand accumulation over weight,グッチ バッグ. Mining battle ground full of mud,abercrombie, "Fortress Ocean and Fishery law enforcement brigade Wu said the captain,hollister, undocumented mining battle, did not do a good job of the foundation,ルイヴィトン, had previously been punished; Since the end of last year, the battle is not unloading sand, sand increase the burden; addition,air jordan, recent Houzhu Port dredging. The Quanzhou Port Authority Deputy Secretary Qi Yongjie said, related to the victims of your own to find the professional bodies have been identified, claim through legal channels.

s postal savings by robbery claims banks 170,000 news

's Court Sango court hearing the case, but not in court for sentencing,abercrombie. The plaintiff prosecuted on behalf of the grain and oil companies yesterday's hearing the original defendant, the parties were not the respondent court. The court on behalf of the plaintiff from the tiger, Guangdong Deyuan law firm Chen Guangdong Ya provider law firm on behalf of the defendant Zhongshan Banfu, Postal Savings branch court Chenfen Jiang. Tellingly, the plaintiff is not to sue in his own name, but on behalf of Zhongshan Jufengyuan Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Co., Ltd,グッチ.. The beginning, the defendant on the plaintiff main suitability own point of view. Chen Fenjiang think, although ransacked the money Jufengyuan Zhongshan Foodstuffs Co., Ltd., but the fact that the company is not in Zhongshan Banfu, Postal Savings branch to open a corporate account, but an individual account opened. Chenfen Jiang said, in this context,hollister, the Bank did not establish a contractual relationship with the plaintiff. The Bank said depositors own fault of the defendant, said the plaintiffs also there is a certain fault. The Chen Fenqiang victim Qiumou daily to the bank to deposit a large amount of cash, in violation of the relevant financial system,グッチ 財布, which also proves that there are certain problems in their company. In addition, the defendant also said Qiu sometimes to duty security payment rice and red envelopes. The defendant said, Qiumou carry large amounts of cash to banks and its own high-profile show off behavior is induced crime. The defendant claimed this behavior and induced the idea of ​​the lawless criminal. So,ルイヴィトン, the victim in this regard guilty fault, at least the degree of fault than the defendant, the Postal Savings Bank. The case playback Midian proprietress was robbed of 34 million yuan so far,ヴィトン, many Banfu residents still remember the 2009 armed robbery. March 4 of that year, two in Henan man robbed at gunpoint a female boss of a local rice store Qiumou 343,500 yuan in cash,air ジョーダン, on the spot to grab. Soon, the police arrested five suspects involved. Court found, in January 2009,abercrombie, when he Banfu Post Office security team leader Wang found the town a female boss Qiumou every day carry large amounts of cash to the postal savings bank remittance business, he forthwith told fellow library a. Since then, the library mustered more than premeditated robbery. Same year at noon on March 4, 2 pm, the library a driving a men's motorcycle equipped accomplices Lu underwent sneaked Banfu postal savings are near the door to opportunistic crime. 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when Qiu and colleagues Li Mouping reach the door of the postal savings bank and get off, Lu underwent armed with a generic 92-type pistol approached Li Mouping hands robbery Li Mouping filled with cash in the hands and passbook travel bag. Qiumou seeing this approached to compete,hollister, Lu towards the ceiling shot and intimidation, in disarray snatched travel bag, get on the library a launch motorcycle, quickly fled the scene,アバクロ. 2010, the second instance by the Intermediate People's Court in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Provincial Higher People's Court of Final Appeal sentenced to a life imprisonment of the main culprits library accomplice Wang jailed for eight years (South have repeatedly reported the matter). Tit for tat whether personal crime by banks bear responsibility Plaintiff: Court criminal verdict, Wang,ジョーダン, when it comes to their fellow Qiumou first go to the bank every day to save money, the other mentioned going to the robbery. Subsequently, when its fellow to him to ask for Qiumou saving time, car models, license plate numbers, and other information, is a plot to rob the process. Wang provide this information to the villagers, is taking part in the robbery, the plotting. Defendant: Wang behavior only individual behavior rather than duties behavior. Although Wang is indeed committed a crime, but nothing to do with the bank by the bank should not be liable to Wang's personal behavior. Wang as adults should be responsible for their own personal behavior, before he had to bear criminal liability,ヴィトン 財布, civil liability should be incurred by that. Whether the defendant has fulfilled the obligation of confidentiality Plaintiff: Jufengyuan information leaked due to the security chief of the Postal Savings Bank and part in the robbery, leading to Jufengyuan robbed of 343,500 yuan. The plaintiffs believe that the postal savings banks are not doing their client confidentiality and security obligations, should bear the liability. Defendant: postal savings banks in the savings bank door is equipped with a security, with two security guards in the business hall, and networking with the police installed alarm systems and monitoring equipment. After the incident, the banks active alarm. These measures prove that the banks have done their own An Baoyi Service. Responsibility for the bank's security can not be extended infinitely.

Thief undercover when electric cars News security Zhuantou

​​Lander Road. This is an upscale district, covers an area of ​​450 mu, total construction area of ​​420,000 square meters, a the residential total number of about 3800, the beautiful residential architectural landscape, greening rate of 45%. Within the cell is also supporting a 8000 square meters large clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, gym, table tennis, basketball courts and other necessities. The district also won the honor of Nanjing excellent residential property management. However, since October last year, people in residential electric cars and battery repeatedly stolen, sometimes within a day stolen several cars. Some owners work at noon ride home, eat lunch intend to work, the car was gone, thieves are very arrogant, owners are complaining. Jiangning police attaches great importance to female director Wang Jing of the Science Park police station with police officers and residential property company started with a large number of targeted ambush waiting for work. Property company leadership also strengthened requirements, enhance security guard into the inventory. It is regrettable, however, residential property owners in the electric car and battery is still after the theft,hollister, the thieves seem to playing the "guerrilla warfare" and the police and security and even insight into the police every action, there is no car as long as plainclothes police to Dunshou the stolen, the police left, and the car was stolen. Waste collection man provide key clues "It seems that we have to adjust their thinking can not just think thief, but also to think more about the whereabouts of the stolen goods ,ヴィトン......" Wang Jing told reporters that she asked police to step up vigilance, active from the stolen goods whereabouts start to expand detective work. This adjustment really worked, and by the end of November last year, a pack rat man provided a key clue to the police. The tattered man Jiaoe Jiang, long-term in the area near the old goods received. He was honest part,グッチ 財布, to do business price fair nor Quejinshaoliang the district residents like to sell him the old products of their own home. As time goes by, A strong district "designated" member only old product recovery A strong left his phone number, as long as residents have scrap to sell to call him, he will come, so the district where the property staff most of his understanding,hollister outlet, but also looked familiar to some although not by name. "A male always call me to sell electric car battery, I always feel like plot which security. A strong police said, the man since October he phoned Contact peddle battery two new battery, the other as long as 100 yuan is willing to sell. A strong asking these batteries come, the man always hesitated, sometimes said to be relatives down the old battery, sometimes said they picked up, very suspicious. More suspect A strong always felt that this man is very familiar, as if the district is a security,air jordan. More than 30 security exactly who did it is it security embezzlement District a total of more than 30 security, suspicious security who is it Police A strong secret identification, the results confirm Paul in Ann Arbor are believed to have a major suspect. Wang Wei, the police handling the case, told reporters from the residential property company, when he got all security registration information for investigation. A letter is not a criminal record of crimes found that the number of suspects, their registered mobile phone number to the police and A strong. Is not A letter left in the data for a fake number Wang Wei, the phone call, the phone through the phone is Ashin. "I never pack rat and that contact, how I might steal the car Patrol my most diligent, you can go to ask other colleagues." Face of police inquiries, Ashin seem confidently insisted that he did not do things over to steal the car. The police visited the district's other security and some of the residents, and everyone also reflect A letter also did not find that he had any problems. The security guards told police they had lunch and are generally required to take a break, and Ashin legs diligent, always go to the district where four patrol when other people sleepy. The residents also said they returned to cell A letter will always be greeted with a smile and say hello to them, often to remind them to take the car locked, does not look like the bad guys. "Because we have no evidence, so I decided not to move him, caused him a do not doubt his illusion." Police analysis the Ashin behind There must have been accomplices, the surface is no longer investigating him in order not to arouse his suspicions, waiting for him shot again eluded capture. "Shot", the spot captured, strange to say, more than a month after the police investigation Ashin stolen cell electric vehicles suddenly disappeared again after a month. However, police investigators have been conducting a secret investigation. On December 24 last year, the old goods received in district A strong secretly phoned Wang Wei: "that the security they phoned me and said electric cars, trying to sell me, how can I do ah " Police secretly excited he told A strong pretend that nothing had happened to the normal closing electric cars. The Ashin A strong this car electric car is a friend commissioned him to sell, an 8 into a new car, it was not sold as scrap price of 240 yuan A strong. After the end of the transaction, the waiting police spot will Ashin win and brought back to the police station to review. This time, Ashin did not like the first time and the police talk as sophistry, he soon truthfully confessed his crime. According to reports, Ashin 34-year-old, Xuzhou, has been around in Nanjing odd jobs. And his wife after the divorce, he becomes depressed, addicted to the Internet, just for the sake of starting to enjoy. Soon,abercrombie, he and some bad crowd mixed in with the other side are some theft of electric cars as a get rich avenues of car thieves. "Now the police investigation was so strict, many residential security vigilance is also very high, this day could not have" a gathering of gang members are feeling the "harvest" less and less, it was suggested if they can bribe some residential security eye, close one eye, so steal from the car to be much easier. "I am afraid this is not easy, in case of buy fragmentation alarm by the other side that we are not to be unlucky Say security is a month wages of more than a thousand dollars, and who are willing to take the risk " People have suggested that a was immediately met with a negative. Everyone to discuss to discuss, and finally come to a conclusion, bribed security better to find someone to go to when the security, so everyone Liyingwaige to, steal from the car would not "trouble". Thieves gang sent him to the district undercover who to turn to when the "undercover" Security because most people have theft convictions, candidates probably not pass the review aspects of the property, everyone thought the life experience "innocence" A letter. In October last year, Ashin do so by candidates came to the incident, district became security. Perhaps the residents of this upscale district are too rich, or the owners have cell Nanjing excellent residential property management, and more than 30 security "heavily guarded", the thief did not dare to commit. A letter found in the work, the electric car ride home, many residents the cars locks do not lock, casual downstairs a stop home. This is a car thief who is really a big good news. The picklock work because they can not even save Oshin "take care of" they can easily enter the cell is not a locked car launched district. Under normal circumstances,ヴィトン 財布, a Jiaoa Cheng's men and A letter with the perpetrator. A letter is standing guard at the cell door, his duty will generally notify Ah Cheng Ah Cheng, general came to the district at lunchtime, wandering in the area and saw the car unlocked pushed, some car locks , he put a battery stolen, then handed over to the car and battery brought Kadoba Ashin by Ashin then the car launch the cell doors possession in the vicinity of another cell. Battery stolen, they hid in the grass of the roadside green belt. Most cases, of Ashin A into stolen car and the battery should occupation,hollister outlet, divided between stolen goods. More "iron" the relationship between these two people, but like the Internet, drinking. Sometimes they've been stealing sold directly to the waste collection A strong, and then the two men took the money and go out at night "chic". 11 o'clock the evening of December 30 last year, police in Qixia District Maigaoqiao certain Internet cafe A into captured. He also confessed to his crimes. According to reports, the incident cell when the Security,abercrombie shop, but resigned in October last year, before and after. Currently, the two men have been detained on criminal charges. Certificate to be investigated, the two has seven battery and electric car theft district residents, involving the value of 1 million yuan,air ジョーダン. Police have recovered three a stolen moped two, battery,hollister. According to police investigators,グッチ, however, the theft of more than 90% of cell owners car battery stolen and no alarm, simply reflect the property stolen vehicle, which has brought a lot of trouble to solve the case. "Said seven vehicles, car owners reported to police, the 6 car sub work by a large number of peripheral finalized fee really a big deal." Police remind the year is approaching, theft was a high incidence trends and other cases, the public should always burglar string tension, like the crime plot even electric cars are too lazy to lock situation really Taibuyinggai the. (Apart from the police, Text characters are all a pseudonym) correspondent Yan Jiajun this reporter Jiao Zhe

All gamblers hide grasping the gambling Xie Jukuan jumped 50

'clock in the morning, Pingyang Fire Brigade Alarm, said the the Datun Village located in Pingyang Shanmen town who carry large sums of money to fall off a cliff. After over 40 minutes of "forced march" to arrive at the scene due to the distance between the fire officers and men. Arrived at the scene, the police officers to fire fighters were introduced: the scene is located in the Datun Village, Shanmen town, Peak, a small staff, and very steep. Is to take advantage of this favorable terrain gamblers and gambling, the stakes are huge. The day, the public security after the receipt of the report, Pingyang County Public Security Bureau to organize a large number of police surveillance for. Around at 3 o'clock on September 13,oakley, the police start to arrest the gambling point. The gamblers See "hit",グッチ, they cover of night black, were fleeing the police. Sudden attack police,abercrombie shop, many gamblers Huangbuzelu went on break end,グッチ バッグ, saw no road ahead,air ジョーダン, and the gamblers they even jumped off a cliff. Until after dawn,アバクロ, police found the foot of the mountain several gamblers fall escape the cliff suffered multiple injuries, the situation is very urgent. Falling down a cliff about 50 meters high and very steep, Seeing the situation, the police side to appease the emotions of the people trapped, waiting for rescue workers. Fire and rescue personnel after police briefing and site topography survey found trapped he reconnects the mountain steep drop of nearly one hundred meters, covered with thorns and weeds on the hillside the trapped persons just trapped in the hillside, cliff under the circumstances in the end how Trapped by the injury in the end seriously to what extent How to rescue trapped persons security up ... rescue work was in trouble. Time is life, the scene has not be officers and men for further consideration. Rescue workers to one hundred meters more than the security of a long rope firmly tied on the tree to ensure foolproof multifunction rescue stretcher,abercrombie france, ax and other rescue equipment, bring in the synergy of the officers and men fell to the trapped persons around. I saw the front of the trapped woman lying on a long dirt road, multiple abrasions, officers and men on the spot asking the woman how the injury,abercrombie, but because of the pain plus fear, the woman was speechless. The officers and men to prevent the woman by the second injury, carefully the injured woman Fixed multifunctional stretcher,ジョーダン, ready loaded onto the top of the hill. Subsequently, the fire brigade quickly fixed the other end of the safety rope on the stretcher. "One two three, everyone slowly pull ah!" Standing on the cliff top rescue personnel together hard, shouting slogans vertical upward pull of the stretcher. But because of the steep cliff, overgrown with weeds, the rescue process, some barbed branches pierced the skin and clothes of the officers and men of the rescue, the feet were blistered and fell ... total disregard for rescue soldiers,abercrombie, firmly protected stretcher continue forward. 11:30 the same day, after nearly one hour of intense rescue fire officers and soldiers, the injured woman was finally rescued immediately carried to the ambulance waiting a long time. Finally, the officers and men in the police led down to a site of the incident,hollister outlet. According to police reports jump down a man and a woman carrying a large amount of money, and missing from here. After a search of more than one hours, fed up of officers and men found a lot of blood on the clothes and shoes and escape, following two officers may have escaped,hollister. (End)

Residential cable stolen more than 20 times in January New

's staff replied the reporter, companies have been concerned about the security of communities along the supply situation,アバクロ. Here is the high incidence of cable theft incidents nearby alley more complex terrain, it is extremely difficult to manage,abercrombie. Repairing the cable company within one month actually and from 20 a few times,ジョーダン. "Thieves stealing copper wire,oakley, maintenance facelift aluminum; sometimes steal copper, they put aluminum also be cut off we installed aluminum is also a last resort,hollister, you know, loading the cost of aluminum than to pretend copper much more. yesterday morning, just stolen cables have all been repaired,hollister outlet. The interview security community residents called on local authorities to strengthen law enforcement remediation efforts, good evening patrol work, so the thief no exploits. Editor: some criminals just for the sake of self-interest,abercrombie shop, theft of cables and electrical equipment,hollister, not only to the power sector caused huge economic losses,air ジョーダン, but also a serious threat to public safety,abercrombie france, affecting the normal production and life of the masses,グッチ. China's criminal law the vandalism power equipment, endangering public safety act defined as a crime of destruction of electrical equipment. Of this crime,hollister outlet, the law enforcement authorities to crack down and punished according to law. I hope the relevant departments to strengthen legal advocacy and education efforts, and constantly improve the prevention network, to carry out mass prevention, increase Booty-Recovery efforts, the criminals have nowhere to fence profits toward the black hand of power equipment, cut off from the fundamental.

s online release pupils made panic to kill classmates false

's Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security Act,abercrombie, the public security organs now Sohn given the punishment of administrative detention for five days,oakley. Police remind the majority of Internet users in speech based on facts and not to rely on remote words,hollister, making a false information,air ジョーダン. Once spreading rumors,abercrombie, false danger,abercrombie france, epidemic,アバクロ, police intelligence or intentionally disrupt public order in other ways,グッチ バッグ, is detrimental to public safety,グッチ 財布, assault and battery Lee,ジョーダン, property rights,air jordan, against social management of the public security organs will be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations ,ナイキ ジョーダン.

The director is error 15 years 178 days in custody after cla

's Procuratorate of Panshi first to admit wrong detention, wrong arrest, in line with the scope of compensation, compensation, 3.2 million yuan compensation Jiangxi Zhong "a far cry from the amount of the claim but this proposed Jiangxi Zhong, Jiangxi Zhong refused to accept apply for reconsideration to the People's Procuratorate of Jilin City. September 17, Jiangxi Zhong came to this newspaper, tells of the encounter. Jiangxi Zhong said, 60 days for the first time arrested in custody own that year coincided with the development of a strong period, do not want all this happened sudden change. Caucasian start the day in the evening of 19 May 1995,abercrombie france, travel back, he was very tired, and hope that the train can have a good rest. What to know just out of the door to the train station, was Panshi City People's Procuratorate investigators away. June 21, Jiangxi Zhong was declared detained in custody,abercrombie. June 23, in the face of "corruption, embezzlement of public funds," the approval of arrest book, Jiangxi Zhong crying, no offense ah, dead also refused to sign. July 20, Panshi IRS party committee make a decision "dismissal Jiangxi Zhong party. Detention Center in custody for 60 days after August 17, Jiangxi Zhong was released on bail. December 22, procuratorial organs of Jiangxi Zhong immunity from prosecution decided to book: defendant Jiangxi Zhong project without the law of the land, embezzlement of public funds for personal use and not also more than three months, his behavior constituted embezzlement of public funds. Defendant Jiangxi Zhong committed a minor crime, do not need to sentencing, decided to exempt from prosecution. "December 3, 1996, Jilin City People's Procuratorate made the criminal complaint review decision": review by the Court that the complainant Jiangxi Zhong embezzlement insufficient evidence, the subjective intent is not obvious, did not constitute embezzlement of public funds,abercrombie. discussed by the Court decided that immunity from prosecution to a written decision on revocation of the Panshi the People's Procuratorate. arrested again in custody 118 days Jiangxi Zhong said, the first being wronged, He refused to accept an appeal. Who knows, there has been "second malignancy. March 17, 1997, the the Panshi People's Procuratorate phone informing him to collect their money back Panshi not received the compensation money to go back to the rock, but instead because of "the masses Anonymous Report Jiangxi Zhong corruption" were arrested again. June 12,oakley, Panshi City People's Procuratorate of Jiangxi Zhong prosecution because of insufficient evidence, the court is not hearing,ナイキ ジョーダン. September 30, Jiangxi Zhong was released on bail in the detention center after 118 days in custody. December 26, Panshi City People's Procuratorate issued a written decision to dismiss the case: Jiangxi Zhong means to give an account to take the fake bills for reimbursement and receivables, suspected of corruption 2656.5 yuan from December 1993 to March 1994, according to the provisions of the relevant laws, do not constitute criminal decided to withdraw the case. difficult complaint cases revocation of Jiangxi Zhong said that twice in custody, his jobs have disappeared,air jordan, job gone, all gone, and he wants to seek explanation from embarked on the arduous road to the appeal. In September 1998, the People's Procuratorate in Panshi not criminal compensation decision ", he appealed. September 20, Jilin City People's Procuratorate made criminal compensation reconsideration decision, still no compensation, he continues to appeal. October 8, 1999, the Jilin City Intermediate People's Court made the Compensation Commission decided to maintain the original decision, he again appeal. April 12, 2001, the Provincial Higher People's Court of Jilin City Intermediate People's Court case applicable law, communicated a rehearing. June 3, 2003, the People's Procuratorate of Panshi make a written decision to dismiss the case, Jiangxi Zhong took a deep breath, and after eight years of complaints, "corruption" hat has finally been taken off. March 3, 2005, Jilin Ji Jianwei make a decision about the of Jiangxi Zhong complaint case processing: JiJianWei think Jiangxi Zhong embezzlement unclear facts, insufficient evidence, Jiangxi Zhong bear some responsibility for the consequences of public funds were misappropriated, but its plot obviously minor, the decision to withdraw the the Panshi IRS party committee's decision to expel from the party to restore the party of Jiangxi Zhong. "Prosecutors admit 32,000 in compensation Jiangxi Zhong said, elution of the charges after he began to claim. Because for so many years he paid too much for their own life it is so, and daughter's life was wasted. The 34-year-old daughter, in order to help their own lawsuit, and even the opportunity to study abroad to give up her boyfriend left her, still single, they father and daughter put all our energy on this matter. Jiangxi Zhong reporters to produce a compensation application project table, he said he raised claims 8.19 million yuan in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, not arbitrarily concocted. He believes that, from 1995 to 2010, to dismiss the case, he lost a total of 5497 days of personal freedom, compensation multiplied by 125.43 yuan a day, is 68 million yuan; he been wrongly custody, divorce, illness, suffering discharged from public forced to retire early and caused a loss of 2.235 million yuan; years of appeal fees and high interest loans by her daughter reading a total of 66 million yuan; mental solatium 150 million; party is miscarriage of compensation, for a total of 8.19 million yuan. The People's Procuratorate of the reporters in Jiangxi Zhong Panshi criminal confirm books and criminal compensation decision to the book to see the request for compensation, Jiangxi Zhong misjudged cases to the hospital on July 14, 2010, its twice suffered Panshi City People's Procuratorate illegal infringement on the grounds , criminal compensation request. July 16, 2010, the hospital has been identified, "the Court (1995) years Iwaki seized anti-corruption 'No. 12' decided to book finds Jiangxi Zhong suspected of August 1994 to February 1995, in any rock county tax Bureau Guanghua during the printing plant manager, used his position to take deception sets go to 4,025 yuan salary payments, did not constitute a crime of corruption,abercrombie. identified Jiangxi Zhong on December 31, 1994, the use of public funds to repay personal loans 16,グッチ 財布,709.68 yuan has not returned. insufficient evidence, the subjective intent is not obvious,hollister, not constitute embezzlement of public funds. hospital No. 1 on July 16, 2010 make Pan seized anti-corruption withdrawal word (2010) to dismiss the case decided. "According to relevant laws and regulations, the The Court held that: Court in twice 'investigative compensation request people Jiangxi Zhong alleged embezzlement cases, claims for people Jiangxi Zhong behavior does not constitute a crime, Jilin City People's Procuratorate has been made revoke the immunity from prosecution decisions and this The hospital made the decision to dismiss the case,abercrombie shop, request for compensation Jiangxi Zhong belong to the wrong person detained wrong arrest, in line with the scope of compensation should be compensated according to the relevant laws and regulations, decided benefit tort compensation for people Jiangxi Zhong freedom of the person in custody 32,110.08 yuan compensation (256 days' detention center the number of days x daily 125.43 yuan); Jiangxi Zhong A claimant to eliminate the impact of rehabilitation. " The compensation claimant Jiangxi Zhong other compensation request, "State Compensation Law does not provide for no compensation. Jiangxi Zhong said that he is very dissatisfied with this outcome, and has to apply for reconsideration to the People's Procuratorate of Jilin. People who used to now abjection Jiangxi Zhong said,グッチ, so many years, to his batting too did before the accident, he was a time when the cause of the peak of more than one million yuan of assets, but now it can only be dwelling in a small house within, relying on her daughter to work to feed him,アバクロ. Over the years, he has been living in pain and depression, no day is happy. His expectations, that is, the relevant departments to take into account so many years, the losses suffered by him because of this erroneous cases, as soon as possible to give themselves a reasonable compensation.

Public Yinjing no cover falls prosecution municipal sector c

​​contusion, severe fractures of the nasal bone, the mandibular teeth off two,abercrombie france, 28 sewing needles in the upper and lower lips, riding electric cars also broke,ナイキ ジョーダン. Their accompanying relatives dialed 110 and 120. Rushed to the scene after police received the alarm call,hollister, the well is filled with sand. Upon inquiry, Wang know, managers of this well belongs sections, Jining City at the municipal administration, the families of Wang numerous experiences of finding Jining City District Municipal Administration to negotiate compensation issues, but the two sides have been resolved by negotiation,abercrombie shop. Wang will Jining City District, at the municipal administration to court,abercrombie. Jining City, at the municipal administration, said Wang fall ride electric vehicles on the road has nothing to do with the City District Municipal Administration. Wang as normal adults riding electric car should be cautious driving according to the road traffic safety regulations,hollister, to encounter uneven road Reduce speed. The case of traffic accidents as a unilateral, Wang should be held responsible for the accident itself. The Court of First Instance that the citizens enjoy the right to life and health, against citizens' physical damage, it should be compensation for the resulting loss. Wang line to the place of injured due to mismanagement of Jining City municipal administration,グッチ バッグ, the road manhole cover missing,グッチ, leading to Wang falls Jining City District Municipal Administration shall bear civil liability of First Instance sentenced compensation Wang medical expenses,グッチ 財布, nursing care,abercrombie, as well as the spirit of solatium for the loss of 3,ジョーダン.5 million yuan,hollister outlet.

Women want to hijack more than girls to the field of prostit

's "big sister" career was not smooth and short. Her plan is just beginning, there is a girl against tube Trustee alarm is successful, the "big sister" to be sent to a detention center. Chen is the first Liang hire under the command of the girl. Liang arranged to give her task is to find a few more girls over,air jordan. Soon, Chen the girl to a Zhai surnamed Liang front,mulberry outlet. Dimou teens, has dropped out of school. Liang frankly told Dimou, a friend opened the Cabaret missing waiter, and can Zuotai "staff. The Dimou an quit, This infuriated Liang. After the meal beaten Dimou finally become obedient. Liang is quite satisfied with this result. That night, she Dimou sent to the massage parlor,hollister outlet. Police learned after the incident in the early hours of October 19 to the evening of October 20, the Dimou prostitution four. Liang again targeted in Chen's classmate Wang, who. October 20, Chen Wang phone, pretended to be sick to live at the inn. Wang to the inn was handed Liang hands. As usual, Liang Wang first "persuasion and education",hollister. The conversation just halfway through perceived wrong with Wang turned and ran,ナイキ ジョーダン, confused Liang unprepared,hollister outlet. It happened, Wang next day took the girl ugly a shopping, just by Liang et al clashed. Wang and ugly a crammed into a taxi, and again returned to the inn. The Liang was not so kind, slapping, kneeling means of Wang, who used the disobedient,air ジョーダン. Early in the morning of October 22, Liang Li bought a train ticket to Heilongjiang, going to several girls sent the field "Zuotai" money,abercrombie france. Wang has been stubborn in the dark looking for the opportunity to escape,abercrombie. To the waiting room, Wang proposed the toilet, Liang Li instigate a boy followed. In the ladies room, Wang people inside by phone, no one to lend her. Wang has thus lost the opportunity of an alarm. Back to the waiting room seats, Wang gently touch the side of a male passenger, quietly told each other that they have been kidnapped, and help each other to help the police. The male passenger then left the seat,mulberry, and called the police. According to the white city Public Security Bureau Taobei Branch handling the case Hamming police station, they rushed to the waiting room and find Liang et al pedestrians back to the police station, the only time of more than an hour by car from the train,グッチ 財布. Police review found that, In addition to Liang, the other hundreds of minors, the police on their criticism and education,abercrombie. Liang criminal detention on suspicion of illegal detention and forced prostitution.

Police intercept the gunman drove drug trafficking case hija

'clock last night,abercrombie, the suspects are still nearby Dawu County Public Security Bureau for trial,hollister.

Police by handling cases of machine rape female the teachers

'clock that night, Liu brought to a business Jiudiankaifang, and had sexual relations with them. 10 am,abercrombie shop, Liu Liu will be sent home,ナイキ ジョーダン. The Liu home at 1 o'clock in the morning on the 27th report. Opportunity by handling the case and the parties have sexual relations, regardless of whether it constitutes the crime of rape, have posed a serious disciplinary offense, to be dealt with severely findings out! "Deyang City Public Security Commission for Discipline Inspection,hollister outlet, the official said:" the black sheep of suspected criminal must be punished,abercrombie, and must not be tolerated. "At present, the case is under further investigation,abercrombie. Dialogue female teachers shouted for help and feeling disgraced "is a nightmare, and I really do not believe that such a thing will happen." Speaking of this painful past, the 29-year-old Liu Ying, the mood is very low. In the afternoon of the 26th,hogan outlet, one claiming to be surnamed Liu, "Public Security Bureau strange middle-aged man found in the school Liu Ying, claimed to find her investigation of her ex-husband's together economic disputes. After dinner, Ryu driving a Santana sent Liu Ying Liu Ying and Liu tea. Slowly, Liu felt dizzy, just remember Ryu has brought North Light District, stone carvings, parks and other places. "Find a place in the vicinity of a break." 9 o'clock that night, Liu Ying Liu brought Deyang city Huanghe Road,ジョーダン, Bridge of Wenchang Hotel,グッチ 財布. She did not know the aisle several floors, just remember Ryu called her took out his identity card, the waitress said 300 yuan hotel room number could be 509. Bath,abercrombie france, I thought 姓刘 the police left did not expect him to knock on the door,mulberry, and I came out, I saw him wearing only underwear, standing in the hotel room. Him down to me, I was struggling, but feeling no strength to shouted for help, they think of these things too shameful, it did not cry out. "Liu said, done,グッチ バッグ, Ryu to her and asked in detail about the family and the parents of her ex-husband. Liu returned home dippy matter told the police far in the field when the brother. "Sister you deceived, be alarm!" Subsequently, Liu Ying dialed 110,hogan. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Ming and Ping Sheying reports

Men spend 60 million to buy the notice period Benz Ben can n

's Court has formally accepted the case will soon be heard in public. The so-called automotive product announcements, the National Development and Reform Commission to rectify and standardize the order of the vehicle manufacturers, to strengthen vehicle manufacturers and product management, product announcements Management 2007 began in vehicle production enterprises. Include: to promote the production and access management, vehicle production and product announcement "on a regular basis; standardize enterprise reporting" announcement "work program; strengthen the management of the conformity of production management and product certification; strengthen vehicle manufacturers and product supervision and management work . Simply put, the former car factory, by the manufacturers to the National Development and Reform Commission and the relevant departments to submit their applications to audit vehicle information. Audit, each batch of cars will have a model and production certificate, this is the "automotive product announcements, this identity card is a truth generally valid for a period of 1-2 years,hogan outlet. Mr. Liu: I nearly 60,000 dollars to pay all of the vehicle purchase tax and truck insurance, drove to the Vehicle Administration to go on the card,ナイキ ジョーダン. Vehicle Administration police officers scan vehicle certificate tells me that this car can not fight card, give me a receipt. Shown above says the car state regulations statutory sales period expired April 20. I actually was April 23 before drawing cars, the car until May 3, when he sold my car actually sales period has passed. After this,mulberry, he has a lawyer, the court Wuhan Star Long, July 5, 2012, Hanyang District, Wuhan City People's Court Circuit Court organized a pre-trial mediation hearing, in addition to the parties, Hanyang District quality supervision department, the staff of the District Consumers Association,グッチ, Wuhan Automobile Industry Association and other units involved in the organization of Wuhan Hanyang District Court mediation hearing,hollister outlet. TJ: Mediation fails, it can only be convicted of the hearing date, now determine the Aug. 15 hearing. As an ordinary consumer, I spent nearly 60 million to spend, I get treated people feel very chilling encounter such treatment, he shirk their responsibilities, no commitments, and is not responsible for, without any apology. Up to now, I want this company sued court to court, there is no any official to give me a call. After the reporter also contacted to participate in this hearing will be representatives of the Trade and Industry Bureau of Wuhan Hanyang District,abercrombie, we'll hear how to understand the behavior of vendors selling expired vehicle,hollister, has been how to treat the problem solving approach Wuhan Star Long. Wuhan Hanyang District Trade and Industry Bureau: Obviously, not on the brand than consumers caused by a problem they should coordinate and solve problems in a timely manner. As a manufacturer, 4S shop, about the car's quality, performance, and even sales obligations, including the duration of your license his obligations. As vendors, Wuhan Star Long treatment of consumers attitudes really chilling, in the end what is the reason so difficult to admit its mistake Has been a period of notice of the car in the end can not be able to continue to sell The reporter called the Hubei Yichang City Vehicle Administration Tel. Vehicle Administration: each car online bulletin. Reporter: What is the role If expired how to do Vehicle Administration: This car has been discontinued and is no longer the production of this car, you can not sell this car. Reporter: If I were on the card, remind me to say to you after a period of notice, which is how it happened Vehicle Administration: it would not buy in a regular place. Reporter: formal Benz 4S shop to buy, why after a period of notice Vehicle Administration: Announcement of the mean your car can not be sold, why the car dealer will sell it to you Want to ask his shop, you go to them, to see why he would a car can not be sold to sell you. After a product announcement of the car is not allowed to sell, why Wuhan Star Long continues to sell expired car, the reporter also contacted the Wuhan Star Long. The Star Long: no not on the cards,グッチ 財布, either time to say on the card will extend the point, it is impossible not on the card. If some car after the reporting date to the delay on the card, the car we would prefer not to sell. Reporter: do not know already expired how to get to know the car can not sell it Reporter: that I sell cars when you do not know how to sign this contract The Star Long: Anyway, in my hands to buy a car no one because on the card in question. Product Announcement equal "identity" of the car before and after sales staff to answer contradiction, salespeople are concealing their intention to sell expired car, in particular, everyone should know what. The reporter also linked to the sales staff had sold the car to Mr. Liu. Let's listen to how he answered reporters' questions. Sales staff: First of all, before we do not understand this situation, in fact,hogan, we are also a party to the victims, Mercedes did not tell our authorized dealers, your customer is not on the cards, of these trips is not on the card, and no written files. If the country's Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Public Security, including the 4S shop, car dealer office together, I believe that this problem can be solved better. NDRC notice in 2007 has been implemented, has years of experience in sales,abercrombie shop, professional sales staff actually know anything about the car announcement to conceal the truth in the end what hidden reason The Beijing Benz Why not positive response to this The Economic Voice Commentator package Hua: sales staff should truthfully inform consumers, in order to ensure that the consumer's right to know and the right to choose,air jordan. The sales staff did not know only prove that their work has not been done,mulberry outlet, their training has not been done. Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm NG Leung: As a salesperson, he is obligated to know the notice period is not over, so I think the sales staff say in the evasion of responsibility, is suspected of fraud. The Beijing Benz aspects not bear some responsibility BAO Hua: I should bear some responsibility, because own car product announcement by Beijing Benz, and he should be obliged to inform the 4S shop, which products are suitable for sale, and which products are not suitable for sale, needs further adjustment procedures to be able to further sales of these contents should be the factory prompted to 4S shop, As for how to clearly define the responsibilities between the 4S shop with the Mercedes-Benz factory, how to stroke and cooperative relations between the smooth, in fact, not we consumers need to intervene directly. Which in this case, the two sides finally the best solution should be BAO Hua: I think the best solution is very simple, 4S stores to help consumers to return cars, retire the car after this thing will return cars to communicate with directly by the 4S shop with Benz 4S shop with Benz between signed a cooperation agreement, according to the terms of the corresponding cooperation, the interests of the 4S shop can be guaranteed, the current situation if the Mercedes-Benz company makes no representations regarding, 4S shop holding consumer things not treated, the actual 4S shop is on the bargain in the kidnapping of the interests of consumers with the Mercedes-Benz company itself, for the protection of the interests of consumers is very damage, so I hope the 4S shop as a professional organization, as a responsibility of an independent enterprise should assume due responsibilities.

Vocational training schools fraud to defraud state subsidies

both internal external factors, external factors is the training school indicators,air ジョーダン. Beginning in 2007, the original belonged and municipal vocational schools teachers have been insufficient to complete the task of training of migrant workers, he private schools can also declare the training funds,mulberry. However,hollister outlet, if able to fulfill the training each year the number of indicators, the name of the first of his "designated training school" can be removed. To complete the indicators, he had false material reported. Causality said: "If the labor department to review the strict,hogan, it is not possible fraud success,abercrombie shop." The prosecution proposes to strengthen the relevant person in charge of the review of Haidian District,air jordan, the Bureau of Labor Insurance, the general training of migrant workers are training schools by training qualified workers unit signed an agreement migrant workers migrant unit training. According to the training of the different types of work, different state-subsidized training fees. BLI only schools provide workers units and schools training agreement,グッチ バッグ, training staff list as well as labor contracts,グッチ 財布, and other written material for review, and then will be subsidies,ナイキ ジョーダン, and no telephone or field audit program. In December 2008, the National Audit Office staff in the Haidian District, Bureau of Labor audit, call to verify and found that behavior of vocational training schools exist in Haidian District Tianhong false impersonator subsidies,mulberry outlet, and the transfer of cases to the police. The prosecutor told reporters after the incident, they have been issued to the Haidian District Bureau of Labor Attorney recommended,abercrombie, it is recommended that the Bureau of Labor enhanced scrutiny,hollister.

Old man picking up 20,000 cash keep six hours to their right

thank you",グッチ 財布. It is understood that Mr,abercrombie. Hong,air ジョーダン, who lives in Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District,ジョーダン, in long gulingzhen to 4 play,hogan outlet, the camera will carry purses lost somewhere,hollister outlet. Mr,ナイキ ジョーダン. Hung twenty thousand dollars within the package is the liquidity of his shop,グッチ, was going to go purchase after play,グッチ バッグ, did not expect payment only to find the money did not particularly anxious, and later launched a family to go back and find a burst,hollister, the results no news,mulberry. " Disappointed in the whole family to set foot on the road home, received their lives Temple village Lost phone,air jordan.