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This is a subjective attempt to bring together the most important core values of the pirate movement in a convincing way. THIS IS NOT ANYBODY'S OFFICIAL DOCUMENT. Just a quick summary of where we may be heading.

Core Issues

Civil Rights and Liberties

  • General surveillance of the populace is illegal.
    • There must be a focus that ensures only some people under some circumstances are surveilled.
    • There must be independent judicial control over such activity implemented by the executive.
  • Terrorists may attack an open society, but only governments can abolish it. The Pirate Party wants to prevent that from happening.
  • A democratic society needs a transparent state and non-transparent citizens. The citizens should be able to freely gather to formulate and express their opinions without fear of government surveillance.
    • Technological means to enhance privacy must be welcomed and supported.
    • Encryption is a statement that the contents should remain private. We are therefore opposed to all instances of DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), among other aspects.
  • Data self-determination: You decide what data is to be stored about you.
  • Harsher penalties against those who abuse or publish personal data.

Improved Democracy

  • Pirate parties employ and develop technological tools for direct or liquid democracy which allows each party member to take an equal part in the party's decisions.
    • Members of parliament are not permitted to vote according to their own opinion or be influenced by lobbyists. They must implement what the party has agreed upon by means of direct democracy.
  • Lobbyism and corruption shalt be illegal. If you need to get a message through, try publishing scientific papers and take part in the open discussion within the party's direct democracy toolset.
  • The separation of powers concept needs reinforcement.
    • We may consider introducing a separate institution/power for maintenance of people's data.
      • A citizen is notified when police accesses her data – exceptions have to be ruled by a judge.

Governmental Accountability and Transparency

  • Access to parliamentary, regional, state or EU official documents that are not be tied to the identity of a private individual.
  • Government officials shalt not be immune to the law.
  • Accountability shalt include the risk of loss of office, even if no criminal charges are filed.
  • All government computer technology should be open-sourced, available to the public, documented in detail and verifiable for correct operation before being subjected to it.
  • Enforce open standards.

Copyright, Patents and Trademarks

  • Copyright interests shalt never interfere with civil rights.
    • Surveillance of general populace, be it on the street, at home or on the Internet, is illegal.
    • Infringing civil rights in order to catch a file sharer is inacceptable.
  • Private copying shalt be legal.
    • DRM technologies infringe on this right, thus they are illegal.
  • Do not inhibit artistical freedom.
  • Copyright, patents and trademarks need major reforms.
  • No patents on software or genes.

More issues

  • Network neutrality. No censorship of the Internet.
  • Open access to results of publicly funded scientific research (and derivative work).
  • Reform and improvement of public education in several countries.
  • Avoid monopolies.

Topics we did not mention

  • Candidates or representatives of the party may not express opinions of non-core issues in the name of the party.
  • We believe in the ability of our direct democracy technology to help us rapidly develop good political agendas on any topic we haven't dealt with, yet.
    • This includes all social, economic and environmental topics.
    • The results may not be perfect, but they are free from lobbyism and corruption.
    • We believe in politics based on science and fact rather than propaganda and special interest.


There is also work in progress for an official international Pirate Manifesto. Here's its first draft.